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site collection and promotion has been some novice think it is difficult, it is often said that my site has not been included Ah, some new owners just began to build station rhetoric, ambition full, not to insist on a few days, because they feel that their site included too little, or weak, no one on their own website, This seems to be a big problem that bothers the general new webmaster. Some fear the hands and feet, think it is a very advanced problem, in fact, the avenue to simple easy.

I am also a new webmaster came through, just started to do the site, blindly pursuit of advanced technology and full-featured, the site has been built one after another, but the internet seems to find how many of their own footprints. Remember just started to build a station, excited, and friends around the family said, the results of friends on the Internet can not find, said, you stand on which planet on the Ah, the earth seems to have no. Depressed to death, only directly to tell their URLs to find.

Later, by learning some Web site to promote knowledge, and gradually made their own site someone know, but also slowly groping to some tips and experience. This way, there are bitter sweet, when you see a lot of new friends are still in the site for the popularity and worry, empathy, the following on my personal experience to talk about the experience and lessons of the site, are summed up from the practice of the actual station skills, with you to share, common progress.

First: Site positioning is very important, the content of the site to have goods, to understand the step-by-step;

Whether you do any site, first of all, from their own interests and familiar with the direction and the audience to locate the site, not interested, they are not familiar with the content of the site, you can not maintain a lasting focus, can not guarantee the long-term development of the site, so, even if you advertise to the flow of the last is futile, because it is temporary, unable to keep people. The so-called audience, refers to the possibility of browsing the site, if you open a website of your class, so doomed to be not a few people, a class up to 100 people, haha. Site content also to be updated frequently, search engines like to include is often updated content rich site, here said that the content is rich not mean what content has, but refers to the rich professional content. For example, a cross stitch Web site, there is the introduction of cross-stitch, cross-stitch skills, there are cross-stitch textbooks, there are cross stitch the latest developments, in short, to achieve a rich professional content, to specialize in fine, rather than the whole wide. Day after day, constantly enrich their website, this is the right path.

Second: Propaganda website not straight temper, not a tendon, don't hit the south wall do not look back;

For example, you do a computer technology website, and then you hear that the local information station post can advertise to traffic, as a result, you keep posting, the first day came 10 people, you are happy, the result of every day you go to the local information station to post, the results found that some time after a few people, or simply a person did not. But you firmly believe that the iron rod grinding into truth, you insist on posting every day, you firmly believe that there will be 10 people, 20 people, then your spirit is admirable, your action is futile.

Ask, why don't you adjust your propaganda method in time, not all websites are publicized through information station.

Third: Analysis of the audience, to the relevant websites, forums, chat groups, media publicity;

Some friends say, this who does not know Ah, but you know, you will not necessarily do. For example, you want to open a cross stitch website, specialized in teaching and alternating cross stitch making. You go to other cross-stitch website to advertise, this show is not good, because you are peers, others certainly will not let you in his station advertise another similar subject of new station. You send a promotional post, it will be deleted once. Remember, don't advertise for propaganda, don't stand in the farmers heap sell melon, your melon may be good, but others can not see you, because others see all is melon.

So, we analyze the cross stitch of the audience, the basic is under the age of 30 young women. Let's start with an analysis of the topics that women care about, the distribution on the Internet, after analysis, a class of married women, they or to learn a craft, or to enrich the amateur life, this kind of women, most of the marriage, family, preschool education category, beauty weight loss type of website interested, then we will go to these sites, forums , chat groups and so on to advertise. There is a category of premarital women, most of them are just entered the society or students in school, the new things, popular topics, entertainment information, love sites interested in, we also want to go to these local publicity.

Four: the promotion article adds the reasonable hyperlink and the own words;

Promotional articles, to add your site's hyperlinks, or on behalf of their own website special words, for example, your site called Small Li Knife Network is not good, you might as well call old Liu Kitchen knife net. Because the small Li knife too much, and call old Liu Kitchen knife is very few, because your site on old Liu Kitchen knife most words, the final search engine will be your site included side to front, it is so simple. If you are a corporate web site, you even have to go to the relevant female film and television, magazines to advertise.

Five: Manual, automatic publicity at the same time, reasonable use of network promotion software;

Manual publicity is to manually log some websites, forums, groups and other targeted publicity, the advantage is targeted, promotional content can be flexibly adjusted. But it has its own shortcomings, that is, the promotion of slow, limited coverage. So, at the same time, we should use the network promotion, marketing software to carry out promotional work.

For example, we promote the Cross Stitch website, when landing some women's popular forum, in addition to the use of manual hair propaganda, we can search software through a number of forums, search the forum's user mailbox or QQ number, with mass mailing software by sending these users a legitimate propaganda letter for accurate positioning, Targeted publicity.

We can also use a number of QQ group search software, through the search cross stitch related topics of QQ Group to promote the group. In this way, our website promotion speed will multiply.

Sixth: Regularly organize interesting free or charged activities to attract the audience to participate in and help you publicize;

For example, Cross Stitch site, you can in your promotional article, the recent organization free to send a set of cross-stitch graphic information, with this set of information, if the teacher face-to-face teaching you learn to cross stitch, the condition is that you help this site propaganda to 20 IP. Here you should pay attention to your promotional commitment should be true, which requires you to do a set of materials, this can actually be downloaded from the Internet search. Why not let others advertise for you 100IP, because the difficulty is too big, propaganda 10 to 20 IP more reasonable, conforms to the demand person psychology. Of course, if someone advertised it, you must fulfill your promise, it is not difficult to do, electronic documents through the network can be. At this point, as an ad said, spread, wildfire, became the country's secret. Ha ha. In this way, the popularity of your site will become more and more high.

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