What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college

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What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college

Kai-fu Lee mentioned in "the world is different from you" that Google's requirements for undergraduates were:

  • The University has compiled at least 0.1 million program lines in four years;
  • High emotional intelligence, team spirit, and willingness to cooperate with others.

We will not talk about emotional intelligence. It is basically related to personality. It may take a lifetime to be 3 years old. However, the 0.1 million-line program can be achieved through our unremitting efforts.


In four years, how does one compile programs with more than 0.1 million rows?

It is difficult to start with everything. If you only learn the code from the teaching material, it may not be practical and cannot achieve the actual programming effect.

What is a 0.1 million-line program? Should you have your own direction, such as Web development programs, mobile development programs, and embedded development programs? Program thinking is similar, teaching materials are all principles, and we are taught to know why, and through a large number of code exercises, we can ultimately achieve deep-rooted technology. The Code is the same as the book. It is always used to hate less!

Many people think that when they work, they will not be able to directly accept their mother-in-law. Is it true? So everyone is on the starting line. Why do you get a higher salary? Even you don't know anything, just Baidu. Why does the company use you?

There are not many 0.1 million lines of code. Every day, 300 lines of code can be reached within one year. You can also buy several ultra-practical code segments and practice 20 practical codes every day, I also learned new technologies, development experience from others, and some basic knowledge about Web development.


From now on, write your 1st lines of code!

Can I replace EQ with IQ?


Here is an example that Lee Kai-fu mentioned in his book. A candidate from a famous university with a very high IQ. After several rounds of the written examination, he turned to an interview. After answering a wrong question, he asked angrily: do you think you are amazing? Let me give you a question !!!

When we look at this from an outsider's point of view, you may feel that you will not make such a mistake. Maybe you feel very modest, someone outside of us, there is a day outside, everyone can say a word, but emotional intelligence is revealed at this moment. The team spirit also has a modest spirit, which we can do without saying we can do it.

Bachelor of computer science courses required for four years at the university

My computer Major:

Freshman year (basic of public and professional): Introduction to computer science; basic of Program Design (C language, which requires a solid foundation, which is based on C's language ideology)

Sophomore (professional foundation and core): data structures and algorithms (difficult, we are C, and there are other languages); digital circuits (also a headache ); discrete Mathematics (required for computer science); database system principles, database system design and development (mainly Delphi and SQL, and more important and useful, many software designs are based on these two courses), object-oriented programming (we are Java, also useful for C ++, and more important), Computer composition principle, experiment composition (if you want to build hardware after graduation, you must learn these two courses well, which is very difficult); operating system principle, experiment (I learned about linux at the time, and I forgot about it, some of the management ideas are interesting );

Junior year (major core and major direction): Computer System and assembly language, experiment (boring, complex, difficult, and dedicated employment) have little to do, but if you want to be proficient in computer science, these two courses will take a long time); computer networks, experiments (doscommands, etc., hackers must, very interesting ); software Engineering (that is, how to make a process of selling finished software products );

In the third year, we start from the following points:

Java direction: (J2EE is the most important Java direction and is an engineering organization. After being proficient, you can directly find employment. I am a Java direction)

JAVA advanced programming
Software Engineering and database Course Design
Network Engineering
J2EE architecture and application development
J2EE Application Course Design
C # Programming
J2EE and mobile application development
Database System Application and Management
Software Development specifications

Data Application Development Direction: (. net is the most important)

C # Programming
Software Engineering and database Course Design
. Net architecture and application development
. Net Application Course Design
JAVA advanced programming
Oracle Applications
Database System Application and Management
Software Quality Assurance and Testing
Software Development specifications

E-commerce: (relatively simple software development)

Introduction to e-commerce
C # Programming
Supply chain and logistics management
Design and implementation of e-commerce systems
E-commerce system course design
E-commerce security
Webpage Design and website development

Embedded system direction: (difficult, more hardware)

Application Design of Microcomputer peripheral circuit
Embedded System Application Development
Single Chip Microcomputer windows Programming
ARM and Embedded Operating System Basics
C # Programming
Introduction to Embedded System Development
MCU application design
WinCE mobile development technology
Embedded Communication Technology

Digital media direction:

Introduction to Art Design
Computer Graphics and image processing
Human-Computer Interaction Technology
Computer Animation
Digital media post-production
Visual Communication
Computer Animation Basics
Computer Animation Design

Senior: I am looking for work internships and graduation designs, and some missed courses are professional and mobile electives. I chose them based on my own interests. I attached the course materials:

Linux Operating System and Its Applications
Mathematical Modeling (I)
Mathematical Modeling (II)
Computer Aided Design
Information Policies and Regulations
Software Development specifications
Computer Graphics
Compilation technology
Project Management
Image processing and pattern recognition
Multimedia Technology
Web page design basics
Calculation Method
Windows Programming
Computer Information Security
Introduction to Art Design
Software Quality Assurance and Testing
Network Engineering
Human-Computer Interaction Technology
Cutting-edge in computer development... full text>

What should I do for four years in college?

The Student Union will check whether you need it. If you don't need it too much, you 'd better not add it. The above is true.
1. Think about life, what to do in the future, and stick to it to prepare for graduation, such as postgraduate entrance exams and civil servants
2. Learn more skills! You have the skills in your hand, and you are not afraid to eat anything.
3. A wide range of T-shaped talents.
4. Read more books! You may read a lot of books that may not be useful, but if you have the instinct to change your life, it will be worth it, and reading more books will improve your self-cultivation.
5. Learn English and major
6. Make a few real friends! There is not much precision, but only they can help you in difficult times!
7. gradually become familiar with society and face many phenomena
8. power-saving and cost-effective. If you have more money, you will have your parents. Instead of yourself, you must learn how to be economically independent.
9. Work with the teacher on projects and go to the lab more. If you study engineering

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