WIN7 annoying appdata--delete useless cache files

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Today, turned on the computer, found that the C disk usable capacity unexpectedly become very small, feel very suspicious, as shown:

The initial reaction is computer poisoning, so use 360 guards, 360 antivirus to C disk Avira, because obviously remember C disk has more than 40 g of free space to, this situation, there must be something wrong.

Avira did not find any suspicious files or Trojans.

So where do you want to find this file that is close to 40G?

into the C drive, through the size of the folder, found a suspicious folder, as shown in:

So, after the entry to its view, found that the WIN7 under the various applications, Web page files cache files, which found the disease, and began to try to remove the useless files, after a toss, the C-disk revived, as shown:


I am here to delete all the files under the AppData, it is recommended that the reader should do a good job of backup, and then delete it, so as not to cause an application software can not be used problems. After I delete only some shortcuts are not available (it appears that the cache of shortcuts is present under this folder), but the application software is not affected, hereby, for reference.

About AppData Baidu Introduction Link: Click to open the link

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WIN7 annoying appdata--delete useless cache files

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