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According to WSJ News, several European governments have begun to revise the regulation of online gambling, the 37 billion-dollar industry, with the main theme of paying taxes. In the UK, the government requires online gaming operators to apply for licences and to pay taxes on British earnings, and the European Union has also levied "digital tax" on the online gaming industry since January this year. COO Itai Frieberger, the UK's largest online gaming company, said that "when markets start to be regulated, the industry will have a ' tsunami '-like development, and things will get complicated, costs soar and industry consolidation begins." "So 888 holding has tried to buy the British gaming company William Hill at a price of 1.1 billion dollars, although the price didn't end up being a bargain." Bwin.Party, another London-listed digital entertainment company, was also a hot target, after Bwin.Party's share price fell because of a potential deal. But Bwin.Party with another giant, Amaya Gaming, is still in talks, people familiar with the matter said. Amaya Gaming bought the parent company of the world's largest online poker website PokerStars last year. But the arrival of regulation has also cleared the industry of legal haze, online gaming sites can better expand business to optimize the transaction payment process, but also to give investors a relatively clear valuation. On the mobile side of the wave, many online gambling sites try to develop social games, the gambling-style games available to ordinary players, the game using the real currency. Gambling games on smartphones and tablets are now generating billions of of revenues per year for the industry. Bwin.Party has smashed 50 million of dollars in the development of gambling games in Ukraine and Israel over the past two years. In our country, lottery is the only legal way of betting. In the 2013 revision of the "lottery issued sales management measures", the clarity of China's domestic internet sales lottery legitimacy. But the sales subject needs to be the lottery issuing organization or authorized and commissioned unit. China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center and the National Sports Lottery Management Center last May issued a notice that all online sales of lottery tickets are illegal violations. Therefore, at present all the online sale of color business is and offline agencies, which also led to a number of times during the World Cup the user guessing success and the lottery did not successfully out of the ticket. But overall look at domestic network lottery market prospects to good. According to the Analysys data, the 3rd quarter of 2014 lottery sales exceeded 100 billion, China's online lottery overall sales volume reached 30.37 billion yuan, Taobao lottery, QQ lottery, netease lottery leader; Mobile internet Lottery the 3rd quarter of the scale of 11.5 billion, the chain growth of 164.4%, mobile Internet lottery in the net The penetration rate in the lottery was increased to 37.9%. But the Nasdaq-listed 500 The recent performance of the lottery network is not very good, Q4 's earnings show that the World Cup hangover is still more obvious, all the chain data are down, net profit is also down significantly year-on-year, the first trading day after the shares fell 6%. The 500 lottery shares, which had rushed to 51 dollars before the World Cup, plunged after the World Cup, keeping their shares at around 17 dollars. [This article refers to the following sources:,,]
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