Hualan Biological anti-influenza results into the first domestic production of swine flu strains enterprises

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-Our correspondent Zhang Xiaolin currently, the swine flu pandemic is still raging around the world. China confirmed cases reached 100 cases, of which confirmed cases in mainland China reached 59 cases, Hong Kong confirmed 27 cases, Taiwan confirmed 14 cases, Beijing confirmed cases have reached 14 cases.  At the same time, A (H1N1) has become a popular keyword in web search. Yesterday, Hualan Biological (002007) issued a notice that has obtained the production of a (H1N1) strains, the official launch of the swine flu vaccine research and development, production, is the first to obtain the production of a (H1N1) of the enterprise.  "Securities Daily" exclusive interview with the Hualan bio-dong Fan Bei, interpretation of the related problems of the swine flu.  A (H1N1) needs to be developed to prevent repeated securities daily: The global swine flu case is still increasing rapidly and whether the swine flu is controllable, controllable and treatable. Fan Bei: controllable. From now on, the flu is so mild that it's not like the Mexican epidemic.  Transmission routes are human descendants, unlike avian influenza, which has a 60% fatality rate in terms of mortality, and the death rate of swine flu has now been effectively controlled.  Securities Daily: How do we pay attention to a (H1N1)? Fan Bei: Now, in the summer, the heat, the general virus will disappear at this time, but the swine flu is transmitted worldwide.  We are afraid of a variant of the swine flu virus, one that is afraid of the summer, and by the time the autumn is cool, the virus will come back, and we need to study it now. Securities Daily: Is there a requirement for the vaccination to be produced?  Who is unfit for vaccination?  Fan Bei: It should all be available to all people.  Securities daily, the first domestic company to obtain research and development permits: what kind of business can get a swine flu vaccine? Fan Bei: At present, there are 11 companies in the country are expected to obtain influenza A (H1N1) vaccine strains, these enterprises to the World Health Organization, and has a certain production and development conditions, there is hope to obtain this strain.  We are the first company to obtain this vaccine production plant.  Securities Daily: How long is the expected period of development to production completion? Fan Bei: According to our usual experience, once the production standard has been established, the production of vaccines generally takes more than 20 days, plus the test of aseptic testing, which takes about 45 days in total.  Our production scale is daily inoculation 200,000 mould embryo, 1 mould embryo can produce 3 person dosage, can produce 600,000 people per day, a year has 160 million agent capacity.  Securities Daily: How is this capacity achieved? Fan Bei: Our production has realized the whole industrialization, like the virus inoculation, many enterprises are the virus inoculation by hand to the egg, the inoculation quantity of one day is only about 30,000, our one hour inoculation quantity has 36,000 pieces; we have four lines in the division, and IOur machine is the fastest in the country.  The Securities daily: According to the information, Hualan Biological is only last year began to produce vaccines, now the technology? Fan Bei: We've actually been developing it for years. The production of vaccines has benefited from the industrialization of our blood products, and we have introduced a more environmentally friendly lung germ processor from France. The process of vaccine production needs to first put the virus into the egg culture, and then take back the drug capsule fluid, the remaining eggs are not, we can put the remaining eggs into the pipeline, with the lung embryo processor treatment and then dried into feed.  We start from the raw material control, we built a chicken farm, to ensure the source of raw materials.  Research and development of vaccines and international synchronization "Securities daily": Da an Gene (002030) Early notice said, also in the study of swine flu drugs, Hualan biological and da An gene research production overlap?  Fan Bei: Da An gene is the production of Influenza A (H1N1) diagnostic reagents, we are the production of vaccines, the product does not coincide.  Securities Daily: The current case of influenza A (H1N1), the clinical use of Tamiflu, the drug is there any defects? Fan Bei: Tamiflu because of the patent issue, only Roche has.  Tamiflu 80% of the reserves are the United States reserves, our national reserves are very few, so we have to rely on vaccines to strengthen prevention, because we treat very few drugs.  Securities Daily: So is there any international influenza A (H1N1) vaccine in production? Fan Bei: We are at the same time as the international development of Influenza A (H1N1) vaccine production, we say that the production cycle of 45 days in accordance with the normal seasonal influenza vaccine production, the specific production needs of the World Health Organization to determine the criteria.
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