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The emerging business computing model, "cloud computing", is defined as a model for network service delivery and use, people get the services they need through the network on demand and in a scalable way, which can be either an Internet-related software service or other service, and a resource-providing network is called "Cloud" and "cloud" The users of the resources can be unlimited expansion, and can be obtained at any time, on-demand trial, at any time to expand, pay by use.

"Cloud computing" with distributed, super large-scale, virtualization, high reliability, versatility, high scalability, on-demand services, the cost is extremely low and so on, is a new business computing model, the computing task is distributed in a large number of available network computing resources, so that a variety of http://www.aliyun.com/ Zixun/aggregation/14223.html "> Application system can obtain computing power, storage space and various software services according to the need.

However, the main characteristics of cloud computing is open to the traditional security industry needs of confidentiality, cloud computing can completely consume this cake? We have to take the characteristics of the security industry.

Traditional security industry such as video surveillance, it needs a fixed range of security monitoring, monitoring the confidentiality of video data, do not require the service object has any external connection. System software that is likely to be integrated is very limited, and the system architecture may be limited by the need for other systems and system expansion.

Therefore, even if the cloud has a powerful search, sharing resources, but from the security itself to consider, the cloud of these functions is not suitable for the relatively closed traditional security system requirements.

For example: In the city's road monitoring system, due to the needs of security monitoring, the system is required to have strict confidentiality and security, and the service object only for police and security objects, in addition to internal linkage does not require any external links. In safety, in the construction of safe cities, there are mainly two models, one is the government procurement of direct construction video surveillance equipment and network, the other is contracted to network equipment contractors. But for security reasons, the second pattern is often deprecated. As you can see, security for video surveillance is the most important.

Second, in the capacity of expansion, even if the cloud computing services in security monitoring, but the limited monitoring security sites make the expansion of the doomed will not be very large, so if the powerful cloud computing function to the security is really overqualified.

Finally, the pure "cloud computing" application, should not need the user to make two times investment. And for the traditional security industry, the front-end image acquisition equipment needs to be rebuilt, upgraded, and "cloud computing" can not provide security industry front-end and terminal equipment, that is, security enterprises also need to put front-end equipment transformation and access to the part of the investment, even if the background can rely on similar "cloud computing" system, But the model is not strictly a "cloud computing" application in the strictest sense.


Technology is always changing life. Although the advent of cloud computing can provide people with great convenience, but in the traditional security industry can not adapt to local conditions. In the future, cloud computing in the security industry want to break through, we must pay attention to two points. First, the image acquisition equipment access and management of the compatibility standards to improve, adapt to the existing security monitoring system, reduce the cost of security system reform. Second, for the background of the "cloud" services, such as media distribution, cloud storage and other background support system to be flexible deployment and management.

Although the advent of the cloud has changed our lives, but for the traditional security industry, it is difficult to set off a wave.

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