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I have been engaged in network promotion work for 8 years, this time this project can be said that I have been engaged in the network to promote the most challenging, although the adult products are very suitable for the network to carry out E-commerce business, but the network on the promotion of adult products to share very little, now write to share, Hope to those who are ready to carry out adult products E-commerce friends can help, you think there is a harvest you praise one, if you master, also do not throw bricks ah, now through the following several aspects to share my network promotion and SEO when: some of the problems encountered.

First, choose a meaningful website name and easy to remember the domain name

and the name of the adult supplies industry is very important for the long-term development, in order to establish a brand after the connotation of the name. For example, Beijing Adult supplies Mall's forces: The Sweet heart of a long time adult supplies mall moral: Sweet heart for a long time, everlasting.

Second, find a stable server to put our site is not easy. One is that the state is cracking down on and regulating the spread of obscene pornography in the Internet, network supervision of this review of the relatively strict, although also e-commerce, but after all, is a sensitive industry, usually people do not want to surface mentioned, in national policy, the strict management will be subject to a lot of restrictions, for example, This adult products site must have a special qualification certification, only to allow on-line operation, the site needs to record is also very strict. Server hosting is also troublesome, because many IDC companies do not want to put this sensitive site, because a problem, they will be implicated, it is best to find a U.S. server or a Hong Kong server, so the restrictions can be less. There is to do Baidu bidding rankings, the beginning of the audit is very strict, some models on the image of sensitive parts must be blocked, can not leak three points, after the approval of the audit, Baidu regularly will be audited, they are pure manual audit, a bear found that there is a violation of the picture, will immediately stop the account, warning once; Directly on the account, such as the restrictions there are many.

Third, the target keyword and long tail keyword choice

Sex products industry, the key words have adult supplies, and other items can be used as the target keyword, must pay attention to the name of the mall is best not to do the target keyword, such as our mall site, can not use the "Sweet Heart Mall" To do the target keyword, long tail keyword choice can use tools, For example: Google's keyword Tool.

Iv. send articles to increase the chain. Many blogs and forums are not allowed to send some sensitive words, such as "adult Products", "sex goods" and so on, these will increase the difficulty, sometimes a day can not go out several articles and their own blog, are limited. Some are sent up, but to the forum for an audit, do not delete, or some simply do not let these sensitive words of the article. Experience Summary: It is best to find some sexual health sites and forums, because all are in the same industry, there are fewer restrictions on this. Every time you find such a site, you have to record it in a document, and it is good to leave your footprint on such a site.

Five, links, not only to see the PR value, must also find and adult supplies related industries, such as 39 health nets, such as some discussion of sexual health. There is also the business of business-to-business websites, such as sex Business network.

Six, the site internal articles to send a number of adult products industry evaluation articles, but also sexual health articles. You can also talk about some of the reporting articles on sexual psychology and physiology. may also provide some public welfare sexual health Consultation service to attract the flow.

Seven, through PPC, directional advertising to obtain a certain potential customer traffic. Here must pay attention not to put on some obscene website, this may be search engine to judge as rubbish website, even be punished. I don't have to say much about that.

Eight, Baidu Bar is a very easy to find adult supplies customer base place, but now "adult products", "sexual products" and other individual keywords, stick is limited.

Nine, you can add some of the relationship between the QQ group, such as emotional exchanges, friends and other cities, QQ group marketing is a good channel. Because sex itself is related to love. and QQ Group is emotional exchange more places. Later articles I will talk about QQ marketing experience sharing.

Ten, the creation of the website inside the topic page, create a special catalogue, so that the SEO has always been good, but also allows customers to quickly, and accurately find the products they want to find, the content of the site on a separate topic page, can be more professional, and the promotion of the time can also be targeted to promote the topic page, At the same time will promote the weight of the first domain name.

Xi. and Shopping Guide Web site cooperation, such as and rebate network, return the network can be a class of cooperation, talk about the proportion, the allocation of their respective entitlements. This is an E-commerce site commonly used in a way to work with others to maintain a win-win attitude.

Above is I in the operation of more than half a year of adult products E-commerce website After some experience, the summary may not be very comprehensive, have said the wrong place, I hope we can criticize, together to explore E-commerce, China's sex industry to explore the culture of common research network to promote knowledge and experience. Thank you! This article by the www.bankui.net webmaster feeds!

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