Why not install the application software by double-clicking

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To explain why you are not allowed to double-click and install the application software-LINUX general technology-Linux technology and application information, see the following for details. The linux releases are numerous and complex. The methods for installing and managing software for each release are different. It is not difficult to install the software by double-clicking it. However, if you do so, it will sacrifice a lot of versatility, this is also the consequence of the lack of standards, but many software is not only used for linux, it also needs to be used on a variety of unix/mac and win.

Linux base (like this) is coming out, and it should be more and more easy to use. Enter a software name. apt will automatically access the Internet to find the installation package. You do not need to manually download the installation package. Do you still need to find the installation package icon? Do you need to double-click it? Is it so troublesome? There is a better way, and no one will do that bad way.

Finally, most of the current release versions are easy to install, including debian, ubuntu, fedora, suse, mandriva, and magic, the premise is to have a good network, otherwise it will be troublesome.
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