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I do not know when to start, the external exaggerated performance data into the Internet industry tacit unspoken rules. Ran, founder and chief executive of Ecapital Capital, said: "A company merges 30 million of dollars, then the news is 80 million dollars, and 100 million dollars can be 300 million dollars." More insiders said that the external disclosure of data, often to be divided by 3 to believe. And such a pompous atmosphere, even group buying "leftover" American regiment is not spared.

45 million, where's the rhythm of blocks?

January 4, the United States Regiment announced 2014 years of performance, 46 billion yuan in annual turnover, 180% year-on-year growth, the data is good enough to be good-looking, but also to the recent series of negative made a total counterattack. However, some of the data is questionable, such as "The hotel end of the night volume of 45 million", the number is so alarming, I think it is worth verifying.

At present, the domestic hotel online transactions in the head of the top recognition is Ctrip, volume and other opponents are not a grade, since needless to mention, say the row second where to go. 2014, the first three quarters of the night volume is 5.9 million, 7.3 million and 10 million respectively, according to the most optimistic estimate, the annual night amount will not exceed 40 million. Where are we going? Around 430,000 cooperative hotels worldwide, and according to the United States Regiment July data, the United States Regiment has about 100,000 domestic cooperative hotels, even where to go to where 20,000 of the crazy speed growth, to the end of 200,000, the number of cooperative businesses even go where half is not enough, between the night amount is more than millions of, I do not know how the United States to explain the group?

And from the news articles about the performance of the hotel, there are many false data features. First of all, the United States group reported a large amount of night, without mentioning its ranking in the hotel's online marketplace, it is typically a PR technique that avoids competitors questioning its data, and secondly, most articles about the performance of the United States group only analyze its overall performance, without mentioning the hotel area, Does not rule out is the United States public relations to manuscripts object to greet. What is even more bizarre is that a senior executive who went to the top of the group said he had been in the lead of 40% in the night, and now the United States is claiming to be more than the other. No matter what the truth is, one of them is lying, once the announcement of the results of the public transparency, it is Rashomon door, is really the sadness of the industry.

American Regiment in the night volume on the foot, may have their own plans. The night amount is the core data of the hotel online market, is an important standard to evaluate the ratio of the platform market, where to go the remarks of the senior executives explain the problem. There was no substantive response to the attack on where it came from. Then, industry reviews generally questioned the performance of the group at the hotel. Therefore, at the beginning of this node, the United States Regiment released targeted data to fight back is not surprising. Only, in the July, the industry to the United States in the hotel's location or "spoiler", now the United States Regiment claimed that the amount of night more than the second to go, from the data of the fictitious to publish the form of the design is very rough, this is a bit of bragging fear cowhide broke.

Two degrees of "global crowned", there are many doubtful data

However, this is not the first time the United States to exaggerate the data, not even the most outrageous one. November Thanksgiving, the United States and the group of foreign sales claimed to be "the world's largest online booking platform", according to the United States League 1.2 million, far more than the foreign order giant GrubHub 200,000, this can not be said laughable. Foreign consumption level and domestic have great difference, customer unit price is different, should compare turnover, not order quantity. GrubHub per day, although only 200,000 per cent, but its customer unit price as high as 30 U.S. dollars, about 180 yuan, a full customer unit price of 17-18 Yuan of the United States to sell 10 times times, calculate up GrubHub turnover also more than the United States regiment outside the sale of 60%. In addition, GrubHub in 2013 has been operating a billion-dollar, income in the catering industry is the level of compaction, in the face of such data, the United States and the group of foreign sales do not know how to draw their own is "the world's largest" conclusion. Recently, there are many people in the industry revealed that there are a large number of food and drink orders and not dining list, and even the owners of the restaurant to organize the students to cheat subsidies, and the United States group to open their eyes closed, this can not help but let people ask, how much moisture in the 1.2 million single?

Similar frauds, and some time ago the United States to borrow a writer anonymous article claimed "U.S. group third-quarter turnover beyond Groupon," and Groupon is the world's largest group buying site, according to the logic of the United States, this sentence is in essence the United States group in the self-proclaimed "the world's largest." Take a look at the article based on-"Groupon in the third quarter excluding taxes and expected refunds of the global gross income of 1.86 billion U.S. dollars, the same period the United States Regiment's turnover is 1.9 billion U.S. dollars", this statement, the wife of a glimpse of the fishy. Gross and turnover is a very different two data, the algorithm of gross income is the total cost reduction, while the transaction volume is the trading flow on the platform, only a certain percentage of the Commission to be deducted from the site revenue, according to the 5% commission of the industry level to calculate, The group's revenue in the third quarter should be 95 million dollars, a bit more than Groupon's.

So, not to count other big and small suspicious data, the United States has at least two times in disregard of the facts of the self-proclaimed "world first." Recently, also saw an article about the performance of the United States, the title of the same eye-catching, called "Wang blew the United States group hundred billions" is approaching reality. In this respect, I can not help but ask, this is blowing the cool is approaching reality, or is approaching the explosion? Perhaps only time can answer.

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