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The website promotion is the enterprise network marketing core content, therefore, the website promotion plan writing may say is the Enterprise Network marketing success or failure key.

If you are already promoting your own website and the effect is good, read the following text can give you a clearer idea, to help you more effective promotion; If you don't have any promotional plans or do not know how to promote them, Senior Network Marketing Planner Liu strongly recommends that you learn how to write a truly executable web site Promotion Program practice experience.

In the actual writing process, because each website's situation is different, may operate flexibly, does not necessarily have to copy these steps and the method. Writing a really executable effective website promotion program must remember that the most important is not the solution, but the effect.

First of all, share the Liu three points of practical experience that are absolutely useful:

(1) Before writing a plan must first think clearly, straighten out the idea, the best outline list.

(2) must pay attention to the feasibility of the program, practicality, do not need to show off Wenzao, to express the meaning of the line.

(3) To pay attention to the basic format and layout skills, to avoid basic text errors, etc., to facilitate the circulation of the discussion.

Generally speaking, the website promotion program may use the word or the PPT format to write, a complete website promotion plan should contain the following content:

Part I: Stage goal setting

You can have multiple goals by clearly promoting the phased goals (quantification) that you want to achieve.

1. What is the amount of effective IP traffic per day (the target customer who is really interested in the site, not the person involved)? PV to achieve how much;

2. Google Baidu and other search engines included in the number of Web pages to achieve how much (check the amount can be entered in the search engine "site: your company's website address" can);

3. The stage target of the number of user registration (mainly for industry integrated website);

4. How many external links are expected to reach?

5. How much is the PR value of the website expected to reach? Alexa rankings want to enter how much;

6. Keyword ranking goal, want a word in the search engine ranked to the first few;

7. Through the network promotion directly or indirectly brings the telephone volume target, the sales target;

8. Other goals, such as website brand awareness objectives, industry impact targets and so on.

Part II: Target population analysis

The target crowd's behavior habit is a promotion plan formulation most important basis, must be possible detailed analysis target population's sex, the quantity, the age, the education, the income situation, the Internet time, the Internet habit, the main use medium, the Internet motive, the consumption decision chain and so on, According to the target people's consumption behavior habits and so on to formulate the website promotion strategy and method.

Part Three: Analysis on the strategy of competitor's promotion

The enemy can be victorious, if necessary, to determine the promotion strategy and methods before the analysis of what competitors are doing.

1. How many pages of a competitor's web site are indexed by search engines, competitors ' partners, which websites link to competitors ' sites, which websites the competitor sites link to, and the number and quality of connections;

2. What are the results of the promotion of competitors in those media?

Part IV: Promotion strategy and specific method selection

According to the market analysis and survey results, to determine the promotion strategy, detailed list will be used in the website promotion methods, such as search engine landing, blog marketing, mail marketing, QQ Group marketing, forum posting, soft text publicity, search engine promotion, promotional activities, network advertising, etc. The advantages and disadvantages of each promotion method and its effect are analyzed and concretely applied.

Part five: Time schedule and staffing table

A good plan is only half the success of a truly executable program, so it is necessary to draw a detailed planning schedule, control the process of implementation, list everything that needs to be done in the promotional activities, and arrange for specific personnel to be responsible for implementation to ensure effective implementation of the program.

Part VI: Budget input

Every promotional program will certainly have a certain amount of input budget, through reasonable planning so that limited funds to maximize the effect of promotion, so that every penny can really help the enterprise promotion, as far as possible to avoid waste. For example, the large-scale promotion plan may involve dozens of millions of promotion budget, this time needs the medium to make the detailed appraisal choice, the elaboration one best combination plan, lets the promotion effect maximize.

Part VII: Effect monitoring

Do the promotion will be to monitor the evaluation effect, the promotion of the network can generally add a Web site traffic statistics analysis Code, can be detailed query from the background to the site traffic and source data, the promotional measures for each period to do monitoring and tracking, to help enterprises adjust the promotion strategy in time. (Liu Xingfa/Wen)

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