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WordPress.com has taken the most leap forward since its inception today. Automattic company rewritten wordpress.com from scratch, named the Plan Calypso (translator: Calypso, the Goddess of the Sea of Greek mythology), and everything is refreshed from the inside out. The following is a detailed update of the content.

First, WordPress.com is now completely stripped out of the WordPress core code. Today's wordpress.com is a set of management interfaces that interact with WordPress core code in the same way as other existing third-party interfaces and applications. The site uses the REST API to perform tasks such as getting old logs, pushing new journals, uploading photos, and so on.

Second, the WordPress.com team also made a drastic transformation. WordPress.com no longer inherits PHP and MySQL, but instead switches to JavaScript and API calls. In other words, when you visit a website, you will get a fully functional WordPress client running in the browser from the server.

The client is a single page application, which means that when you are working on the interface, you will rarely see the loading interface appear. And the app works on your phone and tablet as well-because it uses responsive design. If you used to manage WordPress through the background, now you can still access the background directly. But if you're using managed WordPress, a semi-managed WordPress installation with the Jetpack plugin, or a WordPress vip,automattic like TechCrunch, there's another kind of login on wordpress.com. Land option.

Finally, the above detailed or not exhaustive code is hosted and open source on the GitHub. You can view the code, build your own code branch, and reuse it as long as you follow the second version of the GNU general Public License.

In addition, the WordPress.com team is not content with this. Now you can download the new Mac app to access wordpress.com. In many ways, this app is very close to Slack desktop applications. It leverages network technology and desktop features to give you a consistent or similar experience with wordpress.com, plus some handy features like notifications. Windows and Linux apps are under development.

I downloaded the app and tried it for a few minutes. If you are familiar with the WordPress.com interface, you will feel at home because they look exactly the same. But there's an app icon on the Dock that's always more.

So why automattic--the company behind this wordpress.com to rewrite the code at all costs? WordPress.com now feels and works like a modern online application. This is an important step in its return to the fray and against new challengers such as Medium.

While the editor lacks the usual features of many advanced users, including TechCrunch authors, WordPress.com is a simple and efficient writing tool that should attract a group of Medium writers.

According to statistics, today about 25% of the world's Web site is running WordPress. This is a great feat, WordPress is no longer a green, impatient, always want to fight against the giants of the start -up company, it has become the network giant. Through today's move, Automattic has shown that it still has a clear assessment of the industry's environment and potential threats. For the future of WordPress, this is also an inspiring move.

Translation: Fish-born minister

WordPress.com Goes Open Source and Gets A Desktop App

The above describes the wordpresscom open source, discard PHP to JavaScript, including git, entrepreneurial content, I hope the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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