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Many people from the website design and promotion work to measure network marketing, this measure often did not receive the expected effect, the result is not, to a certain extent also hit the image of network marketing. Brand is the core of enterprise value, the brand of small and medium-sized enterprises is often limited to a certain range, break through this range, it needs to pay a great price. In this paper, brand value added as an index to measure the effect of network marketing. In this way, fundamentally rid of the original pure technical standards, but with the enterprise tightly together.

Research on the effect evaluation of network marketing

To measure the effect of network marketing, first look at the site's click-through, the number of visits, can not be denied that these visible indicators have a certain significance, to the corporate web site, only to become a customer's access to value. A high click rate may be a good thing or a bad thing, and a low click rate is not necessarily a success if his visitor is basically his client?

Look at the site design is beautiful, eye-catching. This kind of aestheticism is not necessarily a success, of course, I do not deny that the site to do a good job to give people feel better. The key is to do the beautiful at the same time to integrate into the SEO technology, can really help enterprises to carry out marketing activities.

NET marketing effect--brand value Added

For Enterprises, enterprise online marketing after a period of time (at least five months or more), began to see some effect-the brand has been extended online, brand value increased. We have brought this part of the added brand value of marketing to be called "brand added value". In the traditional environment, the products and brands of small and medium-sized enterprises have to be limited to a certain extent, unless he made a lot of investment in the network marketing, this limit to the appropriate cost is broken, the value of the brand has unlimited extension.

This is not to say, as long as the enterprise to carry out network marketing, can produce brand add value. No, the size of the brand value added to the evaluation of the marketing effect of a standard, brand value added, good marketing effect. Now many do technology network companies are also in the provision of so-called marketing services, but their understanding is one-sided, but simply understood as "to do a website, and then promote", so far, the effect is not ideal, the result of the current network marketing dilemma.

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