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With the advent of the cloud computing Big Data era, the Internet will always release the sea data, with the production, storage, analysis of more and more data, whether it is around the enterprise sales, or personal consumption habits, identity features, etc., have become stored in various forms of data. A large number of data hidden behind a large number of economic and political interests, especially through data integration, analysis and mining, its data integration and control power has been far beyond the past. Big data is like a double-edged sword, society has benefited greatly from the use of large data, but personal privacy is nowhere to be hidden. In recent years, violations of personal privacy cases, such as Google leaked personal privacy events, Sheng data loss, 2011, one of Korea's three portal sites Nate and social network "race My Network" was hacked, resulting in 35 million of users of information disclosure and other events, these serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of users. At present, each country has begun to pay attention to protect personal privacy, in 2010, Berlin, Germany, held a march of thousands of people to secure data privacy, and in 2012, the Obama administration unveiled the privacy bill of Rights, calling on companies to give more control to users when using private information, and the European Union has also raised a " Forgotten power "of the bill, consumers have the right to require companies to clear their personal data. This suggests that cloud computing and the age of large data accompanying technological innovation have also spawned a strong demand for privacy in society, which also forms part of social progress.

Cloud computing in the era of large data violations of personal privacy has the following manifestations: In the process of data storage of personal privacy rights caused by infringement. Cloud service users can not know the exact location of data storage, users of their personal data collection, storage, use, sharing can not be effectively controlled; this may cause conflict of laws in different countries, and may result in confusing data and data loss. Infringement of privacy rights in the course of data transmission. In the cloud environment, the data transmission will be more open and multiplex, the traditional physical zone isolation method can not effectively guarantee the security of long-distance transmission, electromagnetic leakage and eavesdropping will become a more prominent security threat. Violations of the privacy rights of individuals in the process of data processing. Cloud service providers may deploy a large number of virtual technologies, and the vulnerability of infrastructure and the failure of cryptographic measures can create new security risks. The large-scale data processing needs the complete access control and the identity authentication management, avoids the unauthorized data access, but the cloud service resources dynamic sharing pattern undoubtedly increases this kind of management difficulty, the account hijacking, the attack, the identity camouflage, the authentication invalidation, the key loss and so on may threaten the user data security. Violations of the privacy rights of individuals in the course of data destruction. Simply delete operations can not completely destroy the data, cloud service providers may be backup of data, also may lead to destruction is not complete, and public power will also be personal privacy and personal information infringement, in order to meet the requirements of assistance law enforcement, national laws will usually stipulate the data retention period of the service provider, And to compel the service provider to provide clear text of the available data, but in practice is rarely constrained by the principle of collection restrictions, public power and privacy protection of the conflict is the user to choose cloud services to consider the risk points. Therefore, in the cloud computing big Data age, should strengthen the personal privacy protection effectively.

One is to integrate personal information protection into the protection and planning of national strategic resources. In the era of cloud computing, personal privacy constitutes the basis of modern business service and network social operation management, so for any country, personal information is the strategic resource of its development. But at present in our country, from the network system, the equipment, the hardware, to the operating system, the application software, the intelligent terminal and even the chip and so on the core technology still is in the huge security risk, this not only poses the threat to the national security, but also to near the General national number Netizen's personal Strategies and planning for personal information protection need to be established at the national level.

Second, to speed up the improvement of personal privacy protection related legislation. Cloud computing large data age technology means protection is far from personal privacy, it is necessary to establish the laws and regulations of personal privacy protection and the basic rules, and the lack of legislation is a serious problem in our present, we need to promote the legislation of privacy protection laws and regulations, and increase the crackdown on individual privacy behavior.

Third, strengthen the personal privacy protection of the administrative supervision, establish the Personal privacy protection evaluation mechanism, and promote the cloud Services product privacy security related national standards for the formulation. In the Information network environment, personal information and personal privacy and so on have property attributes, so the profit-oriented enterprises, may be stored in the cloud of privacy and other information for commercial use, resulting in the user's privacy disclosure and infringement. Therefore, the effective supervision of the Government appears to be very necessary. On the other hand, the State should actively promote the cloud services large data products in the privacy and personal information security standards. The standard means that the cloud service product must reach a standard before it is put into use.

Four is to strengthen the individual privacy rights of technical protection. Encourage the development, innovation, and use of privacy protection technologies different technologies can be used for privacy protection in all aspects of cloud computing. The state and the Community should actively encourage the development and innovation of privacy technology, from the technical level to ensure privacy security. Technical means are an important complement to legal measures. In a variety of protection models, pet is widely used, at all levels are mature personal technology. Pet not only protects personal data, prevents personal data from being unnecessarily and not desired, but also lets users know where their data is stored, how it is handled, and where it flows.

Strengthening the role of self-discipline protection and supervision in the industry. Relevant departments should actively promote the cloud computing industry in the area of user privacy protection industry self-discipline, and formulate appropriate industry standards or conventions, to encourage and guide enterprises to participate in third-party industry organizations for the development of Third-party industry organizations to provide policy and financial support.

The advent of cloud computing data era has made the whole society become an integral part, and the protection of personal privacy has become an important foundation of the construction of Social Credit system in this system. While encouraging innovation and progress, we must be soberly aware that the use and openness of large data on cloud computing, both in the United States and in any country, is selective, purposeful, not open-ended, not only by law and rules, but also by a country's overall development planning and global Strategy. Our efforts to protect the privacy of individuals are not only the protection of every member of society, but also the protection of national security and long-term sustainable and healthy development of society. So this has become an urgent problem to be solved.

(the writer is director of Internet Governance and Law Research Center of Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications)

(Responsible editor: The good of the Legacy)

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