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When deploying third-party XAP files, registering developer accounts, installing development tools, and other operations, we will receive some system error codes, usually hexadecimal numbers starting with 0x, few non-"professional" personnel can understand what it means. so, they can only use google, baidu, and other search engines to help understand it. The content of this article also comes from the Internet. However, the difference is: As described in this article, I will help my friends briefly explain the technical principles and implementations hidden in these error codes from the perspective of a developer. Please correct me for any shortcomings!


Error Code Description
0x8973180E Zune software is not installed on the PC. Install Zune first.
0x8973180F The Zune version is incorrect. Please download and install the latest Zune version.
0 × 89731810 Incorrect device configuration. Please reinstall Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone to correct this error.
0 × 89731811 The Zune software is not running. Open the Zune software and try again.
0 × 89731812 Failed to connect to the device. Make sure that your phone is connected and the screen is not locked.
0 × 89731813 Failed to start the program. Please make sure your device is registered and unlocked.
0 × 81030110 An error occurred while installing the program. Check the program capability configuration in WMAppManifest. xml.
0 × 81030118 An error occurred while installing the program. The device is locked. Please unlock the device before deploying a program to your mobile phone.
0 × 81030119 You cannot install this program. The maximum number of programs allowed for installation has been reached. Before installing the new software, uninstall an old program installed in Sideloading mode.
0 × 81030120 The XAP file contains local code calls. If your WP7 mobile phone is completely jailbroken (the Development Account is not completely unlocked), this problem can be solved, for example, if you use a developer account to modify the registry, the XAP cannot be deployed successfully and the permission is too large.
80004005 The system ROM is a pseudo-Chinese character, and an error occurs during update and unlock. Solution: Download the official ROM based on the firmware version and refresh it.



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