Xiaomi 3 The problem of loading album pictures on the phone failed

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Model Millet 3w,rom4.4.4 nonsense not to say that in the load album picture times had such a mistake

09-16 12:26:53.270:w/openglrenderer (21987): Bitmap too large to BES uploaded into a texture (4208x2368, max=4096x4096)

Cut Bai, online find an algorithm, very good, posted here, recorded

In the process of doing photo album application, need to get a compressed thumbnail but, at the same time I also want to get the bitmap can be square, to adapt to the square imageview, the traditional setting insamplesize compression ratio of the way just compressed the entire picture, If a picture has a large gap between the length and width, then the display will have a stretch phenomenon, so the correct practice is after compression, the bitmap are cropped.

The code is as follows:

Captures the square portion of the middle of a given picture when it is scaled to maintain a width-to-height ratio

1 /**2 3  * @paramBitmap Original4  * @paramEdgelength want to get the square part of the side length5  * @returnzooms the bitmap after the median portion is captured. 6 */7  Public StaticBitmap Centersquarescalebitmap (Bitmap Bitmap,intedgelength)8  {9 if(NULL= = Bitmap | | Edgelength <= 0)Ten  { One return NULL; A  } -  -Bitmap result =bitmap; the intwidthorg =bitmap.getwidth (); - intheightorg =bitmap.getheight (); -  - if(widthorg > Edgelength && heightorg >edgelength) +  { - //compress to a minimum length of edgelength bitmap + intLongeredge = (int) (Edgelength * Math.max (widthorg, heightorg)/math.min (widthorg, heightorg)); A intScaledwidth = widthorg > heightorg?longeredge:edgelength; at intScaledheight = widthorg > heightorg?Edgelength:longeredge; - Bitmap Scaledbitmap; -  - Try{ -Scaledbitmap = Bitmap.createscaledbitmap (Bitmap, Scaledwidth, Scaledheight,true); -  } in Catch(Exception e) { - return NULL; to  } +  - //intercept the square part in the middle.  the intXtopleft = (scaledwidth-edgelength)/2; * intYtopleft = (scaledheight-edgelength)/2; $ Panax Notoginseng Try{ -result =Bitmap.createbitmap (Scaledbitmap, Xtopleft, Ytopleft, Edgelength, edgelength); the scaledbitmap.recycle (); +  } A Catch(Exception e) { the return NULL; +  }  -  } $  $ returnresult; -}

Note that the bitmap parameter must be obtained from the original image, if it has been bitmapfactory insamplesize compressed, may not be to the square.

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