What if the WIN8 system becomes a Windows to go environment?

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Windows 8 offers a new Windows to go feature that allows us to move the system from the hard drive to removable Storage for the purpose of using our own work environment anytime, anywhere. However, in some specific cases, we will solve this problem by encountering functions such as using a normal system into a windows to go environment that results in the inability to use the corresponding Windows applications and stores.

Windows to go is a fully manageable enterprise Windows 8 desktop that runs on a bootable external USB Stick. It enables IT organizations to support the "self-with-PC" trend, and businesses can allow qualified employees to access the enterprise environment without compromising security. Refer to Http://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/windows/enterprise/products-and-technologies/windows-8/enterprise-edition.aspx#bk_wintogo

Windows to go is provided in the Windows 8 Enterprise Edition (offering a 90-day free trial), simply by being able to carry your own windows work environment.

Before the problem is the author's system crash, through a variety of methods to eventually repair, you can enter the system, but in the open application will encounter some problems, such as in the mine of the error

Hint I need to enter the store, and after entering the store I am prompted that I am currently in the windows to go environment and cannot use the store. To adjust this option in Control Panel, you are prompted to:

Every time the promotion said to close the current workspace to adjust this setting, it is not the shutdown ... Turn on the boot or so ah ...

There is also a more magical feature, the author is through Microsoft's official Windows 7 Usb/dvd download tool to put the mirror into the U disk, and then through it to boot the system, so the start of the words directly into the word instead of prompting me to repair the computer (no installation interface). and directly after the normal work of the interface, not windows to go environment, once you unplug the U disk, the system crashed, so the system will be this U disk is "real" system disk. The author then will be the U disk as other startup tools, the original start function is not, so need to find a radical cure method.

Solving method

This method refers to the http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/W8ITProWTG/thread/af05f60a-4cb0-4561-b49f-71938dad6853 Thanks to Rahul Ramadas for the program

First Use Win+r Open the Run box, enter Regedit open registry

Found this entry in the Open registry: Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrol

Here you will find a DWORD entry, named Portableoperatingsystem, with a value of 1, the deletion (or the value set to 0) can be restarted.

Because the author has previously made a U disk do not know how many times, EFI and MBR have been done, so the message in the hint of all the partitions this item is ignored

Note: Before the author restart, insert a U disk and a eSATA external hard drive, power off when the hard drive indicator light (always have read and write operation), but the U disk led no flashing (that is, no data passed) and eSATA hard drive does not sound (should also have no data), so it should be for the local hard drive what operation. The process lasted for 3-5 minutes. Due to the use of SSD as a system disk, the amount of data in 3-5 minutes should be around 15G. The system is still not turned off after the LED is not lit, and finally the way of strong shutdown.

You're back to normal when you start up. Of course, your previous applications need to be aware of, for example, the maps application in the image below, there is a small fork

You will be prompted to go to the App Store to view the information after the point is opened:

In the store you will be prompted to repair the application, click on the repair, the repair is completed after the system will be prompted:

Then you can reuse the app!

It has been observed that Windows to go has affected applications such as mail, calendars, contacts, pictures, maps, messages, Xbox games, and so on that are associated with your Microsoft account.

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