36% of the Tianhong Fund's first half operating income of 61.8999 million yuan

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1, balance treasure to help Tianhong fund six months profit 8.52 million

Neimong yesterday reported that its shareholding of 36% of Tianhong fund operating income of 61.8999 million yuan, net profit reached 8.5252 million yuan, the first profit since 2010. The change comes from the Yu Tianhong Fund's June release of the balance treasure. Balance Treasure Income Contribution 37%, the year is expected to create the best profit in history.

2, Taobao will be excluded from the 800 and other irregular trading sources

Taobao has made it clear that sales of a number of fixed sources with a large supply of low-cost drainage will not be counted in the search order. In addition to the already established poly-cost, daily specials, Taobao also consider an increase of 800, the regiment 800来 source sales are not counted into the search.

3, Taobao summer battle Ota market 9 yuan selling visas

Taobao will join the August online tour of the scuffle, a few days ago, Taobao travel through the form of a limited-rush to launch a "9 Yuan visa" activities, destinations include Malaysia, Thailand and other Asian cities.

4, fund companies to push "micro-trust financing platform"

As a result of the new "micro-letter Payment" function, just appeared on the cause of concern. Not only Huaxia fund, the South Fund, such as "big guy" to join the melee, the third party fund investment consultancy company to buy wealth, yesterday also launched a micro-trust fund trading platform, has now achieved more than 60 fund companies more than 1200 public offering fund products online transactions and services.

5, the Internet financial Wind "a network of deep feelings" to stimulate a number of stock trading

After Alibaba launched the Money Fund product balance treasure, the market followers are very numerous. , in this context, Suningyun and other traditional household appliances retail enterprises have also been reported to enter the Internet financial sector, affected by this, related stocks were sought after the capital, strong trading.

6, the express industry mutual exposure "Chinese cabbage price": Beijing Originating 3 Block 5 No Limit heavy

Beijing origin: Rhyme up to the National 3 Block 5 not limited to "" in the National 5 Yuan, "" "" Dragon-boat festival when Guo Tong even was exposed to 16 Beijing from the beginning of the city 1.5 yuan/kg, not the first heavy "... Stranded in the "Low-cost competition" in the killing of private courier, is erupting a new round of acrimony: mutual exposure "cabbage price."

7, data: Online shopping has accounted for more than half of the express business

Express Business volume growth rate of 28 consecutive months more than 50%. First half, the national scale above the express service enterprise business volume completed 3.84 billion, an increase of 60.6%. Wang, director of China's National Postal Service market supervision, said yesterday in the "power behind" the development of the express industry, online shopping has accounted for more than half of the express business.

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