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I black Horse Note: "Master West" meat sandwich sales 1200 meat sandwich, every day at the door line hundred people long team, there are media reports and even customers from Jinan to come here in line to buy a high-speed train. How did this "meat sandwich" get popular? Answer Yue: The traditional enterprise's Internet transformation.

At the Beijing five crossing of Sohu, NetEase mansion next to a wooden house hung with red signs, often row dozens of meters long team, customers at more than 30 degrees of high temperatures are willing to row for more than 10 minutes of the team to buy a meat sandwich. This shop is a Shaanxi characteristic food and beverage store--Master XI. The store has a record of 100 days selling 200,000 buns of meat. You may find it hard to imagine that the store was opened by three young more than 20-year-olds who gave up bat work. Recently, I was interviewed by a dark horse founder of one of the Meng, listen to him about a traditional shop is how to do 100 days to sell 200,000 meat folder bun.

The following for the entrepreneur &i Black Horse finishing Meng dictation:

Selling meat and buns is a commercial choice

I am Shaanxi Xianyang people, from an early age to eat meat from the bun grew up, it has a very deep feelings. But I do is a business choice, because I was in the West before entrepreneurship, I started in April 13, did the odd point brothers IT company, and later saved some money, want to change a project to do. I have three aspects of consideration: first, the overall measurement of our team's own situation, funds, resources and other aspects, feel more suitable for catering. Second, the catering industry in the volume is the largest, fast food is the largest in the catering industry. Third, I have been to some cities, have eaten the meat sandwich, I think I do a lot better than they do, I have confidence in the product.

Before the opening of our team prepared for six months, including a few Shaanxi remote county, where the meat pinch steamed bun taste good, we did some integration and optimization to Beijing. We not only taste, but also organize friends and some slightly more professional people to try to eat, according to the proportion of the decision to take the opinion.

I black Horse Note: According to the Student Entrepreneurship report, before the official business, Meng and his small partners with 5000 kg of flour and 2000 kg of meat to carry out "product development." In the ingredients, they carry forward the engineering students in the laboratory "housekeeping Skills", the oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar as a variety of chemical experiments, the dosage of ingredients accurate to MG, and summed up a set of formulas to the quality of meat folder to accurately grasp.

My marketing is not exactly equal to Internet thinking

Before opening the shop, our team wrote an article, "Why should I resign to sell pork bun", in the circle of friends has a very wide spread. This article is written by a partner of our team and this is the integration of our experience. We found the North drift life such a very easy to resonate with the point, the article immediately aroused everyone's resonance. At that time, we considered that the micro-BO activity is decreasing, and the micro-trust circle in the geographical distribution of relatively concentrated, so chose the micro-letter this platform, this very precise circle. In addition to online marketing, we have done enough offline marketing work. For example, we know that the Internet came from us to do such a thing will certainly arouse the attention of everyone, so tell NetEase, Sohu and other employees take the work cards or forwarding will be free of order. In addition, we consider that the elderly and children do not use a circle of friends, but also sent some coupons. This combination plays a very good effect!

Doing these marketing is not exactly equal to our use of Internet thinking to do things, our team insists on pragmatism. First we are Internet practitioners, but we respect the rules of the traditional industry. Whether you're an internet company exploring entrepreneurship or a traditional company exploring the Internet, you need to fully understand the characteristics of two industries, because this combination will create a consumer experience and a reshaping of the business rules to find a place in the middle. So we can only say that every step we make is in line with the Times and the business environment.

The excitement and challenge at the beginning of the opening

Recalling the April 8 opening day, I think I have a lot of harvest, more than others can not imagine.

I black Horse Note: April 8 2:15 A.M. Meng hard to hide excitedly sent a micro-letter friend Circle, "tight preparation, 5 hours after the opening", and with a staff busy night map.

It was a lot of challenges at the beginning of the opening, and frankly, it was a bit out of stock on the first day.

I black Horse Note: April 8 night 11:17 Meng in the circle of friends, the customer long line of pictures, and said that "the first day of the opening of the young master, thanks to everyone love, the scene is unexpectedly hot, we also appear unprepared, this plan free to send a whole day of meat folder steamed bun, 11 o'clock sent out."

Our situation is a bit like the background of the site problems, the first because the equipment is old, the second is because the team is not enough or management is not a system. We are now constantly simplifying the process, optimizing the queue time, and striving for less than five minutes of customer queuing time. We are now trying to make ourselves light and ensure quality, including food, safety, taste, and consumption experience.

But catering is a mature industry, there is an advantage can be hired to exchange for these experiences, such as the need for McDonald's management experience, then recruit a few McDonald's people can, let them to help us build this system.

The next step in the layout and innovation

We August in Wangjing Cade, Chaoyang Big Yue City, the new centre-Guan Shopping center, Zhongguancun Chuangye Street will be open stores, the current Internet industry rapidly changing, it is impossible to across, a recruit to eat all over the world, we will have a new publicity strategy. and product mix will also have some changes, the main product may be like the game hundred flavor, the core of the product plus some few less than the prepared meal, but also the introduction of tofu bean curd brain. Master XI as long as the launch is certainly the best!

I have recently been mainly engaged in recruiting or coordinating resources, because I have to open a few stores, this will involve the management of the team, the most difficult thing in the catering industry is to do the chain, because, for example, there are one or 200 stores, in each store the length of the store may not see once a year, but also to ensure that each store services have quality, which is also a big challenge. So we have to lay the groundwork and build the whole system before we do that.

Experience makes Meng.

I founded the master of the West is not accidental, in fact, when I was a child of traditional business, and I have started a business in college. At that time as a tutor, opened a tutor intermediary, reselling electronic and sporting goods, do paper media advertising, O2O booking platform, Smart home, IT consulting, these experiences to me now is a master of the West is a kind of accumulation.

After graduation, I moved from Shenzhen Tencent to Beijing Baidu, a total of 2.5 of the bat experience. BAT work experience on my influence is a quiet, user experience, the ultimate pursuit of products, such as the spirit of my traditional industries have a great impact.

Now I have been a start-up for more than a year, and the thought of my products and ideas can affect different people, I feel very satisfied, and this satisfaction is difficult to describe or praise. I may be busy every day now, often only one or two meals a day, but the spirit of special enjoyment.

I black Horse Note: Meng's signature is "let you see the larger world, which in itself is the greatest significance." "It seems to him that influence, spiritual pleasure is more important."

We will have the promotion of old products, will continue to produce new products. In the future, I want to drive the master west to the whole country, yes, at least the country!

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