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This is a successful example of a personal marketing home textiles website Because, just created, it gets the wind investment gold. Reproduced below is the operation of the website operators experience, perhaps to pay attention to network marketing or E-commerce home textile enterprises, have certain help.

First, the Website Foundation

1, the first element of E-commerce site is definitely the domain name. I know a good domain name on the site's publicity and the importance of future development, so I did not hesitate to acquire the industry domain name. Obviously have an industry word domain name can let the website position raise a lot.

2, secondly, I gave the site a different name from the same industry, to establish their own unique website name can be for such as after the development of a good brand promotion foundation.

3, considering that I am an industry site, the information is indispensable, and information is to get the site ranking one of the conditions. At present, I am also a personal operation, do not want to be independent of the development of the site, I consider a good site planning, column settings, site layout, site optimization, and so on, in the online selection of a few CMS systems, the final decision to use the DEDECMS system, and then verify that the system is really

4, the next is the specific establishment of the site. Because of the 3rd step, I planned a more detailed, so spent a night basic to the site framework built. Anything needs to have a beautiful appearance to decorate, the website is no exception, a humanized design of the site appearance, easy to let users have goodwill.

Second, the content of the website

After my home textile market inspection, I divided the user into 3 types: textile Enterprises, home textiles dealers, home textiles practitioners, and then I set up the corresponding content.

1, industry information: I keep writing 3-5 articles on home Textiles every day, this ensures that E-commerce site updates and improve the search engine included, the natural site rankings will rise, more importantly, let the industry see more professional. This also stems from my daily continuous learning industry knowledge.

2, Home textile Products Library: I collected 80,000 home textile products and flower type, while providing reference prices and online ordering function. This column basically satisfies the national most home textile dealer's demand, they look for the satisfaction the pattern, the suitable price, even orders directly online. Of course, the image on the site watermark, they are in use, on the website publicity.

3, Home textile flower type free Download: I collected nearly 50,000 flower type, and can be directly used, online free download, which attracted a lot of home textile practitioners, especially home textile designers, with popularity, I again through the designer to upload the flower-type acquisition points, points can redeem prizes and overseas visits, and constantly bonded users. Imagine a platform that sticks to most designers in the industry and how many bosses they can attract.

4, home textile City Shop navigation map: Because the national textile city concentrated few places, greatly can not meet the needs of all parts of the country, many foreign customers have to come to our local home textile city selection, procurement. As the home textile city is too big, many customers can not find their own satisfaction with the goods, back and forth the toll is also a lot of customer considerations, so the merchant navigation map become the preferred tool for customers. This attracts many national home textiles customers. (This channel is developing)

5, Brand investment to join: This is the current more popular mode, home textile industry is no exception, especially into the home textile brand era, to join the rapid expansion of investment, rapid withdrawal of funds an important means. So home textile enterprises and franchisees pay attention to the channel every day.

Third, website promotion

Publicity is any E-commerce site success of the first key element, this has no doubt, so I also never snub, in the publicity I think a lot of, of course, also planned a lot of articles and events. From the high price acquisition domain name to build the station 31 days to obtain the wind investment attention again to one person to run the profession website experience. Although it all happened, but to show, so that more people from the understanding of the familiar, still need to move a brain.

2, I keep the original article every day, at the same time published in a number of blogs, industry forums and other places. In particular, the article has some ideas are very desirable, and often can be recommended and reproduced opportunities.

3, hair card, as long as I have seen the people, I have to send business cards, told them I am running Home Textiles website, the prospect is very good, I have a friend sent more than 5 times, I still continue to send a warm business card.

4, I posted a big advertisement in the back of the car, domain name + station name, design simple and clear, 50 meters away to see clearly, every day in the city, the bustling business district, home textile market and other important areas, many times through, a lot of friends told me the effect is good, mobile advertising.

5, I printed a number of T-shirts, of course, before and after the website logo, whether to see customers, or see friends, or shopping, I insist on wearing every day, because of my self-confidence, many customers are very appreciative of the practice and executive power, while indicating the opportunity to cooperate.

6, to participate in trade fairs, conferences, awards ceremonies and other industries gathered activities. Put on a T-shirt, take the camera, get the original article, but also with the industry close to the opportunity.

7, and industry media cooperation, is currently working with the home textile times, mainly resource replacement, the future will also add a lot of cooperation media.

8, finally I mentioned the website SEO, this is the most basic ability to do station people, must make E-commerce site ranking in the industry in the forefront of key keywords. Original, outside the chain, optimization of one can not be less.

For the website to promote this piece, I think need to spend more time back to the line, into the market, when the site is built, we need to look away from the site, to stand up to a higher position, analysis of the site, promotional sites, using the site.

PostScript: Even if only second-rate ideas, but must have first-class implementation. Personal webmaster Avoid, just want to do the station, regardless of the market.

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