Information says vehicle purchase tax preferences are largely set to be canceled next year

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Wang Qiufeng "Purchase Tax preferential policy 2011 cancellation has been basically determined." Yesterday, the source said to the first financial daily. Video: News that the vehicle purchase tax concessions are basically determined next year to cancel the media source: Ningxia Satellite TV "financial intermediary Station" before long, a national development and Reform Commission officials have also confirmed that, with the domestic demand for auto consumption and the potential of the gradual increase in the next year, the purchase tax concessions will be canceled Xu Changming, Director of resource Department of the National Information Center, said in an interview with this newspaper: "The final result has not come out, that is, these two days, the central Economic Work Conference will make the final decision." I personally believe that the cancellation of the purchase tax has no suspense. At the end of 2008, at the worst of the global economic crisis, the Chinese government unveiled the auto industry adjustment and revitalization plan, which uses a variety of incentives to boost car consumption. One of them is the policy of halving the purchase tax on 1.6 litres and below passenger cars since 2009.  Driven by this policy, small-displacement car sales growth is rapid, China's auto market in the same year, the world's largest production and marketing power position. 2010, the purchase tax preferential policy was extended, only a slight increase in the preferential margin than the previous half, to 1.6 litres and the following emissions of passenger car purchase tax temporary reduction according to the original three-fourths tax rate, and increased the energy-saving huimin models to 3000 yuan subsidy policy, many small vehicles in this range.  Driven by these two policies, the auto market continued to grow at a high rate this year. Some people in the industry worry that the cancellation of preferential purchase tax policy will be detrimental to the auto market next year. Xu Changming that the cancellation of the purchase tax preferential policy will not have much impact on the passenger car market, the reason, Xu Changming, said: "Last year's purchase tax halved policy indeed played a role in the car, this year has been reduced to One-fourth discount, the results show that there is no impact on consumers, after all, rigid demand." And such concessions and car companies at a rate of thousands of yuan promotion compared to the less important.  "However, Xu Changming that, with the arrival of the end of the year, a number of preferential policies will expire, the purchase tax is only one of them, but also including the car to the countryside, the old replacement and other policies are about to be canceled, these policy factors combined to be a big impact on the car market next year, especially micro- As Xu Changming said, at present, including the purchase tax concessions, the car to the countryside, the old for the new, small cars 3000 yuan subsidy, such as the imminent expiration of the policy, there is no news show will continue.  A few days ago, the survey of the United Auto Network showed that many in the auto industry are pessimistic about the growth of the auto market next year, and that the biggest factor leading to the slowdown in Chinese car sales next year is the successive exit of the stimulus policy, with a turnout rate of 28%. It is worth mentioning that if these policies are not renewed in the end, it will have a huge impact on the most rapid growth of micro-vehicles in 2009 and 2010. In the past two years, the mini car market has enjoyed almost all of these preferential policies and has grown rapidly. Among them, SAIC-GM Wuling was last year with the sale of micro-cars hot, became China's first annual production and sales of more than millions single car enterprises. In particular, in the past two years, micro-car sales in the state, the car companies have launched micro-car projects, the field of production capacity has been a symptom of excess.  According to incomplete statistics, as of this August, the country's construction and expansion of micro-vehicle production base added capacity of up to 2.75 million, about 2009 national micro-car sales of 1.5 times times. "The 2011-year auto market will face a big test and miniature cars are in danger. "said Jianue, a car analyst.
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