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Under the dyeing of the Internet, the increasing number of network Forces nouvelles enterprises occupy the majority of the market share. When the network market impact of the traditional market debate more and more fierce, some conventional, single traditional sales model has become quite saturated, such a way can not be long-term strategic development of enterprises to adapt, so many enterprises began to pull the top, in the network market continuously pilot, continuous impact. and has achieved considerable success, then when a traditional enterprise want to use the internet to dig a bucket of gold, should be what kind of link? What should be done? What should be the goal? Through these questions, the following detailed answers.

Argument I. On the necessity of establishing the network promotion team of the system

A team formation must have its own value and spirit, the team embodies the cooperation of the Organization, not individual fights, monks carrying water, in the description of the following diagram systematically describes the enterprise's E-commerce team staffing situation, in the initial construction, according to the following table configuration related personnel, their respective duties, to perform their own position, At the same time take the department manager as the core to co-ordinate the whole department's strategy, planning, daily work, and long-term development mechanism.


The network promotion team's personnel configuration chart takes the tree structure, the level is progressive. Decentralization at the level of responsibility, effective operation in the respective projects, through this way can effectively expand the team, according to the position, the enterprise strategic requirements to improve, while effectively avoiding the traditional single systematic operation of the configuration template, the overall efficiency of the enterprise, and Office provides a good foundation.

Second, on the importance of the optimization process of enterprise website construction

Make a reasonable network marketing plan, is conducive to the promotion of human nature of the service, through the system of network promotion steps, the e-business model of its business processes clear, to help the entire Network marketing sales team operation and construction, we can see that a department of the operation of the structure must be in such a way limited operation, planning.


The image above is only for a company's website promotion mode, in addition, in the current more and more fierce news events, micro-bo marketing, community marketing, viral marketing has been flooded with people's vision, for such information needs to promote the vision of the people, the use of real-time hot can quickly enhance the popularity of corporate sites and attention.

Third, implementation and evaluation of enterprise network promotion Team

Executive power is competitiveness, I believe that there are not many people to question it, this is not only a variety of corporate personnel over the years of credit, but also in the market changes in the manager's perception, but also the economic environment since the financial crisis changes and organizational effectiveness of the confirmation. The implementation of the network promotion team, directly determine the effectiveness of network promotion, a good executive team, first from the performance to consider, at the same time from the promotion of strength, personnel expertise, team cohesion and so on to identify.


Corporate website Promotion Team operation is only a means of internal operation of the enterprise, have first-class creativity must have first-class executive power, the Internet has accumulated a large number of enterprise promotion process management knowledge and experience, so we need to fight the preparation of long-term combat, through accumulation, formed a set of perfect website to promote the management model, To help enterprises solve in the Internet promotion in the "Short board" and "soft rib", so as to avoid the final and empty business. The internet is an emerging industry, with the help of a very old saying, "If you want to succeed, you have to pay 100 times times more than others."

In the era of electronic commerce, want to build first-class enterprises, not only need professional network promotion team, but also the most innovative and effective mode to carry out to each business person, want to make the enterprise stronger, you than others pay?

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