What do you need to know when using WordPress to build a business website?

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In the 4 years of playing WordPress, witnessed the function of WP more and more powerful at the same time, also feel that WordPress is more and more bloated and complex, is no longer a lot of bloggers think of simple and easy to use, especially for many completely unfamiliar novice, many WP special terminology also smattering, such as " Custom fields, custom thumbnails, custom forms ..... ..... So many customizations also show that WordPress is gradually moving towards a strong quasi-CMS system, but also because of the powerful features and many developers to provide resources, many people began to use WordPress to build their own team or company's vertical information site or corporate website (such as 36 Krypton, Tech2ipo, etc.), but because of WordPress many features and characteristics of the lack of understanding, resulting in a lot of inconvenience to use, or even the site structure of the error, in this period of time has been looking for design and development of the theme of friends often consulted some problems, For those of you who plan to use WordPress to build a business website.

is your site suitable for use with WordPress?

    This is at the beginning of the site must be taken into account in general, will affect the site of future maintenance and upgrade expansion. Simply put, consider whether it is suitable and use WordPress to do the site, first of all to see the site type, if it is the content of the main site, which is the strength of WordPress, as it is mentioned in the introduction of the "Publish platform-content Publishing Platform", But if you want to build a community-based website, you can know that WordPress membership function is actually very weak, of course, simple discussion group and so can also be fully used bbpress and buddypress to achieve, this is mainly the interface of the customization problem, But if you need a more complex membership, such as you need to introduce integration functions, such as Discuz's task module, a variety of Web applications, the use of WordPress is very troublesome, although can be fully developed through two customization, but compared to this aspect of the more powerful Drupal, Why not use the latter, or other functional requirements closer to the appropriate open source program? This is because I have met a lot of friends using WordPress to build a station to half the time, found that a certain point may not fit WP, dilemma.

    also consider whether WordPress's architecture will be easy to cope with if you want to scale up in the future. Reduce development costs, and can carry a certain amount of traffic, but also to take into account, because according to a lot of friends using VPS reflect, WordPress installed on the server quite consumes resources, this I have not actually tested, only mentioned here. So in determining the use of WordPress to establish a commercial website, need to WordPress features, features have a full understanding.

I would like to say that in WordPress more and more powerful at the same time, perhaps the theme of the development is not a lot of beginners think of the simple template production, a set of PHP a variety of label functions can be, if you need to do the site needs to customize a lot of applied things, For example, through the background settings can be synchronized microblogging to the site designated areas, advertising management, user registration contributions, and so on, is actually the plug-in development process, but this theme will all plug-in features integrated into a theme folder. Often such sites can be understood as a WordPress-based Web application and integrate a variety of front-end applications. Understanding the nature of theme development will benefit and communicate with developers the price that is more reasonable for both parties.

To make your site more imaginative, you need to know how to use the WordPress advanced techniques:

    The common technique here is not to say how to publish articles, publish pictures, etc., but to use advanced techniques, Of course, if the site architecture is very simple, you can ignore these. In addition to the basic custom menu usage, featured picture settings, it's best to know how to use the page template feature, short code customization features, and so on, depending on whether the theme you're using has these features. Because these functions are basically on a slightly more difficult site, such as the use of page templates to achieve single-page differentiation, different categories have different list page styles and so on.

The short code, like most of the UBB code known to the Friends of the Discuz Forum, allows for freer typography and data reading with short code that encapsulates the layout style and the way data is called. Because this article is not a tutorial, so only the common skills listed below, interested friends can use Google to learn about the study. If you're familiar with these things, there's a lot more room for you to plan a website, so at least you have to know what's going on.

1. Customize the settings of the navigation menu

2. Add settings for featured images in the article

3. Understanding of custom Field usage

4. Page template Bindings

5. function meaning of short code

< Span style= "Margin:0px;padding:0px;font-size:18px;color:rgb (136,136,136);" >6. If necessary, have some knowledge of WordPress's functional interfaces (this can be consulted with a professional developer)

    Maybe after a brainstorm, the website as a whole has a clearer idea, Even have drawn a simple frame of the various pages, at this time to do is to put your ideas to developers, developers will be through their own WordPress existing functions and the underlying architecture to analyze which requirements are feasible, which is not feasible, at this time need to communicate to negotiate the best solution, If the first step mentioned above is to have a general understanding of what WordPress can do, then the purpose of this step is to explain the depth of this analysis to every detail of the requirements.

    after repeated argument, Confirmed that basic all the initial requirements can be found on the WordPress solution or compromise, you can really start the development of the site, but do not forget that the whole project, not the designer, the engineer unilaterally, as the demand side must be timely follow-up, timely feedback their ideas, Avoid situations where understanding deviations lead to rework or no cooperation.

    first of all, design, page design can be divided into two categories, style design and specific PSD implementation. The style of the design is most users will ignore, such as someone will point to a website to tell me, I hope similar to him, quite simple. In fact, this simple can only illustrate the difficulty of the PSD implementation is very simple, such as a very simplified style of painting is really more than a game featured pages easier. But before this thing is implemented on the PSD canvas, it is necessary for the designer to develop a style and layout in the mind through analysis of needs and imagination, and that this relatively abstract process in my understanding is the process of style design. As a result, the cost of the style design is usually added to the customer's quotation. Style design is mainly embodied in the home page, after the style formation, the other pages are basically the continuation of the home page style continues in the PSD gradually complete process.

    Next is front-end development. The simple understanding is to use the PSD design manuscript HTML+CSS to achieve a static web page. However, the difficulty of front-end development will vary according to the needs of the interaction, and compatible with a variety of mainstream browsers, or through the Web authentication. Front-end can be divided into three levels of implementation, presentation layer (that is, the implementation of the style), the structure layer, the behavior layer. So the front-end engineers are also very hard, so usually in the beginning of the front-end production stage, is very few people are willing to allow users to continue to modify the design, because it is tantamount to a floor up, you think the stairs should be placed on the right hand side better, the results have to be partially or even completely removed. Therefore, in the design phase must communicate to determine more thoroughly.

    Finally, WP developed. PHP programmer will be the front-end static page, roughly divided into header,footer,sidebar and so on the area module, and then through a variety of PHP and WordPress provided by the functions, hooks to achieve the theme of Dynamic Data calls, Complex themes also typically extend the theme Control Panel and custom fields Control Panel in the background, making it easier for users to do all kinds of things with a graphical interface. After all the development has been completed, to test the various functions in detail, and timely feedback, negotiated resolution. At this point, the basic development process is over.

  hope this article can have WP build station needs of friends have a reference and inspiration role, Also hope that WordPress is not very familiar with the theme of the development of a friend to have a clearer understanding. In good cloud City can use WordPress, click on the "read the full text" to see the details of WordPress, a key to use without downloading the installation.

What do you need to know when using WordPress to build a business website?

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