Write Android Programming jobs, write game assignments

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Write Android Programming jobs, write game assignments
Functional Requirements Analysis
The function of the game to be implemented is described as follows:

About: Allows the player to understand some of the game's development information.

Help: Can let the player understand the game related play, learn how to play this game.

Start the game: Click to enter the game interface and start playing the game.

Settings: Set the switch status of music and sound effects in the game.
Exit: Exit the game.

Practice mode: Play the game between the player and the system, and use the Android gravity sensor to move the table tennis.

PvP Mode: Game between player and player, use Android gravity sensor to move the table tennis.

In addition, the game design process is mainly divided into three stages.

The first stage is
Game Login processing stage. After the user enters the data of the login on the Android phone, the login data is matched by the database.
The logon operation is then performed by the server.
A second stage is
The game has not been played in the PvP stage. This stage is mainly on the Android phone on the game sound, game start
interface, and the handling of modules such as help.
A third stage is
Game login after the battle stage. The process of the game begins with the handling of the Android phone's interface, followed by a gravity-sensing control in the server and the number of table tennis
The results of the logical processing are then transmitted by the server to the Android phone, which shows the
result, the corresponding processing, and finally by the server will be in the battle of the overall battle screen transmission to the PC side display.

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Write Android Programming jobs, write game assignments

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