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Since the WeChat public accounts have been divided into service numbers and folded subscription numbers, indeed, the micro-operators have felt the chill. At a participating WeChat marketing conference, when guests shared their case stories, they said that the average graphic conversion rate of their official WeChat accounts for about 20%, so is 20% the average conversion rate of WeChat graphic? ?In fact, I do not know. However, we can give you optimistic data, a WeChat conversion rate of images and texts within seven days has risen several times, and the average conversion rate of this company's public accounts has about 40%.

How is this done? The answer is the details! The communication effect is a combination of many factors that influence each other and can achieve the desired effect of communication depending on whether the trader can make various subtle and sporadic factors effective Integrate, and consider more details in various details to give the audience a good reading experience. So, in the next article, I will repeatedly mention various details, you may have noticed, but a small detail may be the key to trigger the spread of the virus. As an operator, the power of detail can not be ignored.

The spread of WeChat content can only be subjectively guessed by poor editors prior to visual data analysis. After WeChat launched the relatively perfect background data function, the editing work finally got the foundation of tracking and analysis. WeChat public account operators know that all the data analysis will be attributed to a final indicator: graphics conversion rate. What is graphics conversion rate?

Graphic conversion rate = graphic reading number / delivery number

There are several operators on this formula to be clear:

1, the number of services refers to the number of people you push the WeChat to the simplest point is how many fans you have at this stage;

2, the number of graphic reading refers to a total of how many people read this wechat, including non-fan groups;

3, graphic data analysis can only display the data within 7 days after the release of WeChat, can not see after 7 days.

WeChat public account background data statistics module graphic analysis screenshots

The above screenshot is the author just after taking over the micro-operation of an enterprise officer, planning and implementation of a micro-channel content dissemination analysis. It is not difficult to see the great power of WeChat circle of friends from the picture: the figure is shared and relayed by 4733 people in the case of only 198 fans, and this is only the data within 7 days.

OK, let's go deep into the topic. Since graphics conversion rate is an important indicator, then continue to improve the value of this value can not be confessed to the client (the boss), you can also get yourself a higher sense of accomplishment. The following author to scientifically break down surrounded by the mystical "graphic conversion rate" a variety of factors, especially for the audience direct contact with the article graphic contacts.

There is no doubt that the first thing we have to do to increase the conversion rate of graphics is that we already have fans who we can assess as first-class audiences. As WeChat is a relatively closed channel for dissemination, it is not as large as Microblogging can be purchased for the graphic diffusion, so a level of audience would like to read and take the initiative to spread this WeChat is particularly crucial. When the push arrival rate is close to 100%, the first-level audience's graphic open rate and graphic sharing rate directly determine the possibility of subsequent transmission.


1, the level of open audience that the official micro-micro-fans have opened the proportion of reading this wechat graphic;

2, an audience's share of the rate of picture that has been micro-Wei fans share this WeChat graphic to the circle of friends;

What is the factor that affects the teletext open rate of the first level audience?

Let's take a look at the screen when the audience receives the message:

As shown above, in fact, there are three key details of this stage factors: avatars, push the time and title.


In general, the official micro-micro-head is the brand LOGO, as editors, we must ensure that the avatar display is clear and recognizable; especially for high-end boutique line of brand, the micro-micro-portrait but also show Atmosphere, on the grade of the range of children.

Push the time

Pay attention to the time now is divided into different opinions, implausible, I put them attributed to the following factions:

1, work to send (7: 30-8: 00), on behalf of WeChat: love Fan children, change yourself

2, lunch (12: 00-13: 00), on behalf of WeChat: City Pictorial

3, get off work to send (17: 30-18: 30), on behalf of WeChat: Catering Business School

3, dinner party (20: 00-21: 30), on behalf of WeChat: Fauvism florist

And of course there are some liberals who "think about when and when they want to go," which is not included in our study. I think these push time actually have their own truth, as to what kind of push time is suitable for your official micro, it is recommended that operators can do a test: the existing fans were grouped equally, the same content in a day Work time, lunch time and off time to see the final conversion results. After a few days of testing, you can sum up the most suitable for your micro-push time.


No matter which platform to plan the dissemination of content, the title is the most important factor affecting the effect. On how to be an excellent title party, you can search for a variety of ABCD points in Baidu, I do not repeat the title of the writing skills here. Back to the WeChat title, the operator must pay attention to a detail: Do not put irrelevant part of the title in the top 13 characters gold position! Why? Because in the subscription list, each public account is only displayed Title of the first 13 characters (including punctuation)! Specific reference to the figure.

As a typical example, the author concerned about the official WeChat Xiamen local high-end real estate company, its graphic title will always be "[Heng Wo seven still | Asia's ten super mansions] XXXX", where XXX is the theme of the current graphic . As a very aggressive mansion brand, it is a good idea to reinforce the brand's high-end position in the minds of customers with a daily headline. But back to everyone's list of subscribers, this public WeChat account every day push the message is "[Heng Wo seven still | Asia's ten super mansions ... ..."). This undoubtedly reduces the desire of fans to open it because I do not know the theme of this graphic, and I read the point of interest it!

Well, after careful planning, the audience is finally in the long list of contents of the fold number into our content, we successfully entered the close contact with the audience the second phase, as shown:

(Single graphic display)

(Multi-graphic display)

At this stage, the key factors that affect the first-level audience's graphic open rate are: number of articles, title, headline, abstract.

Article number

In the end to push a few good? This is still an inconclusive question. If you are a public account of pure information sharing, you can indeed push four or five more pictures at a time, ensuring that all the content is valuable and meaningful. But if you are a public account with the purpose of marketing, the opening rate of the first article has been unbearable, but also have to push four or five, this is not forced fans to lose focus on your pace?

WeChat operating three principles

1, intent to decide the principle. According to your intention to push today to determine the number of push, the company did a prize yesterday, today announced the list of winners, to one; today the company officially launched a large-scale public welfare activities, to be a single; Today, the beginning of autumn, the original business An informative Liqiu maintenance Raiders, to be a separate ... ... "non-hair today," the number of items listed, if not, then look at the second principle.

2, to minimize the principle of less. The opening rate of each graphic will be greatly reduced according to the order of arrangement, instead of pushing the four pictures but the third, the fourth no one to see, as delicate as only one; Moreover, the audience now generally have the choice of phobia, You have them pick one in four or five, and they probably do not look at one at all;

3, the value of the principle of priority. Multi-graphic gold location only the first one, from the audience's experience, the value of their high-quality content is certainly more popular. Therefore, I suggest that you put exquisite, valuable content on the audience first priority, this will not only ensure a higher rate of opening and dissemination, but also make fans think this is a textured, valuable account.


Optimization of the title has been mentioned above, here to say is that the single graphic and multi-graphic title is different. The single graphic title is above the picture, you can enjoy the title of the party. But! If you choose is multi-text, the title will be moved to the first map. At this time there are often two lines of headlines to cover the main map of the embarrassing situation, leading to the attraction of the first map greatly reduced. It is recommended that all operators do a preview test prior to their official delivery, send the content to all versions of the handset and see the resulting effect, ensuring that both the title and the headline play an attractive role.

The first picture

The size of the first figure recommended in strict accordance with 720 pixels * 400 pixels to design, the proportion of disorders or too large or small will cause the image is compressed when compressed.

What kind of top click rate will be higher, I summed up the rules for your reference:

1, dark bottom than the light-colored bottom click rate higher

2, if the scene, the night is better than the sun, try to have some gorgeous results

3, star images have a higher click through rate

4, hand-painted design draft higher than the average picture

Summary (single graphic only)

Only a single graphic can choose to add a summary, there is no summary of multi-graphic. What is the abstract? The abstract is the introductory text below your headline. When you choose to add a digest in single-image editing mode, wechat will show the first few words in your text by default. If your text at the beginning of a very terrible, then you do not have to add another summary; but I see most of the situation is that the beginning of the WeChat text is irrelevant "warm-up text", the audience read you three lines of text or do not know What you want to say this content, and then indignantly leave!

So, once you choose a single graphic mode, be sure to look under the body at the beginning is not enough attractive, if not, be sure to remember to add reading the value of instructions (ten trick to teach you from a young white to professional yards) or tease Are you shot?) Abstract. Here I recommend the official WeChat Ai Fan children, its single graphic abstracts done quite professional.

Up till now, we have completed the demolition of a level of graphic open rate. Now that you've taken notice of several important details and integrated the attractive 'facade,' your audience tapped into your content with your "purposeful temptation," and now is the critical moment for content to be decided to spread. There are two main determinants of the audience's sharing rate: the content of the text and the module that prompts attention to forwarding.

Text content

Many companies WeChat accounts often simple and crude to put the popular content on the microblogging out, cut a map, to watermark directly as their own content to push out. In the absence of original workforce, this can be a solution, but in the long run, it will be totally useless for the company to reach the goal of WeChat marketing.

Back to the origin of communication, or the old saying goes, companies must establish the goal of WeChat marketing and its own WeChat positioning, which is the basis for the direction of the content. Also, standing in the audience's point of view, what kind of content can trigger their desire to forward share, what kind of content allows them to feel the intentions of our business. For example, you are doing catering, you integrate some autumn tonic skills and food Mito (can even be implanted in your own product) than a long list of COPY philosophy of life to be more to achieve marketing purposes.

In addition, there are many customers asked how long the length of the graphic, the author's advice is small and beautiful, short and fine. Long story, dozens of pictures at any time not only affect the speed of opening, but also make the audience "too much."

The key to the text is the theme you choose, the mix of your copy and picture, and the layout details.

Guide sharing and attention module

The back of the body to guide the sharing and attention of the module now almost become the standard micro-channel public accounts, I also observed that many companies have added public accounts in this module to add some ingenuity. Of course, good design is extra points, but more importantly you have to figure out what kind of people your fans are: If they are young people, then the bright colors, with a sense of design of course, can cause their attention ; But if they are more than 35 years old, is recommended by the attendants in the restaurant to pay attention to you, is not a simple and easy graphic operation will be more effective.

Write here, has been demolished the impact of an open rate and a share of the main factors. As an operator, all you can do is open up and share as much audience as possible. As for, this wechat can go further, depends on your content. I made a simple mind map for you to more intuitive and understand these details:

Finally, I wish a variety of bitter ha ha micro-channel operators, can be in the graphics conversion rate to produce a beautiful transcript.

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