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In the process of information network communication with dozens of video websites, in the study of video site content and profit model, based on the traditional media and new media in the field of more than 10 years of planning and marketing experience, I found: Video site profit model has long formed a variety of systems, but the road to profitability is difficult, In order to rob the user and the expense of copyright or bandwidth costs too large factors, and then remove the content, user experience to get the long-term benefits of the stability factor, the main reason is that the overall strength of marketing and planning is not strong enough, and some video site marketing has just begun.

This article is divided into 5 parts, including the content base (14 aspects), viewing mode (10), advertising form (20), Profit model (12, all with pattern map), marketing planning (including its definition and key points, etc.).

The Content foundation of video website:

Because the content base of video web site, directly affect its profit model and marketing planning and other details, so here a simple summary:

1, the purchase of copyright (Information network transmission rights, etc.): in with a number of TV dramas, movies and video sites with high quality demand for information network transmission rights trading process, I found: This is actually divided into exclusive copyrights and non-exclusive copyrights, such as Hompo Network, the general purchase of exclusive copyright to occupy the unique advantages of the content; Victory ", the general purchase of Non-exclusive copyrights, in order to have a limited amount of funds as far as possible to have more copyright resources; Many companies also use a non-exclusive copyright to create a huge library, and then use exclusive products as the main push product.

2, audio and video rights with the right to disseminate information network: for example, "Sino-Kay";

3, the purchase of information network distribution rights redistribution: for example, "net still";

4, the public version of the film: the use of the term characteristics of the program copyright to carry out the promotion of massive old;

5, with the copyright party: such as Joost, to be divided into mainly for the content of cooperation, advertising revenue-sharing, such as Youku and other video share sites, but also in the form of a split to buy some copyright;

6, with other copyright resources of the Web site cooperation: for example, Thunderbolt, with Kyushu Dream Network, victory, excellent, network music, such as interconnection and other domestic mainstream network content providers to cooperate, and with partners to share advertising revenue; Thunderbolt main technology, to provide users with smoother, clearer network video services. This is actually a marketing split pattern. There is also a monopoly of cooperation, is generally part of the program's cooperation, which in the Olympic video is very typical, such as CCTV International in the Olympic video network broadcast rights and Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, leisurely, PPLive, pps and cool 6, such as 8 cooperation, the latter total to pay the former hundreds of millions of yuan cost. In fact, the Olympic Games Network video transmission rights more like CCTV international purchase exclusive copyright after the form of not exclusive copyright to sell these 8 sites.

7, users upload: such as potatoes, such as video sharing site. The general use of community and incentive forms such as bonuses. For example, some Web sites for the customer to take cash incentive model, the recommended to the headlines, home page, the channel of the film to give 1000, 500, 300 of cash awards. You can also use a user-partitioned model to encourage users to upload.

8, upload their own: Web site editors to upload video, the general is piracy (their own production of the copyright program except), many small sites to this once profitable very rich;

9, advertisers upload: for example, some of the site's game video channel main content;

10, with advertisers to establish a channel: for example, in early 2008, seven-star shopping and potato joint launch of commodity channels. TV Shopping and video site cooperation can be more accurate, faster, do not need to call the direct link to the site to buy goods.

11, Exchange: including in the form of exchange from content integrators, content providers to get the right content, such as and NBA China to reach a partnership to obtain the NBA in China video-on-demand rights. Also includes the strategic cooperation between the website, each other content of the exchange of information, which is an effective way to reduce costs; Some websites use this form to obscure the words in the contract, which will cause the sales of non exclusive copyright content providers to suffer losses.

12, with the star, the group and so on to establish strategic cooperation. For example, established Andy Lau's global exclusive official video site;

13, make their own: such as the excitement of "correction", and then, for example, PPLive with the Phoenix New Media cooperation network interactive drama shooting. Another example of China's broadband entertainment network Li Jian's money thinking is, a beginning to use their own experience in the traditional entertainment circle, held 4 to 5 annually to invest more than million of the online concert, while the internet to establish a live concert online platform, and according to the characteristics of the Internet to introduce different concert value-added products. "We are to make money while investing, with tickets, value-added products, advertising and other revenue to maintain the long-term survival of the site." In my experience, it may not be a big loss. "I hope that through this investment, the original content of the site will reach 80%, and the other 20% is to purchase the relevant copyright." ”

14, and television and other traditional film and television media strategic cooperation: including online live, and so on, many sites are doing. In 2007, CCTV-6 also launched its official website, "Film Network", also is this form. Some comments pointed out: "In the future, the fusion of traditional TV and network new media will undoubtedly have greater influence and impetus to the network and even the whole industry." ”

Second, video site viewing mode:

Because the viewing mode determines the profit model, so here is a brief introduction.

According to the site and technical perspective to distinguish between viewing mode, can be divided into the following:

1, peer-to-peer distribution mode: such as Uusee, PPlive, PPStream and Mysee. The best thing about Peer-to-peer is that the more people get cheaper. Peer-to-peer generally applicable to live, not suitable for short video, only 60 minutes or more to have the seeds may be peer-to-peer, it may be a lot of people at the same time watching a program, so that peer-to-peer suitable for long video distribution;

2, Podcast mode (Web 2.0), also known as sharing video mode: such as Youku, potatoes, six rooms, cool music;

3, the portal broadband mode: such as Sina, Sohu and so on portals, are equipped with broadband. It is worth mentioning that the domestic portal has been developed for 8 years, advertising revenue has not become a profit model independently projects, customer identification needs a very long process. Moreover, in order to realize the advertiser identification, the portal site needs to launch a large number of indirect services unrelated to maxleaf and bear the cost, in order to guarantee the implementation of the main advertising. For instance, the website's mailbox service, the blog service and so on, are maintaining the so-called popularity with the massive cost, guarantees the news center or the content channel advertisement sale. For the content of a highly single video site, how to do not add additional services under the premise (non-portal), so that their advertising effect is recognized, it takes too long time, but also need a higher level of advertising gold. Therefore some websites, toward the portal aspect development, for instance net still its vv8. Com;

4, wireless combination mode: For example, 100TV (Wind Network) to select a short podcast, the Internet content to the wireless platform forwarding mode for the network download.

From this point of view, there are also such as search mode, VOD mode and many other kinds, I do not want to write this article too professional, after all, we are targeted at users and advertisers to explain our view of the model, so I would like more from the user perspective into the following patterns:

1, watch online: For example, Youku, also divided into on-demand video, live video and Carousel video;

2, download Watch: for example, Thunderbolt;

3, software implanted local computer playback watch: such as Joost; #p # pagination Title #e#

4, the Internet Café mode local playback to watch: For example, net Internet cafes, such as the hotel LAN, generally used to distribute to local, and then play on the local LAN, to achieve fluency and other purposes. Simple CD-ROM or baking pan is strictly not part of this model;

5, through the interconnection of the star site to watch: This is similar to the second, the difference is that the second is in their own web site playback, and this through the Internet to watch refers to the Super integrated operator platform playback;

6, through the mobile phone to watch: This mainly refers to through the mobile phone network to watch, including downloading and online viewing, which is similar to the Internet, no longer subdivided. For example, music vision;

7, through the interactive television network play: For example, Shanghai Interactive television;

8, through the portable mobile terminal playback, such as the iphone built-in YouTube video search, playback functions, directly from the DVD and other copies of the list.

9, through the Public places projection screen and so on play, for example active media;

10, television playback: including content embedded in televisions and IPTV, such as cool open the net;

Third, the video website advertisement form:

Video site advertising forms, directly affect the marketing planning details, in order to follow in each of the profit model to explain no longer repeat, here a brief introduction of several forms of advertising:

1, Web text ads: refers to the internet commonly used couplets, buttons, banner, text and other ads, here no longer subdivide and describe;

2, the picture couplet advertisement + video hyperlink: is to have the video characteristics of the text and graphics ads;

3, banner ads + video hyperlink:

4, banner ads + video hyperlink:

5, button ads + video hyperlink:

6, Text link + video hyperlink:

7, Video Patch advertising forms: General in the program began to force the first broadcast ads to enter the content of the program, this is the online video viewers are more familiar with the front-mounted patch ads (pre-rolls). It is usually aired before the user waits for the video buffer's official video content. Like television commercials, it has the characteristics of forced playback and forced viewing. For very short network video to be cautious in this form, users generally do not have the patience to see a small video of a large section of the ads. Advertisers, especially the brand advertisers in advertising is also more taboo to put their own ads in poor video or copyright is not clear content;

8, translucent activities overlapping (Overlay) ads: Google believes that this overlapping ads compared to the existing video site advertising format, its effectiveness will be higher than 5~10 times. Overlapping ads are active and appear at 1/5 of the bottom of the video. If you are interested in this part of the content, you can click on it and get a more in-depth interactive video ad that will make you feel more relevant and interesting. At this point, the video you are watching will stop temporarily. If you just want to ignore this overlapping ad, it will automatically disappear after 10 seconds and will not bring any harassment to your watch, allowing the user to have a full experience of "your site you are the master". Google has tested many forms of advertising, with advertisers like Warner Music and BMW and big-name content partners. The test results show that users who are willing to click and watch overlapping ads are 5~10 times more than the banner ad users;

9, VideoEgg company indicator (ticker): is also an overlapping advertising selection module. VideoEgg is one of the world's most popular SNS community website video Advertisers, and these ads often appear at the bottom of the screen, like a TV news broadcast headline indicator. They are generally retained throughout the video, and there will be more hyperlinks to product information available in the last part of the video to provide a clickable selection menu. The menu will be directed directly to the video ads, or other video content, or even a game. If an audience clicks on the ticker at the bottom of the screen, the video automatically stops and a new screen pops up, and the audience sees the company's promotional film;

10, Reptile (Bugs) Advertising form: Originating from a video web site in the United States, it is similar to the indicator, but this kind of advertising will not always be in the video content throughout the playback process. Time Warner's new-line home entertainment company has used this form of advertising to promote its new movie "Spirit Number 23" DVD. When you watch video clips on the, you will find a small icon like a bug that crawls past your current screen, and finally stops at the bottom of the screen. It doesn't affect the video, so it won't make you bored, but it will attract your attention and even click on the icon. At this time, more advertising information will be in your "consent" under the display;

11, player Desktop (player skins) Advertising form: This kind of advertising than those low-key overlapping or reptile ads slightly aggressive, but also does not affect your viewing. It will surround a video that is playing in the middle. If you can't resist temptation, you may be tempted to click on the screen to look pleasing to the advertising picture, which is certainly The advertiser's dream. I put this kind of advertisement also called the player Skin Guide type advertisement, request relatively still, lest make the audience annoying;

12, the angle standard and so on advertisement form: Most uses in the channel, the column name manifestation One, is generally the video has the advertisement merchant's logo. This form is still difficult to see, because marketing planning is still unable to attract advertisers to create a common brand; by the way, the title of the text form, is the channel, the name of the advertising business;

13, video pop-up graphics and text:

14. Full soft AD implants: The most common are automobiles, tourism and games;

15, feature film implantation ads: Stories, self-portraits and other implanted ads; The advertising effect of UGA (user produces advertisement) is obvious. Last year, big brand manufacturers have joined hands with video sites, launched a variety of video creation contest;

16, home page embedded ads: For example, Ford car in the Tudou homepage, "reversing the intersection" of the video ads, set a daily click 560,000 times Record;

17, plug-in ads: In fact, similar to the split screen;

18, Background ads:

19, to provide online video bulletin for businesses: for example, businesses can use the YouTube site brand content channels and share video ads to their products and services advertising. Advertisers can tailor their own space on YouTube's branded content channels to attract consumers with content and video;

20, the Activity advertisement form: For example lottery draw and so on.

In fact, it can be listed in many forms, different forms of advertising are applied to different types of advertisers. Marketing planning and product personnel are constantly trying new forms of advertising, at any time with feedback back to the effect of guiding the creative form. Business opportunities, sometimes in the form of creative planning and technology implementation, so that advertisers are always in front of the pursuit of the bright.

Four, video website profit model:

Below is I help some video website's marketing personnel to write the plan case, the website own propaganda and my research summary some profit pattern. Some companies have a number of video site brands (for example, the network still has Internet cafes hospital line, network Hospital line, mobile phone hospital line, audio-visual shop line, etc.), but also has a pattern of infiltration portfolio and become their own unique profit model system. I could have put all the system into a clear, inclusive of all modes, but the feeling that it is grandstanding, but also feel that through creative marketing, there can also be a lot of unique profit model to become the core competitiveness, therefore, in line with the principle of division, so that everyone can see more intuitive and clear. #p # Paging Title #e#

1, pay-on-demand (online Viewing) Copyright program Profit Model:

This mode mainly relies on netizens through a variety of payment platform on-demand programs, online viewing, forming a more stable on-demand revenue, remove operating costs and copyright costs, is profit. In addition to the single point of charge, there are large monthly, small monthly fees and other models. The website needs to do is reduce the copyright cost and expands on demand quantity. Because of piracy, non-exclusive Copyright, Internet users search habits, quality factors such as transcoding, this model is currently only part of the film and television programs can achieve profitability.

There is also a kind of income can not be ignored, this is on-demand value-added income, such as through mobile phone charges, in the prompt fees and other links to add advertising components or member services, so that value-added significantly increased. The value-added income generally comes from the integration planning.

This model makes many rely on pirated TV program website to earn the first bucket of gold, but also achieved the Internet star and other genuine brand of the rise. The state implements the video website license system, will be able to effectively curb the pirate website; I hope not to let C 2C website has this profit model, otherwise, piracy will also bury some of the site leader's copyright awareness.

The profit model is as follows:

The key to this model's profitability lies in the marketing planning of value-added and reducing the cost to less than 50% of total income.

2, download the Revenue model:

This model relies on users to download and watch the charges.

User action is generally downloaded to their own computer to watch again, including active and accurate download, software implantation automatically recommended download.

Other user actions are downloaded to their own mobile audio-visual equipment, and then rely on mobile audio-visual equipment itself or connected to the computer, television to watch.

The download fee model also has value-added income, and the kind of online viewing is much more abundant, you can rely on the download interface, software and Web pages, such as advertising marketing, advertising arrival rate is generally more than streaming media online to watch a lot higher, so I did not mention in the last mode of advertising, and here it began to mention, In fact, online demand also has advertising revenue.

What this model needs to do is to reduce copyright costs, expand downloads, increase download speeds, and advertise creative marketing.

The profit model is as follows:

The key to this model of profitability, in addition to the model based on the download cost control and download the amount of brand marketing, is creative planning input enough to generate creative planning revenue, rather than a taste.

3, client software profit model, also known as technology implantation profit model:

such as the Storm AV 2008 this client software, including local playback, online live, online on-demand, high-definition on-demand video playback service forms, mainly rely on advertising profits. According to the survey data, as of June 2008, the number of storm video coverage of more than 100 million, daily coverage of more than 22 million, monthly users use total time to reach 227 million hours.

This model because of its products into the user's desktop, advertising value is great, by some video sites and aggregation operators, such as the widespread use of storm audio and video, such as the intervention to make the competition more white-hot, the expected return value must be very large, but the allocation to the use of this model of many companies, may not be very large in the short term, Also depends on marketing planning and advertising operational capabilities and value-added, such as long tail effect.

This model can be represented in the following illustration:

Here, in the long run, the cost can be completely ignored.

The key to profitability of this model is 1+1+1〉3, which is the core competitiveness of the total win.

4, copyright for advertising profit model, that is, free online watch or download watch copyright programs, mainly rely on advertising profits.

In fact, advertising is a very good income model, do the internet is nothing more than to convert the flow into income, 90% of the Internet companies are in the flow of traffic into advertising revenue, where the emergence of a lot of listed companies.

Some websites use the website alliance to buy the flow, also some and Baidu, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and so on giant website carries on the strategic cooperation, the growth flow and the substantial increase user number. To drive the flow of cooperation, are of commercial value. But video sites should pay more attention to the actual amount of interactive on demand or watch the total length. PV I limit it to a certain non-watch video page volume, used for traditional text ads, on demand is the amount of action to play, I call it lv. This is in the marketing Planning chapter I will expand the description.

The key to this kind of profit model is the development of advertising category, marketing planning and marketing, and then reduce the cost of copyright and make content competitive.

The profit model is as follows:

The key to this model's profitability is the effective quantity and quality of the arrows. is a more robust profit model.

5. Community profit model. Free on Demand online watch or download watch netizens upload programs, rely on advertising profits.

Its interactivity is strong, but it is now generally mixed with copyright programs to enhance its content attractiveness and logic. This profit model is the key to the development of advertising and marketing planning, content differentiation is the key to success or failure. Open up a number of industries and a variety of forms of advertising, has become a marketing target for such a website.

It is generally believed that this profit model is mainly to solve the massive bandwidth and server cost problems.

Bandwidth is a problem for any video site, but after all, there are a lot of bandwidth providers out there, using their platform to publish, and the revenue is good. I think the industry mentality is not good, always feel that everything is my best control, in fact, strategic cooperation and complementarity will certainly become the future of video site integration trend. Do platform business or do content integration release, is not a subjective decision, but the objective factor decision. This is a content for the king of the World, the Super platform is generally the bandwidth provider, you cannot compete with him, but he also needs the more than the exclusive content, or even competition with each other.

A super platform will have a super user, six rooms to the editor itself is defined as a user, but also a super user. He's a community editor, not a content editor, and he's digging deeper users than content. Being a user-centric community is not critical to users. And we need to use a whole set of processes to find potential authors and to fund them.

Although the survey showed that the proportion of users watching professional and grassroots video is basically flat, but for users, to a video site is the most important thing is to quickly find what they need, and can be smooth play, the purpose is generally from traditional movies, TV dramas and television columns, and so on, these are the rights of ownership issues, the content of the King's request, Test the durability of this model of profitability, but also promote the dissemination of content products and marketing planning guidance.

The pattern of implanted ads is easier to operate in such a website, such as a very simple short film, through the language and lens can effectively promote a brand, people's trust is strong, advertising effect is very good. 酷6网 for Yili, Patriots, Lenovo, Motorola, perfect time and space, Microsoft and other well-known enterprises held video contest, is the advertising value of organized excavation.

In fact, the excellent content of the podcast can also be posted on advertising, but also can be transplanted and deep processing, its commercial value, mainly the content of the site guidance, orientation and growth of grass roots.

酷6网 put forward the money together to earn, is the Netizen uploads his work to 酷6网, the website will add the advertisement in the video work, according to the advertisement frequency and the author cent advertisement income. Original authors in order to make their own video revenue more, they will be reproduced paste, through multi-channel to click on the works, in the promotion of their works at the same time, the site also played a promotional role. This has played an especially important role in the early content generation and traffic growth of 酷6网. On their website can also see a profit list, the top ten income all exceed tens of thousands of yuan, some net friend income already is double digit. #p # Paging Title #e#

I think the so-called consumer-to-consumer in fact is not exist, the concept of sharing video site should be corrected, the Internet to share is the point of exchange between users, should not appear in the third party. But the platform for video-sharing sites, bandwidth, such as the cost of users do not have to bear, a long time perhaps this will become a public good cause, but now netizens still recognize the assistance of third parties, point-to-point technology because of the virus and occupy their own bandwidth and other factors, users may be more exclusive. So Caiko proposed that "once a third party imposes a business model on it to profit, it is a serious violation of this free and spreading spirit of sharing." "This kind of talk is very superficial. But his idea of changing the patchwork of piracy to really build a business model is right. Video-sharing sites, perhaps called video-sharing sites, are more appropriate.

Wu Gengliang, chairman of the Popcorn Network, proposed "video socialization", emphasizing viscosity rather than flow. They analyzed that all video-sharing sites were actually DV sites, basically is four kind of natural creation source, one kind is the family to shoot for the child, two kind is goes out travels the video, three kind is the beauty girl's self-portrait, the fourth class is in the school student, therefore they divide these groups of people, uses the community interaction to increase the stickiness , to provide a very perfect space for groups and individuals.

According to the SARFT regulations, the user uploads content, each website has the strict censorship system, the conscious control netizen uploads. But there is also a strange phenomenon, some sites responsible for the audit team, mostly from print media or graphic websites, which with the use of comprehensive art and political sensitivity to audit is not the same thing. Specialization, for video sites may not be too late to consider. The risk of profit model should also have a reliable professional talent to circumvent.

The profit model is as follows:

The key to the profitability of this model is branding, content competitiveness and the resultant force of the marketing team. On-demand, on-demand time, the number of users and so on its size, the core and destination is the brand implantation.

6, the group sales model, such as the Web site technology and its content sold to the owners, and then by the owner of the Internet café to provide customers pay or free to watch, that is, business-to-business mode or B2B2C mode.

The key of this profit model is to find the dynamic balance between the purchasing group and the users, while the appropriate advertising mode and marketing planning are essential.

The profit model is as follows:

This model because of the possession of channels, many of the profit model came into being, because the confidentiality of the provisions, I did not write out three of profits, but with the size and ability to replace. In fact, the key to this profit model is content products, advertising and activities as a product, such as in the Internet Café Chang to see a new film.

7, the right to operate information network: including combating piracy and distribution.

Because of the existence of models such as C 2c and C2B2C, piracy cannot be eliminated, so combating piracy has become a business model. A 1 million of the large information network to buy back the right to spread the fight against piracy and distribution of the combination of income can reach more than 2 million yuan. This model is not a long-term solution, but it will persist for a certain period. So some people say: The current Internet may have a profit point, rather than a profit model. But broadly, patterns or models are developed in a dynamic way, and the pattern is a combination and development trajectory.

The profit model is as follows:

The key to profitability of this model is the combination of legal system and distribution.

8, Direct profit model:

Video sites rarely live as the main product form, but for some foreign network television stations, the live broadcast as its products. Therefore, live broadcast as the backbone of the time shift and on-demand business, but also has a good profit model. For the three-net integration, this is also a good common profit model.

Excited, Amber and many other video sites as a media, that in addition to assume some of the primary stage of the media responsibility, with direct broadcast function is more easily seen as a video media, exclusive content of the release, dissemination and a variety of media can be used to share is also essential.

Media is not only the right to speak, look at the mainstream media, their practice is worth learning, the media naturally have the media profit model; in fact, the network has long been recognized as the media, but you are a site, nothing but one medium or media.

The key is to grasp the traditional media and the realization of Internet technology, so marketing planning plays a key role in it.

The statement of this model can be very complicated, because similar to digital TV, I do the digital TV profit model for everyone's reference, visible its broad prospects:

Because of the digital live media is a lot of similarities, I am here to do a large model, but also to make up for the security of the front because it can not disclose the details of the lack of profit model, do the index.

9, deep processing profit model:

is in the original video products on the basis of editing, combination, packaging, etc., to form more market products, these products are not limited to their own network to profit.

Originally I have a complete plan and business plan, but the confidentiality of the terms, here simple to carry.

The profit model is as follows:

The key to this model of profitability is deep processing planning and prudent financial analysis, which is what value-added projects can be plotted on the basis of resources and how to reduce costs.

10, multi-terminal and Cross-industry profit model:

Multi-terminal is through different formats, different code flow of the transformation, through a certain marketing planning, including but not limited to computers, televisions, mobile phones and other terminals broadcast, generate a variety of profit channels. For example, Youku and China Mobile, EMI Records, and so some of the color ring business. The 3G revenue model is more attractive.

A typical case is described below:

As early as May 2006, Yau Network acquired a mobile terminal technology company called Hula Online (Hoola), which allows ordinary users to directly access the video content of the network through mobile terminals; a few months later, Li Zhu the star-line space founded by his fellow brother Muzhiyong. To complete the Chinese more than 100 cities in more than 5,000 Internet cafes network television solution coverage.

This practice in China is relatively avantgarde, until today, many video sites just started to do mobile video, acquisition of internet cafes. This makes people think of Jiangnan spring, the audience is undoubtedly successful, if one day, such as leisurely video sites such as network and Rob Business, this day seems not far.

The profit model is as follows:

The difference between multiple terminals and Cross-media is that multiple terminals are controlled by themselves, and Cross-media is the product of cooperation.

Cross-sectoral cooperative profit model: refers to the video site-led and other industries in depth cooperation. This includes cross-media cooperation. For example, cool Open Network has purchased more than 2000 genuine film copyright, built-in to Skyworth TV part, and in order to improve download speed, with the United States RealNetworks Company launched the RM/RMVB format high-definition film download, but also with the Thunderbolt software launched a film download Tool "cool."

The media is based on cross-sectoral cooperation. For example, CCTV and the Olympic Committee to buy out network broadcast rights, and then to promote the cooperation: in addition to CCTV itself internal accounting, a total of Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Yau-Vision, PPLive, pps and cool 6, and other eight sites have been authorized to carry out the Olympic video relay. However, their commitment to this is also enormous. For example, the cost of PPS for Olympic broadcasts is as high as 35 million yuan. Sohu, Sina, Tencent, NetEase 4 portal sites are on demand and live authorization, the price is 50 million--60 million yuan, another video class internet to conservative 30 million yuan price calculation, only Internet video playback authorization, CCTV will get at least 400 million yuan of income. So it has been said that in the Olympic Network video resources competition, the CCTV of the Olympic Games video broadcasting rights may be the biggest winner. Credit Suisse analysts said the advertising revenue from all portals could not cover video licensing fees. In the short term, the portal's investment in Olympic video content will be a loss. But it is expected that the four major portals will have a significant increase in traffic during the Olympics, creating a larger user base and attracting more advertising in the future. #p # Paging Title #e#

Perhaps soon, depending on their own media characteristics, there will be video sites like CCTV, so that they enter the ranks of profitability.

Internet celebrity Bo earlier also suggested that video-sharing sites need to work across industries to tide them over.

11, network Video search-oriented profit model, which may become another blue ocean in the video field: Someone proposed his three components as:

A. Pirated video surveillance, harmful video filtering services may become one of the key profit models for video.

B. Video Search website Development video ads accurate platform to expand the profit model.

C. Some video search engine technology providers turn to television to provide digital video processing services.

Its profit model is as follows:

The key to profitability of this model is marketing communication in marketing planning and capital operation. In fact, many of the above models have the possibility of capital operation, but to establish a good exit mechanism.

12, the technical service profit model: In exchange for the business content and other content.

This is actually a technology product and a real big platform. The impact of this model on the industry has been mentioned many times.

Of course, there are also small technical services, such as providing high quality video display channels for small and medium-sized enterprises. Earlier, many small and medium-sized enterprises want to use video content on the site to promote their corporate image, but suffer from the limitations of bandwidth, can not provide clear and smooth video programs. If you can solve these small and medium-sized video service requirements, you can successfully obtain the support of users, will make technical services outside the advertising of another profit channel. The alliance, is by virtue of this new model to get the century interconnection company millions of dollar investment video site. CEO Jianping pointed out: "The use of our technology, the presence of virtual hosting site can also help valuable enterprises to provide video services to users, video sites can be a new way to profit." ”

and the client software profit model is different, the technology Service profit model refers to the integration of the industry elite model, such as the network depends on bandwidth to integrate the industry, the Internet stars rely on payment means (technology industry applications) to become the industry leader, client software profit model refers to the end customer service.

This profit model can be shown in the following figure:

The key to this profit model is to create industry standards or to grasp the necessary technical resources of the industry, into profits.

There are also a number of profit models I know, and some of the same patterns as the traditional Internet earnings model, which I am not going to introduce. Too much to write too long. interleaving, integration, innovation, making the video site promising. It is thought that the industry is still groping for business models because people expect more from the business model of the video industry than the market can give to the industry. We all hope that there is a new pattern to match the technical and product forms of our industry innovation. Caiko said: "Business model, you can not do what others do, you have their own unique place." "Only can not imitate, with the core competitiveness of the profit model, in order to make the site more and more to do the stronger." Many companies are the company's point of view to do video sites, and the site is not all of them, it is worth us to use a broader thinking to find a profit model.

V. Video website Marketing Planning:

In the video site marketing planning process, some colleagues rely on the experience of the graphics and text times and the traditional media advertising creative skills, for the video site's competitors lack of research, the potential demand for customers can not be excavated and use the bright spot planning to performance, For video users lack of psychological search and advertising creative and so on has affected the entire industry's profitability and smooth development.

In many video sites operating companies, and no marketing planning, its marketing relies mainly on the general planning of advertisers and simple copy. According to the general law of advertising industry, a company such as marketing planning team, the amount of water must be more than 100 million yuan. Traditional advertising industry, water must have marketing planning to support a few, but video site, its flow of income even if billion also rarely set up marketing planning team, because its leaders always feel that their direction is not very clear, also do not know how to use marketing planning.

Recently, I noticed that the formation of marketing planning team, first from the video-sharing site began to pop, Youku, potatoes and so on began to recruit. We from their recruitment planning director and other positions, analysis of the current marketing planning in the video site profitability of the status and responsibilities.

Youku's national planning creative director is subordinate to the sales team, the responsibility is: 1, Management sales team planning and creative team, responsible for the team members of the task allocation, performance appraisal, personnel development, etc. 2, Guide customer demand, lead the team to complete all marketing activities planning and creative tasks; 3, lead the team to complete sales planning case writing; 4, lead the team to complete the customer needs of video advertising, other creative short film or company-related promotional film shooting;

Youku's national planning Creative director job requirements are: 1, senior creative and planning work experience more than 8 years, with a strong sense of creativity and innovation; 2, familiar with the Internet advertising marketing model, familiar with the interactive marketing model, new media advertising business has a unique view; 3, good party B mentality, can accurately grasp the intentions of customers, guide customer demand, professional customer service spirit; 4, 5 years or above 4 a advertising company or internet company Creative Planning Director or senior Creative planning experience, or have an independent marketing creative studio, at the same time has a number of successful works; 5, full of passion and creativity, for the atmosphere of hard work. Supplementary Note: 1, the leadership of the team, including sales planning and sales of creative team, currently not more than 10 people nationwide. 2, sales planning is responsible for: Sales planning case (PPT) design, writing, etc. 3, Sales creative Responsibility: In accordance with customer needs, creativity, script and shooting video clips, advertising films.

Youku's advertising sales planning job Description: 1, the Youku video advertising business selling point mining, brand positioning and other comprehensive product packaging; 2, customized Youku video advertising marketing solutions for customers; 3, production and maintenance of a full set of advertising sales guidance materials, and regularly updated; 4, in-depth understanding of Youku station, and customer demand organic combination of continuous improvement of advertising resources and the development of new advertising resources; 5, the excavation and summary of Youku Sales model, leading sales to expand business.

Youku's advertising sales planning position requirements are: 1, marketing, advertising, media or related professional bachelor degree or above; 2, 3 years or above large-scale website or 4 a planning or marketing related work experience, understand the internet new media marketing selling point; 3, with strong business document planning and packaging capabilities, proficient in PPT, EXCEL and other Office software; 4, love the cause of Internet advertising, brand and marketing has a deeper understanding, familiar with the entire marketing planning and implementation of the work flow; 5, full of passion, innovative spirit, willing to team cooperation, 6, with good communication skills and speech skills; 7, with strong commercial sensitivity and market insight, good at market analysis, evaluation and integrated marketing planning.

From the relevant positions of Youku, this is a strategic team, mining and summarizing the Youku sales model is only the basic requirements, but also to enable the team to have creative marketing strength. Can see that the original team of Youku is also no lack of senior TV advertisers and senior network advertisers, with a marketing planning team, the inevitable.

Tudou Advertising Media Planning director's job responsibilities are:

1, lead the planning team, responsible for the customer's advertising plan, to provide support for the sales department; 2, responsible for advertising planning cases, and guidance to implement; 3, cooperate with business department to develop customers; the requirements of the marketing director of Tudou advertising media are: #p # pagination Title #e#

1, product marketing or network advertising planning work experience more than 4 years; Other media experience is preferred, such as television advertising; 2, familiar with a variety of planning writing forms, can bear the media planning work independently, have the planning of Cross-media marketing program experience; 3, excellent customer communication ability and product demonstration ability, have good interpersonal communication skills , open-minded, good at expression; 4, energetic, good at creative thinking, and thoughtful, strong execution; 5, have good team leadership experience and excellent organizational management ability, strong sense of responsibility, honest; 6, cooperative spirit, dedicated, meticulous and responsible; 7, bachelor degree or above, news, advertising, Business Management major is preferred.

Tudou's senior advertising planning manager is primarily responsible for not leading the planning team, like the advertising media planning director; Job requirements: Related work experience reduced from 4 years of director to 2 years, and no emphasis on other media experience and product presentation capabilities.

The longer the bigger the potatoes, the cooler and stronger. Also in Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Chengdu, another recruitment planning director, Planning Manager, planning commissioner, they hope that no matter in the well-known fashion brand marketing elite, top agency communication, Planning, Executive master, or folk brand swordsman, can play with potatoes!

It can be seen that for the network advertising expertise, and cannot meet the requirements of Cross-media marketing planning, television advertising marketing planning, due to the same characteristics of video, the video site value. The TV station's beautiful copy of its products multimedia demo is also the network media hope. and the promotion of brand planning, so that Tudou for the planning team has a new hope.

Integration of the above two video sharing site marketing planning job requirements and other sites related job description, marketing planning team's responsibilities as follows:

1, basic advertising copy: the production and maintenance of a full set of advertising sales guidance materials, and regularly updated, advertising products for selling points mining, positioning, to target customers to formulate marketing proposals, implementation of sales planning case (PPT) design, writing. For customer customization of the network video ads to provide marketing solutions.

2, all marketing activities of creativity, planning and copywriting, and guide implementation and planning monitoring.

3, cooperate with business department to develop customers, guide customer demand: On the one hand grasp customer intention, on the one hand, use their own video site advertising products to tap customer potential needs,-many content is not all implemented to copy, for face-to-face proposal, preach and enrich the text is an important work, planning as a marketing assistant, It's not just copywriting, it's intelligence.

4, lead the sales to expand the type of business. Marketing planning team needs to understand their own web site, to their own brand and profit model summary and deep excavation planning, and target customer demand organically combined, and constantly improve the advertising resources and new advertising resources development. Mainly interactive marketing product development and planning: Through market analysis, evaluation, content product marketing planning and integrated marketing planning, so that their interactive marketing products (channels or columns, etc.) more in line with customer needs, while shouldering the new interactive advertising product development tasks.

5, carry out creative marketing, Cross-media marketing planning and copywriting, the development of new sales model. This is a strategic effort to expand sales space and performance. In addition to advertising products, creative marketing, and more across the media, such as new space to marketing planning team to open up. As a marketing intelligence agency, other video sites of all business ideas, are in this sector research and sublimation of the list.

6, some websites do not set up advertising customer service department, marketing planning also responsible for the customer's advertising plan for the sales department to provide support and balance.

So, how to do the video website marketing planning? The first thing to do is to do the following:

1, copy design personalized, not easy, for each special copy will be implanted customer factors;

2, copy to support, the site as a whole, each channel, each column, each product must have constantly updated copy;

3, to carry out advertising technology, customers want to think. This should have a good media basic knowledge, understand the technical content of all marketing parameters; The form of advertisement should be designed according to customer's product first, to achieve the most accurate match degree;

4, selfless to the sale of intellectual support: sales are not planning, planning also can not replace sales, marketing planning to selfless give and sales intelligence support, perhaps a few of the highlights, enough to promote sales success, but planning to put a positive mentality, always do behind the scenes hero;

5, continue to expand business space, never relax. From the products, cross-media and activities, to promote the core competitiveness of technology and the promotion of brand competitiveness, so along with the upgrading and integration of industry, and constantly expand commercial space;

6, to have a cross-sectoral research spirit, to in-depth understanding of content products, competitors and related industries, absorbing creative sources and pioneering thinking.

It's hard to do that, but it's not enough; the demand for sales is pointing to the target.

Do a good job of marketing planning, but also to some data at their fingertips:

1, changing and correcting the industry data: for example, China's total number of netizens has reached 221 million, broadband Internet access over 163 million, more than two-thirds of netizens often use the network entertainment services, and the provision of online audio-visual services have more than 400 sites. China has 200 billion TV advertising markets, only 10 billion of the Internet advertising market, and television viewers are rapidly losing internet users. In the 2007 video industry 410 million of the revenue, only less than 25% from video ads, more or more web ads, Flash rich media ads, video industry, the core business model-video advertising needs to break through. According to Iris forecasts, 2008 Chinese video advertising (only refers to network video as the carrier of the form of advertising and other forms) revenue will reach 480 million yuan. Corresponding to this, the network Video user scale will increase to 240 million people, more than 85% of Chinese netizens will become the audience of video ads. These figures are all changing, and the latest data should be mastered in due course.

2. Internet Data Terminology:

What is PV? PV (Page view), which is the number of pages viewed, or clicks, is usually the main indicator of a network news channel or website or even a network news. Master of PV explanation is that a visitor in 24 hours (0 to 24 o'clock) in the end to see your site several pages. Here need to emphasize: the same person browsing your site on the same page, do not repeat the calculation of PV, point 100 times also counted 1 times. To put it bluntly, PV is a visitor who opens up a few pages of yours. PV on the site, just as the ratings on television, to some extent, has become the most important measure of the performance of the business site investors. PV calculation: When a visitor to visit, record the page he visited and the corresponding IP, and then determine that the IP access today this page does not. If your site to 23 points, the simple IP has 600,000, each visitor visited the average of 3 pages, then the PV table records must have 1.8 million.

What is Uv?uv (unique visitor), the number of people visiting a site or clicking on a different IP address for a news message. In the same day, UV only records the first time to enter the site with independent IP visitors, the same day to visit the site is not counted. Independent IP visitors provide statistical indicators of the number of audiences for a given period of time, but do not reflect the overall activities of the site.

What is VV:VV (view) video playback volume.

Traditional Internet graphics and text is the world of PV standards, the measurement of video site PV standard is obviously unfair, the appearance of VV shows the user's acceptance of the content of the video, but a player behind the effective user arrival rate is difficult to investigate. #p # Paging Title #e#

Not long ago, the Chinese Internet Association dcci internet Data Center released the first half of 2008 video web site data launched the concept of a long visit, triggering a video site to respond to the long-term indicators of video site comprehensive value. In the second half of the year, the "core release data of 2008" also takes the effective browsing time as an important index to evaluate the comprehensive value of video website and the user's cognition.

Not long ago, Youku CEO Koo resolution: daily video Playback (VV), daily independent access to the number of users (UV) These two indicators, although the current video site is the main flow parameters, but not fully accurate performance of a site's comprehensive value of strength, and the user access to the length (time spent) Is the result of long-term accumulation of user base, is the direct embodiment of user stickiness, so the longer indicator can objectively reflect the comprehensive value of a website and user awareness.

Therefore, I defined the PV limit as the amount of a non-viewing video page, used for traditional graphic advertising, and then introduced the concept of an on-demand view, that is, the amount of action to play, I call it LV (look view). On-demand can also be the same as VV, but on-demand is defined by the concept of traditional TV ratings, in addition to the action there is time, that is, it has time ductility, every minute as an on-demand watch action parameters, which can also produce the concept of demand rate.

In addition to the arrival rate, browse the number of pages and access frequency and other data. It is understood that this year began to start video sites to sell CPM (thousands of people impression cost) transformation.

In short, marketing planning is the key to profitability, as a support and service agencies, marketing planning responsibility is a front-line. Because the policy is set, it is not a mystery.

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