When will Apple's iphone 6s go public? iphone 6s Market Time Introduction

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iphone 6s Time-to-market

is on sale in the iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus, and news of when the iphone 6s is on the market has been heard, saying the iphone 6s Likely to be released next spring will bring better compatibility with Apple Watch, and will cancel the 16GB capacity version directly from 32GB and even increase the 256GB version.

An external media source says Apple will launch its 4-inch iphone next year, dubbed the iphone 6S Mini, while the iphone 6 4.7 will be branded with an iphone 6S. For this phone, some analysts believe that as long as its sales of more than 10 million, then Apple will not give up easily, in fact, to achieve such a goal is very easy. Previous news also showed that Apple would push the 4-inch iphone, which would have a touch ID, and would have the latest A9 processor, which would not sell to people, but would be cheaper than the iphone 6 upgrade.

The report from the Taiwan Business Times did not reveal why the iphone 5C could be discontinued, but Apple has always had a tradition of shutting down old money after releasing new products.

Also, 5C sales are much worse than Apple's expectations. The report of the CIRP Survey Company in January this year showed that by the end of 2013 the 5C accounted for only 27% of the total iphone sales. The

Manufacturer will gradually reduce production by 5C from next January and is expected to be fully discontinued by the middle of next year. In addition, Apple recently discontinued its ipod classic music player. Since the release of iphone 6 this September, the ipod classic has vanished from Apple's online store. The

does not make any formal statement to the Apple company. But Apple CEO Tim Cook explained in a forum: "Because there is no spare parts, the parts that the IPod classic need are not found anywhere on the planet." "

iphone6s true machine map exposure

" Unlike before, Martin Hajek, in addition to the iphone 6C, also brought the iphone 6S, two concept design is very good, The fuselage is thinner and more rounded. The message from the industry chain before

Was that the 5.5-inch version of the iphone was delayed until next year as Apple demanded too much. Anyway, let's look at it first.

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