Windows 2003 2008 general methods for installing IIS + PHP + MySQL

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VC6, VC9, and VC11 are compiled on behalf of Visual C + + 6, Visual C + + 2008, and Visual C + + 2012 respectively.

It is important to note that the VC9 version requires Visual C + + redistributable for visual Studio SP1, while VC11 needs to install Visual C + + redistributable for visual Studi O 2012.

Thread Safety, None-thread Safe (non-thread safe)

Thread Safety: This version is typically selected when IIS is loaded in ISAPI mode.
None-thread Safe: This version is generally selected when running in fastcgi mode, with better performance.

R2 PHP Manager for IIS 7:

Visual C + + redistributable for Visual Studio 2012. :

Visual C + + redistributable for visual Studio SP1:

Extension_dir = "D:/php5/ext"

2003 Installing FASTCGI Mode

Configuration Fcigext.ini (in the%windir%\system32\inetsrv directory)
Add the following at the end of the Fcigext.ini:
Exepath=d:\php\php-cgi.exe (PHP directory)

Configuring the fastcgi extension to work with PHP
Right-click Web site, select Properties,
Click the "Home directory" option, click the "Configure" button,
Click the Add button to
Click "Browse" to find Fcgiext.dll in%windir%\system32\inetsrv.
In the extension, enter. PHP,
Action Select "Limit to" and enter "Get,head,post".
Verify that the script engine and check for files exist are selected,
If unchecked, please select.
When the confirmation is correct, click OK.

Windows 2003 2008 general methods for installing IIS + PHP + MySQL

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