Zabbix Automatic discovery monitors multiple MySQL

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1: Preface

As a result of the blog written earlier, Zabbix automatic discovery monitoring Redis, Zabbix automatic discovery monitoring MONGO These two blog posts can be automatically discovered and monitored, but because each zabbix_agentd has to be configured, monitoring is very inconvenient, so, then made a template, Ability to automatically discover and monitor multiple MySQL units. This method is also applicable when monitoring MONGO, Redis, or MySQL master and slave.

2: Write a script that automatically discovers and monitors multiple MySQL scripts under Zabbix_agentd, with the following script:


#zhuangweihong 20160512 Zabbix Discover MySQL

mysqlconf= ' cat/usr/local/zabbix/mysql.conf|grep-v ' ^# '

Mysqlcount= ' echo ' ${mysqlconf} ' |wc-l '

If [-Z ' $mysqlconf ']];then

echo "MySQL has not find"

Exit 2


printf ' {\ n '

printf ' \ t ' data: [\ n '


echo "$mysqlconf" |while read Line;do

Myip= ' echo $line |awk ' {print $} '

Myport= ' echo $line |awk ' {print $} '

If [$mysqlcount-eq $mycount];then

printf "\t\t\t{\" {#MYSQLIP}\ ": \" $myip \ ", \" {#MYSQLPORT}\ ": \" $myport \ "}\n"


printf "\t\t\t{\" {#MYSQLIP}\ ": \" $myip \ ", \" {#MYSQLPORT}\ ": \" $myport \ "},\n"

Let "mycount++"



printf ' \t]\n '

printf '}\n '

Exit 0

Where the configuration file vim/usr/local/zabbix/mysql.conf, the first parameter is IP, the second parameter is port, for example: 3306 3306

3: Add the following configuration in Zabbix_agentd:


Userparameter=mysql.status.all[*],mysql-h $3-p$1-e "Show Global Status" |grep "$2[[:space:]" |cut-f2


1:MYSQL.CNF can be configured with a user name and password, if configured as follows:



2: The monitor must have the usage permission on the machine, the command is as follows:

Grant Usage on * * to [e-mail protected] ' ' identified by ' xxxxx '; configured as Zabbix_agentd IP

3: Zabbix_agentd Restart after configuration is complete

4: Add Autodiscover template to Zabbix_server's page: MySQL Discovery Service all.

5: Add Autodiscover rule, name and key values as follows: MySQL Discovery Service all, Zabbix.discovery.mysql.all. Set to 15 minutes to discover, the failed discovery is retained for one day. The configuration is as follows:

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Mysql.png "alt=" Wkiol1c0yoviuackaaa8xh4xnpm482.png "/>

6: Create a monitoring item prototype with the following name and key values:

{#MYSQLIP}/{#MYSQLPORT}:mysql Bytes sent per second mysql.status.all[{#MYSQLPORT},bytes_sent,{#MYSQLIP}]

{#MYSQLIP}/{#MYSQLPORT}:mysql Bytes received per second mysql.status.all[{#MYSQLPORT},bytes_received,{#MYSQLIP}]

{#MYSQLIP}/{#MYSQLPORT}:mysql service is running net.tcp.service[tcp,{#MYSQLIP},{#MYSQLPORT}]

Monitor the items you want to monitor.

The section diagram is as follows:

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Mysql_ Xiangmu.png "alt=" Wkiol1c0zj_akgpcaacjptteb5k923.png "/>

7: How do I extend it?

If you want to monitor more than one MySQL, just vim/usr/local/zabbix/mysql.conf add the MySQL IP and MySQL port you want to monitor, and then on the corresponding MySQL grant usage on * * to [ Email protected] ' ' identified by ' xxxxx '; Zabbix will automatically detect and monitor, if you suddenly do not want to monitor the configuration on the removal, wait a day after the Zabbix will be deleted.

This article is from the "Zhangweihong" blog, make sure to keep this source

Zabbix Automatic discovery monitors multiple MySQL

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