What is the difference between Jquery-easyui and ExtJS?

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First, ExtJS
1, ExtJS can be used to develop the RIA is the rich client Ajax application, is written in JavaScript, mainly used to create a front-end user interface, is a background technology-independent front-end AJAX framework. As a result, ExtJS can be used in applications such as. Net, Java, PHP, and many other development languages. ExtJS first based on the Yui technology, developed by the developer Jackslocum, through the reference javaswing mechanism to organize the visual components, regardless of the UI interface CSS style application, to the data parsing exception processing, Can be regarded as a rare JavaScript client technology boutique.
2, Ext's UI component model and development concept, formed in the Yahoo Components library Yui and the Java platform Swing both, and for developers to block a lot of cross-browser processing. In contrast, ext is easier than developers to develop UI components directly against the DOM and the object model.

Second, JQuery
jquery is a multi-browser-compatible JavaScript framework, with the core idea of write Less,do more (write less and do more). Published in January 2006 by American John Resig in New York's BarCamp, jquery attracted a number of JavaScript gurus from around the world and was developed by Dave Methvin's team. Today, jquery has become the most popular JavaScript framework, with more than 55% of the world's top 10,000 most visited sites using jquery.
jquery is free, open source, and uses the MIT license Agreement. jquery's syntax is designed to make it easier for developers to manipulate document objects, select DOM elements, animate, event handling, use Ajax, and other features. In addition, JQuery provides APIs for developers to write plugins. Its modular approach makes it easy for developers to develop powerful static or dynamic Web pages.

Three or two contrast
1.jquery-easyui is modeled after ext.
The 2.EXT framework is a holistic, object-oriented programming idea, where each control can communicate with each other.
The 3.JQuery controls are all scattered, with no integrity whatsoever. You can just take out a single control and you can use it.
4. To develop the system application, the preferred ext, the control library is rich, the extension and the maintenance are convenient. For simple page animations and effects, jquery is preferred
5.jquery is just a tool library, simple and relatively easy. Ext is a true RIA development framework that can even be as powerful as desktop applications. The code itself is extremely high-quality and highly object-oriented. JQuery is relatively easy to get started, the actual use of the process to use a variety of plug-ins, basically with a "learning" one. ExtJS is a little difficult to get started.
6. Size comparison: First ExtJS is a complete framework, is heavyweight, easy UI is a set of UI component libraries based on the jquery library, is lightweight, ExtJS is applied application level, and jquery is page-level. Of course application is also made up of page, you need to do it yourself, consider your needs, and use the framework of the original intention, choose which one to use. At the same time ExtJS because it is a heavyweight framework, completely object-oriented style, the provision of API is very complete and very large, so the cost of learning also want relatively large.
7. Compatibility comparison: ExtJS compatible with IE full range of browsers and other non-ie modern browsers, jquery UI has always been less concerned about the compatibility of IE's low-version browser, from the attitude of contempt. The easy UI is based on jquery, Jquery2. x above version no longer support IE6, 7, 8, has solemnly declared, please see the official website, Easyui the latest version 1.3.3 make jQuery2.0, due to many HTML5 features, no longer support ie6\7\8, low version by some small part of the compatibility is not good enough, Please do your own technical selection of the time to test, to use that version. On the compatibility issue, there are flaws, mainly to see the degree of reception.
8. Use license license. ExtJS 2.1 and above, commercial need to purchase commercial authorization, jquery UI using MIT protocol, open source. jquery Easyui If commercial is required to comply with license commercial commercial license, that is, to purchase the right to use.

What is the difference between Jquery-easyui and ExtJS?

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