Yesfinder-web File Manager Web document management system

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Development of the original:

Originally wanted to find a visual image upload program, first looked for Elfinder, the results of the discovery can not be used, because the jquery UI CSS is the wall, and do not find the use of a half-day, and then find Ckfinder, found incredibly is charged, and used up also not comfortable, So I think I can write a. Think of this immediately, take 2 days to complete the preliminary function, and then spent 3 days to perfect. At present, the realization of the basic function, is now out of step out for your reference.

Features that are currently implemented:

File upload, download, rename, delete, new and renamed directory. Optional display file time and file size.

How to use:

Can be used alone, can also be used in conjunction with Xheditor and other online editors, the use of simple methods.

1, when used alone, directly uploaded to the site can be configured config.php directory on the line.

2, with Xheditor, directly in the callback function in the upload.html call callback ():

$ (' #yesfinder '). Yesfinder (Fucnction (selectedfile) {callback (Selectedfile)});

3, ordinary picture upload, realize visualization. Direct IFRAME upload.html on the line, of course, to change the path in the config.php and write the callback function.

In fact, do not write the callback function is OK, do not pass the callback function, Yesfinder will automatically execute the Yesfinder function in the parent page of the IFrame, that is, directly write

function Yesfinder (seletedfile) {alert (Seletedfile)} is also available.

Check it out:

: Https://

Yesfinder-web File Manager Web document management system

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