Maintenance of enterprise brand out of four misunderstandings of search engine marketing

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The internet has come to today, has entered the Web 2.0 times, it has affected all aspects of our lives, the connection between people and the Internet more and more closely, which search engine plays an important role. People through the Internet search engine to find their own needs of information, search engine has become the most commonly used information access channels, will be more popular, because of this, the Internet search engine is also more attention by enterprises, who do not want to lose the opportunity of the Internet era. So the search engine marketing came into being, below we will discuss the search engine marketing model and value.

The internet is constantly developing, and now the information is growing at an explosive rate, how to find the information in the vast Internet, it depends on the search engine. It can provide you with information navigation services, so that you accurately find information.

And the so-called Search engine marketing (SEM), is to use the user to use the search engine of this habit, as far as possible to the enterprise marketing information to the user hands, search engine work principle in essence, search engine work principle is a technical level problem.

Search Engine Marketing This word has been fired very hot in recent years, a lot of network marketing companies to come into being, and greatly expand the potential. Regardless of the consequences, no matter what impact on the customer, anyway, I learned to search engine marketing, I am now in a search engine marketing company. and the trust between the client and the company has not generated a crisis of trust, and the search for real precision and efficiency is obscured by some low-value data.

SEM Chinese meaning: Search engine marketing, is based on the network business as a new form of sales. He does is a comprehensive and effective use of SEO online marketing and publicity. Chi in the pursuit of the highest cost-effective way to small investment to obtain a large return, through SEO as a means to attract potential customers, generate commercial value.

Search engine marketing based on SEO Enterprise brand maintenance, will not be conducive to the company's negative news less in front of the potential customers, but also can prevent competitors malicious competition, but also to the positive image of business information publicity, to achieve the goal of brand promotion.

The Chinese search engine market in 2009 mainly presents the following characteristics:

First, the financial crisis more prominent search engine marketing value. In the 2009 macroeconomic situation, various industries, various regions of the advertising customers from different degrees to their own marketing costs more stringent approval and advertising. Search Engine marketing is a typical marketing service form which is directly measured by the click Effect, and the ROI is clear, so its marketing value is more prominent in this case. Correspondingly, search engine advertising market scale in the overall network advertising market proportion continues to rise.

Second, the search engine operators to strengthen the advertising customer and channel training and support system, infiltration strength is constantly strengthened. Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to the Internet, especially for the degree of familiarity with internet marketing is still at a low level. In this case, the search engine operators and their sales channels to the enterprise customer training work becomes particularly important. 2009, Baidu, Google China and other efforts to strengthen the training efforts, at the same time, respectively, start 10 million yuan and 50 million yuan of marketing resources, to give new customers to try search engine marketing opportunities. In addition, this training and incentive work, but also for its channel agents to provide a strong sales support.

Third, brand advertising customers continue to increase. The development of the search engine market starts from the network marketing demand of the service medium and small-sized Enterprise, but, with the brand customer to the network Marketing system's gradual construction and consummation, as well as the search engine marketing value unceasingly highlights, the search engine this kind of marketing service way is gradually to the brand advertisement customer infiltration. On the one hand, the search engine has the value of brand promotion, on the other hand, the search engine in the enterprise customers from the "camp" to "sales" of the closed loop played an important role, correspondingly, the future will still have more and more brand advertisers began to carry out search engine marketing.

Finally, the search engine marketing industry chain continues to improve, professional service agencies to enhance the level of advertising customers and marketing results. Including 4 a company as well as local advertising companies have set up a search engine marketing department, at the same time, professional search engine marketing services companies continue to emerge, such as adsage, eyes data. On the one hand to help enterprises of different sizes to enhance the search engine marketing effect, on the other hand also objectively urged the search engine operators to improve the service level.

Perhaps the Chinese, we are conservatives, to the present, the act is not seeking to understand the attitude of knowledge, the work is also a muddle. Search engine marketing should take what kind of attitude, the development of new things have to undergo a temper, no one born will, so we do the work is to analyze, in the actual work we are prone to misunderstanding:

Misunderstanding one: Search engine marketing Not all, have a netizen said to me, last I know a new SEO play, called SEM. Really dizzy, a lot of netizens put search engine marketing as a kind of marketing means, essence and content know understanding of not much.

Myth two: Search engine marketing should be done by advertising companies. In fact, many foreign enterprises have a professional search engine marketing positions, and belong to the white-collar class, because is a senior network sales, now I see a lot of business owners recognize this, but also recognize the importance of search engine marketing to the enterprise sales, brand publicity is how important, but put such an important work for others to do,

Misunderstanding three: Search engine marketing is to engage in sales services. In fact, SEO has changed the way people look for information, sales performance growth is attributes, but in terms of the market, search engine marketing embodies the value has yet to be dug, the company's logo propaganda, network PR, etc., but also very much.

Misunderstanding four: Not very effective assessment of search engine marketing. Since the search engine marketing for the enterprise to bring different sales results, but not accidental, nor is it the only indicator of enterprise performance assessment. Can you calculate the value of a search bid, as you know? Do you know the conversion rate of the account? You calculate the return on investment? can be calculated, the curve refers to the number. Even the results are not necessarily correct.

Search engine marketing is the way is also attitude, attitude determines everything, to novelty, we should calm at the same time, but also in-depth analysis. It is more important to practice the truth.

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