Why is the corporate Web server hosted?

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1. The server is not a normal computer, it takes 24 hours to open the machine all day, 365 days of uninterrupted work, if it is an ordinary computer, can not bear such a job. So its configuration requirements are relatively high, and the computer's cooling is more important, so the server needs to be placed in a relatively stable and suitable environment, constant temperature, humidity, dustproof, power supply and so on. Ordinary companies are very difficult to have a special server for the establishment of a computer room, then someone will say: air conditioning to ensure constant temperature and humidity dustproof power supply it? Suitable for the survival of the temperature is not applicable to the server, on the contrary, the temperature suitable for the server is not adapted to human survival. And the maintenance costs will be high. Xi ' An days Mutual Communication Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in IDC service business. For the server hosting, their own room conditions have reached the standard indicators.

2, to ensure that the network connection, do not think that a 10M broadband can meet the demand, this is the server, not a normal internet computer. You need to ensure that visitors from all over the country access speed, to be able to respond promptly and quickly, but also to ensure that static IP, ordinary broadband far less than the requirements. Professional "Day Mutual data" server hosts have high-speed fiber-optic network connectivity, the country's fast access to the node, you can ensure that your site can be the fastest response anywhere. And Xi ' An Days Mutual Communication Co., Ltd. Construction has its own computer room. The total export of computer room Gigabit port. Users if a 100M share. Ensure server 24-hour access is smooth.

3, the hardware facilities do not reach the requirements, the server has a standard rack, usually "U" as a unit, the company not only has no standard room environment, there is no standard server to place the rack. And the power requirements are relatively high, if due to external causes of power outages, placed in the company's servers will certainly be down. and Xi ' An Day Mutual Communication Co., Ltd. Server custodian, but there is UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system, can ensure that the server continues to work after a power outage for a certain time to ensure that its emergency disk. This will not cause the loss of data due to power outages, or the system due to power failure.

4, technical maintenance personnel are missing, if a server suffers a network attack how to deal with? How do I handle a system crash if it causes data corruption to recover? What if a massive DDoS attack happens? How do I guarantee that data is not lost if I suffer a virus? How do I guarantee a 24-hour supervised care? How to ensure that the response can be ruled out in case of problems? All of this is not a small company can do? Either recruit a server maintenance specialist for all-day maintenance, or let the company's employees work part-time, but can they be assured that they can cope with these problems? Can you guarantee a response within 5 minutes after a problem occurs? No. And even if a company hires a professional engineer. So the cost of each month is a big amount. Xi ' An Day Mutual Communication Co., Ltd. specializes in IDC services business. Not only are they manned 24 hours a day, but also a hardware firewall to prevent large-scale cyber attacks, a 1G hard defense is a hundred thousand of, how many can you afford? And now the hacker attacks are more than this level, 20G of hard defense may also be able to withstand a bit. You are invited to a professional engineer. It's estimated to be tens of thousands a year. It saves you a lot of money.

5, the server radiation is very large, if there is no professional team maintenance, no better configuration facilities, ordinary people can not accept such a strong radiation. If really put in their own company, but also have to make a person to look after maintenance every day, you have to open a person's wages. And a lot of people there is a misunderstanding, that is, my server, not put on their own here is not safe. This worry in fact, you host to choose to trust the company, do not choose the kind of not famous local companies, many people like the nearest, cheap, think convenient, save money, hosting to the company near an unknown small company, people are responsible for network access, and other what also no matter, this and unmanaged no different. To choose to choose the top-level server host, Day mutual data (WWW.IDCS.CN) is the XI ' an Tian Communication Co., Ltd. operating IDC service professional platform, was established in 2007, for the country to provide domain name registration, virtual host, Cloud Server, Enterprise Post Office, Server hosting with leased Internet Access Service provider. Over 8 years of experience in server hosting. Eight years of sincere service and technology heritage protection, hosting will sign a contract, the server can manage their own remote, and even open the machine can operate their own, speed and use of local computer is no different. Free OEM system and designated procedures, MRTG professional system real-time traffic status monitoring, brand server hardware replacement three years after-sales service, 7x24x365 Free Unlimited Rapid Response Restart Service There is no need to worry about data security, there is that credibility, there is that professional ethics. There is no need to worry about being away from yourself, not managing, and that kind of thinking is wrong. More Enterprise Qualification Certification: "The People's Republic of China Telecom value-added business license" ICP, ISP certificate. If you have the intention, please contact tel:18302926339 qq:320006174 Welcome Consultation! Xian First cloud server supplier

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