PetroChina 10 billion wants to take advantage of coal seam gas market hope to benefit natural gas price

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Coalbed methane is becoming the focus of PetroChina strategy.  The general manager of PetroChina Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the "Daily economic news" at a recent China energy strategy High Level Forum. The company plans to invest more than 10 billion yuan in the next few years for the expansion of coalbed methane production, which in 2015 years expects coal-bed gas sales to be more than 40% per cent nationwide. Clearly, PetroChina is trying to become the largest coal-bed gas production and distributors. According to the training, coal-bed methane is entirely market pricing, the state price, CBM pricing will not be lower than the price of natural gas.  Analysts believe that June 1, the National Development and Reform Commission raised the price of natural gas, which will give the development of coal-bed gas industry positive. Investment of more than 10 billion capacity to 4.5 billion side "in the CBM, 2013, PetroChina will build 4.5 billion production capacity," said the training, "2015 production reached 4.5 billion, the volume of 4 billion, accounting for more than 40% of the country, become the first coal-bed gas production enterprises.  According to the National Bureau of Energy Statistics, as at the end of 2009, the national CBM production capacity of 2.5 billion parties/year, of which, PetroChina 600 million side/year, the joint coal 300 million side/year, Shanxi Coal group 550 million party/year, other companies 1.05 billion party/year.  Up to now, the national exploration of coalbed methane reserves of 185.2 billion parties, of which 89.9 billion parties (about 50%), the company 40.2 billion parties, other companies 55.5 billion parties. PetroChina has now formed Qinshui, East Hubei two major coal-bed gas industry base.  The training said that this year in the Qinshui Basin and the Ordos basin accumulated capacity reached 3 billion, production reached 1.5 billion side.  However, at present, there are a series of problems such as the overlapping of coal and coalbed methane, the contradiction of the central enterprises and the development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Then Ming said, in coordination with the Ministry of Land and Resources, with the Government and coal enterprises resources to communicate, PetroChina in accordance with the "first gas, after coal mining" principle, the formation of common development, oil and gas companies first gas, coal mining enterprises after the "three-mode" and mining rights overlap zone agreement, respectively, development, the two sides carry out downstream cooperation, "Qin Nan model", Effectively solve the problem of overlapping mining rights.  At present, the state insists on the integration of coal mining and mining, and properly solves the cross problem of coal seam gas and coal resource mineral right. Coal-bed gas pricing is not less than natural gas price. According to Ming training, the use of CBM is to enter the west-East gas pipeline, Qinshui has been completed to the west-East gas pipeline of coal-bed gas pipeline, the annual gas transmission capacity of 1 billion parties.  At present, to the west-east gas supply more than 100 million commercial gas, Qinshui Plan 2010 merchandise volume of 400 million, this year, all of PetroChina's CBM sales estimated to reach 600 million parties. June 1 0 o'clock, domestic onshore natural gas factory benchmark price from 925 yuan per thousand cubic meters to increase to 1155 yuan per thousand cubic meters to increase the 230 yuan, the price increase of 24.9%; natural gas factory benchmark price allowed floating range of uniform determined to float 10%, float notLimit。 According to Ming-training, the price of natural gas, coal-bed gas pricing will be adjusted accordingly, "the company mainly refers to gas prices to price, basically with natural gas pricing flat or higher." "The state has now introduced a series of encouraging policies, including the central Government in accordance with the 0.2 yuan/square coal seam gas (pure) standard subsidies; enterprises engaged in coal seam gas exploration and exploitation, 2020 years ago may apply for the exemption of prospecting rights using fee and mining right using fee, and not levy resource tax on ground pumping coal seam gas;  The equipment for CBM exploration and development is exempted from import duties and import value-added tax, and the value-added tax is backed up first. It is believed that the mining cost of coalbed methane is high, especially in the stage of resource evaluation, for example, the input of a well, including the construction of external pipelines, is 1.8 million ~200 million. At present, the new mining blocks can not guarantee the output of profits.
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