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front and you shop to share the "shop sellers need to master the promotion skills" and "how to enhance the ranking Taobao search to allow you to double the flow" and so on, today's emphasis on how to use your friendship links, so that its role to play to the extreme. In each Taobao shop, there is a friendship link area, you can add 35 links, do not underestimate this insignificant friendship links, if you can effectively manage your friendship links, it can also bring you unexpected traffic, but in the actual shop promotion, it is often overlooked, the following and sell to share 5 kinds of friendship connection skills, I hope it will help you.

One, similar different line shop exchange

For example: You do is Creative home shop, then the choice of objects should be home accessories, daily life and other living closely related to the shop, increase the effective conversion rate of guests, to form a complementary but not competitive relationship. If you choose Mobile phone, Home appliance Shop Interchange, then the effect must be greatly reduced.

Second, find a high reputation of the shop exchange

The strength of an online shop lies in its credibility, and the credibility of the store determines the integrity of the shop, customer loyalty is high, the most important is the flow is not small. Under normal circumstances, people see a few small stars of the shop to change links, simply ignore, here need to have a certain persuasive, if it is not, pay to buy links is also worthwhile.

Third, with potential shop exchange

When you see a less reputable shopkeeper to find you to change the link, can not be rebuffed, but more to observe the market competition degree of the shop industry, there is no development space and the owner of the business philosophy and other comprehensive factors to determine whether the shop is a potential unit, and then consider whether to exchange connections.

Four, and to join the promotion of Amoy Shop Exchange

Amoy Guest Promotion is a kind of promotion mode by transaction billing, if the other party to join the Amoy to promote, then enter your shop guests by clicking on the friendship link to his shop to buy goods and transactions, Taobao in accordance with the set of the goods to pay you the Commission, you can also be published to promote the product code to blogs, forums, communities and other places, As long as someone completes the purchase, Taobao will pay you the Commission. Amoy customers to promote as a commodity trading information dissemination, increase the exposure of commodities, but also accelerate the circulation of commodities, to promote the virtuous cycle of online shopping invaluable.

Five, the formation of Shop Alliance, holding regiment combat

"A slap does not ring, the crowd clap the sound of the Thunder" image of the metaphor of a difficult to achieve, with the strength of everyone can easily complete the impossible task. First, through a gang or group of internal calls, get everyone's response, each person in the classification area, shop promotion area or custom area to establish a picture as the carrier of the Federation area, the buyer by clicking the picture can go to any shop, buy all the goods he wants to buy, really realize one-stop shopping, Convenient for customers at the same time they have benefited, why not?

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