State-owned enterprises hit record highs last year

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The main benefit index of state-owned enterprises in 2010 years was transferred from Guangzhou Daily according to the data of the Xinhua Ministry of Finance 17th, the state-owned and state-controlled enterprises in 2010, the main benefit index of a record high, operating income, to achieve profits and pay taxes three major indicators than the end of the "XV"  Among them, 2010 1 to December, the state-owned enterprises accumulated total operating income of 30,325,370,000,000 yuan, an increase of 31.1%, December than November quarter-on-quarter growth of 16.7%. The Ministry of Finance said that in 2010, the state-owned economy continued to recover from the end of 2009 to a good momentum, from the first half of the resumption of growth into the second half of the stable faster growth, to promote the healthy development of the national economy made an important contribution.
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