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Blink of an eye, build station has 3 years of time, in the insistence of their own dreams, adhere to their goals of the year, I found, as a webmaster, you have too much to experience and learn. Take this article, write some of my site experience, I hope the new webmaster growth, will help.

First of all to talk about the establishment of the station so long, do the selection of the station procedure, Discuz forum, is the program I built the station, but a year of time, let me find that if you want to play a forum of traffic, too difficult, too tired. No flow time, do SEO difficult; After that, I contacted some CMS system, CMS system flow than the forum to get more easily, management should also be convenient, the lack of interactivity is much worse than the forum. Then, after learning seo, oneself began to study WordPress, began to study the program, just began to understand can pass the program, let us the smallest pay to get the biggest return. So, for the program, I want to say to the new webmaster, for the new webmaster, do not rush to make a big web site, as a small start, do a phase of testing, each of the functions and advantages of each program have an understanding, and then according to their own site characteristics, the most appropriate selection procedures.

Website promotion, when the site begins to take shape, most of the webmaster will involve the promotion of this aspect of the problem, and the promotion of the most effective method is actually SEO, a lot of webmaster anxious to find an seo method to start doing, the result of repeated changes, the site weight changed, tragedy. SEO for this aspect of the proposal is, if learning SEO, from the basic learning, read some online free SEO books and videos, and then to understand the difference between technology optimization and experience optimization, from the technical optimization perspective analysis of the reasons for experience optimization, this is the fastest way to progress. A mature SEO needs constant experience accumulation, new webmaster, you must also be patient.

NET Earn, the new webmaster will be eager to make their first net profit, I was the same, the first net earn is to make a business ads for others, 30 yuan a month, the result domain name by K, outweigh the gains. Want to say is, for stationmaster, as long as you run your own website, make money is sooner or later, so, net earn is built on the quality of the website, if you have not earned money a year, it is necessary to consider the quality of your Web page is not too bad.

The three steps above, is the webmaster are going to go through three processes, with three years summed up the truth is "do station, Pingping income generation", hope that novice webmaster can read these three rule of thumb, walk well your build Station Road, build your own E-net sky.

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