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At present, many small and medium-sized enterprises are not good at online marketing and access to business, and the face of more than 400 million of the network market, do not get involved is indeed a pity. In addition to the strength of the enterprise fast architecture of their own E-commerce platform, small and medium-sized enterprises can also be on the network through a certain technology and skills, access to business, and the results are good, Ming Xuan is currently in the company, this is the mode and method, a year for the company to contribute 100w-150w performance.

Overall, small and medium-sized enterprises in the network to obtain business, there are several methods: questions and Answers Word-of-mouth promotion, industry-class platform promotion, business-type platform promotion, Industry Community Class Forum promotion, local class community forum to promote five methods, if have their own E-commerce department, can be easily completed.

Ming Xuan will be the promotion method to do series of articles. First is the question and answer class Word-of-mouth promotion, perhaps some people will ask, why is the question and answer class Word-of-mouth promotion is the first? Ming Xuan here to explain, the question and answer class Word-of-mouth promotion is very direct to help customers solve the concerns of the needs and psychological role, the effect is very direct, the customer conversion rate is very high, is the most important as the core of the carrier.

Below the Ming Xuan on how to do a question-and-answer category of Word-of-mouth promotion it!

First, the question and answer class Word-of-mouth promotion

1. Ready to target keywords, mining and development of long tail keywords, extended target keywords (mainly from the point of view of customer needs to dig, long tail keywords such as response to the customer's needs)

Keyword list legend:


2. Prepare hundreds of questions, mainly for customer needs issues and customer habitual search behavior problems (including positive questions and negative questions, which can directly bring users)

3. Combination of target keywords, long tail keywords and customer demand questions and answers, combined into a question-and-answer category to promote ourselves to the standard, in question and answer platform release and ask questions, until the search results are yours, or accounted for a certain number of people (this is to do a question-and-answer category

Summary of questions and answers:


4. Operation Process: Baidu know as an example


5. Make a record list to facilitate inquiries, such as: Top stickers, Web sites, effective, failure and so on. The following figure:


6. Promotion Channels:

A. Baidu knows:

B. Tianya question and answer:


And so on there are many, the most important is the above three platforms, and Baidu FAQ is the most important, audit is very strict, and search is very easy to take a link to the Web site, this to do outside the chain and guide customers is very helpful, and Tianya question and answer can add Web site, Audit Super Pine, Sogou answers, and Sogou answer is not open, is collected internally. Author: Ming Xuan starting address:

Ming Xuan for business only SEO BBS Network Marketing forum moderator, welcome friends who are interested to discuss! Copyright © reprint must be linked to the form of the author and the original source!

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