Zen Path attachment size limit, PHP upload file size limit

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Q: Zen Channel system max upload file only 2M How to modify the increase a: in the host root directory has a php5.ini file, download down to add the following two statements, upload overlay can. Upload_max_filesize=50mpost_max_size=50m the second cannot be less than the first because the post may include attachments. Of course is completely can ask: I changed, but the Zen channel show or not is not the value of the acquisition ah I want to know is not in the Zen tunnel what set my Zen road display 50M I myself configured 2M max is 8M I am in Zen Tao upload 14M of the same can be successful questioner evaluation: Although not resolved the problem, but thank you.

The file upload size limit for Zen path system is the upload_max_filesize of the detection system PHP:

var maxuploadinfo = '

So modifying this value is correct, and the problem is that the modified setting does not take effect. Need to take effect can restart Nginx or Apache, but some still do not take effect, this time need to restart the next Php-cfm,service php-cfm restart, otherwise PHP will not load the latest configuration information

The above describes the Zen path attachment size limitations, PHP Upload file size limitations, including the content, I hope to be interested in PHP tutorial friends helpful.

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