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Believe that this article you are a person with their own site, the site is important to you? is the data important to you? The answer is yes. If it doesn't matter, what are we going to do? How do you back up your website data and how much do you know?
Backup is now not a cumbersome thing, software and hardware products of continuous research and launch, making data backup with fast, high reliability, automation and other characteristics, completely freed the system administrator burden. In investment, compared with the construction of the network, dedicated storage equipment and backup software prices are very low, will not be a user's financial burden. If every server or LAN is configured with a data backup device and is properly utilized, it can be easily recovered regardless of network hardware or software problems.
Believe that this kind of thing everyone is very afraid of happening: accidentally knocked the wrong key, a few hours or even a few days of work in vain. According to statistics, more than 80% of data loss is due to people's wrong operation. Unfortunately, such error operations are never avoidable for humans. On the other hand, with the widespread establishment of the network, people more through the network to convey a lot of information. In the network environment, in addition to human error operation, there are a variety of virus infection, system failure, line failure, so that the security of data information can not be guaranteed, we also lost significant investment in the network. In this case, if you have a timely backup, then there is nothing to worry about. But how many people have that ' wit '?
Maybe you haven't had a lot of catastrophic data loss incidents yet, but that doesn't mean the disaster will never come to your network system. In China, the network environment and various prevention facilities are not perfect, which makes the virus breeding and spreading extremely easy, which poses a great threat to the data security. So let us act as quickly as possible before we have tasted the bitter fruit of the disaster, and make a reliable backup of our precious data.
Data backup principle of data backup is to ensure the security of the data, to eliminate the users and operators of the system to worry about. Different application environments require different solutions to adapt, in general, to meet the following principles:
The main function of the stable backup product is to provide a method of data protection for the system, so the stability of the product itself becomes the most important aspect. Be sure to be compatible with operating system 100%.
Comprehensiveness in a complex computer network environment, may include a variety of operating platforms, such as Windows, UNIX, and installed a variety of application systems, such as databases, groupware systems. Select backup software to support a variety of operating systems, databases, and typical applications. such as multi-backup, support for multiple systems: All types of Linux (CentOS, Redhat Enterprise, Ubuntu, SUSE, etc.), Unix (AIX system, etc.), Windows (normal version, Ultimate version, data center version, etc.)
Automation many units due to the nature of the work, when to backup, and how long time to backup have a certain limit. The system load is light during off hours and is suitable for backup. However, this will increase the burden of the system administrator, due to mental state and other reasons, but also to the backup security potential hidden dangers. Therefore, backup scenarios should be able to provide timed automatic backups and use technology such as tape libraries to automatically swap. In the automatic backup process, there should also be logging function, and in the event of abnormal conditions, automatic alarm. Multi-Backup This SaaS application is very user-friendly, and the backup frequency and bandwidth options are both liberalized and accurate to backup hourly.
High performance with the continuous development of the business, more and more data, updates faster, in the break time too late to back up so much content, in the work time backup will affect the performance of the system. This requires that when you design a backup, try to take into account the speed of data backup, and take advantage of the parallel operation of multiple tape drives.
Security Computer network is a high-speed channel of computer virus transmission, which poses a great threat to data security. If in the backup, the computer virus also complete backup down, will be a vicious circle. Therefore, the request in the process of backup to check poison, antivirus, anti-virus function, to ensure non-toxic backup. Multi-backup security reaches a certain height, multi-threaded parallel transmission to multi-backup server and compression and AES encryption, 3 Layer Security system to ensure data security.
The operation of simple data backup is applied in different fields, and the operators who perform data backup are at different levels. This requires an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface that shortens operator learning time and reduces operator stress, making backup work easy to set up and complete. Easily protect your data in 55 seconds with a simple, multi-backup operation.
Real-time some of the key tasks are 24 hours of non-stop operation, while the backup, some files may still be in the open state. In the case of a backup, take steps to view the file size in real time and transaction tracking to ensure that all files in the system are backed up correctly.
Fault-tolerant data is backed up on tape, protects tapes, and confirms the reliability of data in backup tapes, which is also a critical aspect. If the RAID technology is introduced, the tape can be mirrored, so that the data is more secure and reliable, and the user is given an additional insurance lock.
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