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Recently in the operation of the Guangzhou Jishun moving the case found inadvertently entered a typical network marketing "Red Sea market." Originally thought is the most primary network marketing market, after careful investigation but found that the original is a fierce competition in the Red Sea market. In the face of such a "Super Red Sea", as a planning & executive should how to operate it? Let me say a few words about our experience. On receiving this case, first looked at the industry's basic performance on the network. The main features are as follows:

First, Google is too rubbish I leave aside, we only check Baidu. Baidu Search Core keyword "Guangzhou moving Company", the bidding position is basically full, occasionally will appear only "promotion link" three positions. Bidding position below is the Guangzhou moving company's recruitment information, this is Baidu imitation Google push a new service, this position also by some companies in the name of recruitment is full. Next is 58 with the city and the other 2 company location, a total of three natural optimization position, and then the following is a Baidu map, this position is of course also early by some companies fill. Finally, the other optimization results. The next 50 pages, most of which are independent of the homepage of the website in the competition. Visible competition is fierce and white-hot.

Second, the natural ranking of the top 20 site analysis. Considering the actual competitive power, we only analyze the top 20 sites to see who the site belongs to and what the method is. Through analysis we found that the top 20 sites are basically a template to do. Because the page is simple, so each site Baidu included very few pages, through WHOIS analysis also found that these 20 sites are basically belong to about a few different people. Viewing pages, the basic methods of operation converge. Basically is the station group and the Friendship link. In addition to this 20 sites, there are many sites behind the top of the site to increase the chain outside. Although this method is effective, but the operation of convergence, it is easy to be Baidu K off, can be said to be a weakness.

Third, in the analysis of the website process, we also found the "Guangzhou Mass Moving Company" This special core keyword, the company is the most famous in Guangzhou, the best history of the oldest moving company. It is also the most expensive moving company. Because the company does not know for what reason, did not do any network marketing, only carry out offline business. The lack of network marketing, resulting in Baidu on top of the phenomenon of Guangzhou mass moving companies. Natural ranking all by a variety of companies accounted for, Baidu bid on this also has no tube, trademark infringement is very serious, it is estimated that the public did not direct negotiations with Baidu. In the classified information of the Southern Metropolis Daily, Volkswagen is the largest advertiser in the classified information edition of the newspaper, and should be the owner of the mass move, and the boss of the company is more trusting of the paper media. At the same time also can see "Southern Metropolis newspaper" indeed than Baidu have goods, hehe.

Four, Guangzhou moving company's advertising situation analysis. In addition to Baidu bidding and Google, these familiar with the network marketing promotion of the moving company bosses also found 58 with the city, net and other classified information sites to put channels. Therefore, in the 58 of the city above there is a point of "moving" channel full screen are icons of the shocking situation. In the Icon Ads list position, also lined up "net-neighbor" advertising. The right side of the channel also has 9 large picture advertising bits. Plus ads for Google, there are only 2 ads left free. The competition in this channel is also white-hot. Such a dense advertising effect is not good to say, this should be attributed to 58, the market of salespeople. After looking for 58 of the same city sales staff understand the situation, found that moving and logistics, real estate channel advertising turnover is the highest. The real estate channel is understandable, moving and logistics advertising We feel there is a premium, because advertisers are basically some dirt bosses. A man drives a car, brings a few more people, and can set up a moving company. Salesman said: "They pay very generous, as long as the peers do, he will follow."

Five, long tail word and word-of-mouth marketing

Baidu know and other classified information on the site can see a lot of companies have done some long tail words and word-of-mouth marketing action. Baidu knows that respondents are basically the business staff of the moving companies. This area is also in a "full red" state, operable, but requires manpower and time to do.

Through the above analysis, 10 degree interactive marketing has made the following network marketing competition strategy:

1, the establishment of key words:

"Guangzhou Moving", "Guangzhou moving Company" as the core keywords, if not pay attention to business ethics, "Guangzhou Mass Moving Company" and "Mass moving Company" can also be the core keywords, of course, this has legal risk, we do not do such a thing.

"Guangzhou Moving Company Phone", "Guangzhou moving Company which good", "Guangzhou Moving Company price" can be used as the main words. In addition, you can also consider playing some of the main edge of the word, such as: "than the Guangzhou mass moving company better Guangzhou moving Company", "better than the ant move company Guangzhou moving Company" and so on.

Long tail words can be considered in Guangzhou each district moving companies, such as "Tianhe Moving Company", "Yuexiu moving Company" and other long tail words.

2, Baidu Recruitment and location of the occupation of the map

Baidu Home Page recruitment position, through the release can occupy, Baidu home map location, because Baidu has stopped the map merchant included, this item is not OK. Up。

3, 58 city, market and other classified information websites and business-to-business websites

Classified information Site advertising value of personal feeling is not small, if there are spare money to consider a cast, free classified information release can be used as a long tail word strategy to implement. Other classified information sites can also serve as a link.

4, Baidu bid

This can be considered, the effect of a significant cost. And Shi Yuzhu said CCTV, the effect is very good, the price is also very expensive. Dilemma。 Double-edged sword. Consider, as appropriate, 10 degree interactive marketing as one of the implementation plans. In many sites using pure optimization of the site template design, the site to adopt a brand-oriented design method, virtually will greatly enhance competitiveness. This is obvious. At present, we operate the station group is increasing, I believe that brand-type web site after the online, there will be more eye-catching performance.

5. Optimization technology

The main use of station group and blog Way to optimize, other methods can also be considered, each station to do only 1 to 2 core keywords, can not be distracted. There is no other way to face such a strong competition.

6, Word-of-mouth Marketing

Baidu knows it is an old position to occupy; Weibo is a new channel to try.

Through the above-mentioned Guangzhou Jishun moving Company's network marketing analysis, we are not difficult to come to a truth: the enemy, to the hundred war unbeaten. When developing a project's network marketing strategy, be sure to take into account the competitor's situation. It is impractical to see a few optimization articles on the Internet that can be manipulated. Technology is just a means, business marketing is the purpose, so when considering strategies, students must remember to join the awareness of business marketing.

Article author: 10 degree interactive marketing King Small cannon

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