What is iOS? What are the features of iOS?

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We all know that the mobile phone system now mainly iOS and Android. But there are still a lot of people who don't quite know what iOS is? Now let's talk about what iOS means.

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple for the iphone. It is mainly used for iphone, IPod Touch and ipad. Just as it is based on the same Mac OS x operating system, it's also based on Darwin. Originally called the iphone OS, the system was announced as iOS until the June 7, 2010 WWDC convention. The architecture of iOS is divided into four levels: the Central operating system layer (the core OS layer), the Center service layer (the core Services layers), the media layer (the layer), and the touch layers (the Cocoa touch layer) 。 The system operation occupies approximately 500MB of memory space.

What devices can iOS run on?
The iOS system is Apple's system and now only works on Apple's own iphone, ipod Touch and ipad.

What are the biggest differences between the iOS and Android systems?
The biggest difference between the two is that the iOS system works very well in circulation, according to the experience of small series.

Features of iOS

Based on the engineering development of Cisco products, users are able to gain flexibility to adapt to change. iOS software provides an extensible platform for Cisco to integrate new functions with requirements and technology. Cisco is able to get new products to the mall faster, and our customers can enjoy this advantage.

iOS is an internet-connected mall; Extensive Cisco uses peers and competitors to support the Ios.ios software architecture on their products and also promises to integrate all parts of the corporate internetwork.


iOS offers the broadest range of physical and logical protocol interfaces based on specifications-beyond any vendor in the industry: from twisted-pair to fiber-optic, LAN-to-campus to WAN, Novell Netware,unix,sna and many others.

iOS jailbreak
a). It is easy to get a white apple by using an OTA (not an iOS upgrade on a PC) to upgrade to a iOS7 device. It is recommended that users update to the latest IOS7 system via itunes and then jailbreak.
b). Some plugins installed via Cydia after jailbreak (such as some input methods or plugins that modify the system theme) are prone to white apples due to incompatibility with iOS7, and it is recommended that such jailbreak plugins be installed and updated with care.
c). Some applications do not fit or compatibility test for jailbreak iOS7, may also cause system crashes and white Apple phenomenon, it is recommended to carefully install optimized system settings and system-related applications.

iOS version
Cisco uses a set of coding schemes to develop iOS versions. The full version number of the i0s is made up of three parts:
1) Major version.
2) Auxiliary version.
3) Maintenance version.

To summarize, iOS is the operating system for ipad, IPhone, IPod touch, and Apple TV. With its easy-to-use interface, stunning features, and superior stability, IOS has become a strong foundation for iphone, IPad and ipod touch. While other rivals have struggled to chase, many of the skills and features built into IOS keep Apple devices ahead of the game. If you want to learn or to be interested in the aspect can come to this skirt study, start 435, middle three digits, 69, last 273. The iOS knowledge is shared every day here.

What is iOS? What are the features of iOS?

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