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The three giants of technology

If ranked by user experience, in order: Apple, Microsoft, Google

But if you are ranked by the development experience: Microsoft, Google, Apple

Of course, many of the details of the experience are related to the area of development for everyone, but they are generally no problem.

Apple's development tools and experience are rotten, and are basically famous in the industry. This rotten finger is the stability, and the basic function.

For example, it is very much criticized, until now there is no solution, folder resource synchronization mechanism (this problem involved in Xcode's underlying design, estimates will never be solved.) )

For example, C + + support issues (refactoring, searching, debugging, etc.).

For example, this article discusses the various exceptions to Xcode that cannot be compiled, cannot be started, and cannot be connected to the debugger. The problem is frustrating, and basically every developer has wasted dozens of hours on these issues. Some people have even wasted hundreds of hours.

If you encounter an emulator exception, the general idea is:

Troubleshoot your own engineering problems:

1. Try to check the project according to the information on the network, such as copy Bundle Resources inside is should not have Info.plist file, this despise cocos, their previous project template inside on this info.plist installation is misleading, in 1.x2.x times many problems caused by this. But now it seems to have changed.

2. Bundle duplication Problem

3. If it is possible to check a new project, re-import the modified file

Repair Xcode:

    1. Shuangqing (reset simulator, clean Engineering), if not resolved, Step2

    2. CD to directory, delete device information and applications, then execute Step1, then run, if not resolved Step3

    3. Remove Xcode and reload. Do not use Macappstore download, turtle speed, in the domestic network disk has a lot of handling.

When looking for a solution, be careful

    1. If not, do not try again, because Xcode's error rate is still very high, do not waste time on it

    2. Different causes can cause the same error. Other people's solutions don't necessarily solve your problems

    3. No matter what happens, do not re-install the system, not necessarily solve (xcode unlike VS, once the damage is basically only to reload the system) and the cost is too high

Finally, recommend an artifact Appcode. This is the development IDE provided by the Jet brains company. Compare Xcode His advantages are:

    1. History ClipBoard

    2. Find Usages with categories

    3. Refactor

    4. Various generate

    5. Column Selection Mode, a typesetting artifact in the field of mathematical algorithms

    6. Unused coloring tips, todo coloring tips, etc.

    7. Compare with ClipBoard


Another, if you are in a project to embed other projects, such as you write a lib, embedded in a lot of projects, if you use Xcode to open two such projects (this is a very common operation), first you are unable to open the normal, one will error, and then you can not compile. Appcode a good solution to the problem.

There is also a, appcode can not debug directly run, if you just use log, you can use this way to emergency.

Also, although Appcode is a commercial software, if you are an open source developer, you can apply for a free license. That's very commendable.

Finally, when I first visited the Appcode homepage, I saw that "iOS came out, everyone was happy, but after using Xcode, we all Cursed jobs" (to the effect that they could not be found, and perhaps deleted).

So cool, they are an attitude company.

This article is from the "Old G Hut" blog, make sure to keep this source http://goldlion.blog.51cto.com/4127613/1543040

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