Long its software turns the board to cause "new Sanbanxi" Gold rush

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Long the news of its software IPO, the investor's gaze once again to the "New Sanbanxi" Zhongguancun Science Park share price transfer pilot. In addition, the "New Sanbanxi" market in the purple Guanghua Yu is expected to become one of the first enterprises to land the gem. Compared to the motherboard, "New Sanbanxi" enterprises, the valuation is almost half the price.  The reporter learned that some large households have begun to wenfengerdong, plans in the "New Sanbanxi" gold. The new Sanbanxi first single transfer board by the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved, long its software yesterday released a A-share prospectus, will issue 15.3 million shares, after the release of the market in Shenzhen and SME.  Long its software is following the Guangdong media after the second board of Sanbanxi company, at the same time, is also a new Sanbanxi ——— Zhongguancun Science Park, the transfer of shares in the first successful conversion to the motherboard case. Public data display, long its software in September 2006 in the agency's transfer system listed to provide report management software, business intelligence software, ERP software and other management software products and services for the main business. July 30, 2008, the second time its software to apply for the IPO finally smooth.  Long its software was approved at the 111th meeting of the Commission in 2008, to issue 15.3 million shares and to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with a total share capital of 61.04 million shares after issuance.  Reporter yesterday in the Agency share transfer information disclosure platform to access, long its software in the new Sanbanxi last stop premium for 15 yuan, the time last January 9. In addition, the "New Sanbanxi" market in the purple Guanghua Yu is expected to become one of the first enterprises to land the gem. It is reported that the company is preparing the gem, the first batch of the market will be submitted to the relevant departments of the Securities and Futures Commission this weekend.  In addition to the purple and Huayu, Hunan go to the gum industry, Hunan Branch Electric, Beijing Huali, Shenzhen, China Airlines Fitness fashion, Beijing Steel Research Gourna Technology application documents are also in preparation. Individual investors can trust the form of investment compared to the motherboard and the board, the new Sanbanxi is undoubtedly a lonely market. Data show that the agency now has a total of 57 listed companies, total equity 2.377 billion shares, but this year to deal only 571, the total amount of 311 million yuan, and the current a-share a day more than 300 billion yuan turnover.  But the new Sanbanxi current average P/E ratio is only more than 10 times times, far below the current a-share, the emergence of the opportunity, also means that investors will be profiteering opportunities.  According to the current software sector average P/E and long its software 2008 per share of the performance of 1.06 yuan, the industry expects that long after its software listing price is likely to be more than 30 yuan, these individual investors yield at least 100%. Long its software successfully transferred to the motherboard caused by the "wealth effect", or will ignite the enthusiasm of investors to participate in the agency system. However, one obvious obstacle is that, in accordance with the revised interim pilot Scheme, which was implemented July 6 this year, the agency system only allows institutional investors to participate in the pilot.  Prior to this, there was no restriction on the participation of individual investors in the agency system transactions. Mr. Yan, an old investor who has long fought in the "Sanbanxi" Nuggets, told reporters yesterday that he had finishedAll can solve this problem by trust, "if there are investors optimistic about a company in Sanbanxi, at the same time their own or related funds have more than 20 million yuan, you can initiate a trust to invest in the form of trust." But he also said that in addition to the company's operating risk, investors must also take into account the uncertainty of the listing, as well as the market system risk of a period of sale.  For example, the Guangdong media landed on the motherboard, and the share price fell sharply below his then bid. The future of the board or have "green channel" "Because of the current new Sanbanxi and gem between the transfer plate channel has not been set up, the new Sanbanxi in line with the gem listing conditions of the listed enterprises can not directly ascend board, can only be submitted to the material.  "The regulatory authorities will treat the new Sanbanxi listed companies and the non-new Sanbanxi listed companies in a non-discriminatory review." One of the sponsors of the Bohai Securities proposal, now in the agency system listed Zhongguancun Park company to the main board issued listing, but also in accordance with the provisions of ordinary enterprises to follow the regular IPO procedures, and there is no green channel transfer board.  This to a certain extent restricts the Zhongguancun Science Park company in the agency system listed to carry out the initiative of the transfer of quotations. China Securities Industry Association Responsible Person told the Chinese securities News reporter, is studying the establishment of the Board mechanism, the implementation of market makers and other trading systems, and in accordance with the unified deployment of relevant departments, in due course to expand the scope of the pilot to other High-tech parks with conditions.
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