What is the effect of an Android wear upgrade or a sniper Apple Watch?

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After April 10, Apple Watch officially began pre-sale, and its hot scenes far exceed our expectations, according to analyst Ming-chi Kuo estimates, Apple Watch's booking volume of about 2.3 million, is the last year all Android Wear smart watch sales of more than three times times.

Perhaps Apple Watch's shipments have spurred Google, which has recently been active in Android Wear systems and seems to expect a feature upgrade to curb Apple Watch's full capture of the smart watch market.

Android Wear This update scale is not small, the system has added hand-painted emoticons, WiFi module support and other functions, some updates make Android Wear system appears to be more convenient and entertaining, but also can be seen everywhere to follow the traces of Apple.

  One of the features that can be used to doodle on a watch, the system can turn it into emoji.

This feature is mainly used for message sending, because Android Wear has the ability to send and receive paired mobile phone information, in this way can do emoji response, it seems to be not large enough for the watch screen to do a solution. The speed of the hand-drawn expression may be faster than Apple Watch's choice of expression in the expression library. I just don't know how high the ability to recognize and imagine this function is.

  The second feature is to activate the WiFi module of the smart watch, add a new low-power mode, and allow the smart watch to run some applications independently, like Apple Watch.

The new Android Wear only requires the watch to connect to the web via WiFi, and the phone is connected in any way, and the watch can still play a networking role. This feature, to some extent, allows smart watches to get rid of the phone (provided the Android Wear device needs to support a WiFi connection), and it can be helpful to go to a gym class where you can't bring your phone.

As for allowing the smart watch to run independently of some basic programs, it is clear that the imitation of the apple. Jeff Chang, chief product manager of Android Wear, said that Wi-Fi was supported to ensure that the Android Wear device could continue to work when the user left the phone. Continuous operation is useful for shopping lists, health apps, and volume controls.

  The third feature upgrade, new gesture system, so that users do not touch the display, can be manipulated around the watch, such as turning the wrist display information function.

This eliminates the need for another hand, and turning the wrist can be cut to the next application, which is helpful when the other hand cannot be released. It also makes you feel good when you're swinging your wrist in the crowd.

"We're making Android Wear even more helpful by giving you everything you need with your wrist," said David Singleton, Google Android Wear engineering director. ”

  Function upgrade Four, support the screen is long bright.

Some applications need to be long-lit during use (although with the current life of a smart watch, doing so is like making the Watch sleep earlier), such as a map. A new feature of the Android Wear upgrade includes support for long-lit screens, such as using Google Keep to view a shopping list in a supermarket without having to click on the screen to keep the screen lit.

  Other upgrades, ease of adjustment

There are some additional minor tweaks, such as left-side access to the app list and contacts, which are easier to set up than previously. The advancements in Android Wear features over time have indeed improved the usability of smart watches.

  System update, follow Apple just to regain disadvantage

Android Wear this massive update, with a glimpse of Apple-imitating traces, especially Android Wear has absorbed a lot of interactivity from Apple Watch. There is no doubt that the fully upgraded Android Wear has hardly lost its user experience to Apple Watch, but it is unclear whether it will be able to regain its disadvantage in the smart wearable market and user experience.

It is reported that the new version of Android Wear will be the first to enter the LG Watch Urbane, then will be pushed to other Android Wear smart watch.

What is the effect of an Android wear upgrade or a sniper Apple Watch?

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