Ajax architecture of the Dojo chapter _dojo

Author: hopesoftSource: http://www.51ajax.com First, the prefaceSince last year, Ajax has become a focus of technical hot spots, various AJAX frameworks developed rapidly, which is divided into client AJAX architecture, server-side AJAX

Ajax polling request status (micro-public number with parameter two-dimensional code login site) _ajax related

Here to achieve the function is: by scanning Code micro-letter public number with parameters of two-dimensional code, to log on to the site. But obviously, if Ajax uninterrupted request server, this will aggravate the load of the server, so this

Ajax way to implement the registration function (submit data to the background database to complete the interaction) _ajax related

First, when we are validating the form, in order to prevent the wrong also sent to the server, we usually set this: $ (function () { var isusername; (set a variable) var ispwd; $ (' form '). Submit (function (e) { if (!

Uploading files via Ajax using Formdata for AJAX requests _ajax related

Upload files by using a traditional form form submission: HTML code Test upload file via rest interface Specify filename: Upload file: keyword 1: keyword 2: Keyword 3: However, the traditional

Ajax request response _ajax associated with window.open open new Windows blocked solution

I. Description of the problem Ajax asynchronous request after the success of the new open window to open the URL, using the window.open () method, but will be blocked by the browser, the user needs to click. Second, the problem analysis The

Talking about Ajax request and browser cache _ajax correlation

In modern Web applications, front-end code is flooded with Ajax requests, and if you can use browser caching for AJAX requests, you can dramatically reduce network requests and increase program response speed. 1. Ajax Request The jquery framework

The simple implementation of native AJAX encapsulation _ajax related

Return to the original JS, the Internet to see the AJAX package, then take to change, I do not know what the drawbacks, I hope to point out! var ajaxhelper = {/*1.0 browser-compatible way to create asynchronous object/Makexhr:function ()

Ajax under BOA server is associated with CGI communication _ajax

Recently in the most have to do an embedded curriculum design, the request is utilizes the Cortax A8 The Thing Network experiment box to do a simple embedded webpage interactive system as the curriculum design to accept the grade. Because itself is

IE8/IE9 Ajax Cache Problem _ajax related

Introduction to Ajax Ajax, "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), refers to a web development technology that creates interactive Web applications. AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (a subset of standard generic

Implementation of test countdown based on AJAX technology and automatic submission of paper _ajax related

1. Overview When developing the network examination system, the examination time and automatically submits the examination paper is the essential function. Because the quiz paper cannot be refreshed during the answer process, you need to use Ajax

Ajax to the background in JSON-formatted data 415 error causes analysis and solution _ajax related

Problem Description: Ajax returns the JSON format datagram 415 error, as shown in the following figure Page code function Saveuser () { var uuid = document.getElementById ("UuId"). Value; var idcard = document.getElementById ("Idcard").

Ajax submit Form form and file upload instance code _ajax related

A few days ago, I found some minor problems. I need to upload a picture when I write the admin page. So I uploaded a JSON string and a picture file with a very common form form. Form form upload picture only need to add enctype = '

Ajax to achieve a picture preview and upload and generate thumbnails of the method _ajax related

To achieve the function, upload pictures can be previewed, because there are other text, so not only upload pictures, to achieve with other text to save, of course, upload pictures, and then the path and other text to write the database, but also to

Try the Ajax api_ application techniques of Google search

The last two months to visit Google's old ventilation, also 8 know what the great gfw made of what means. Although the form is not optimistic, still see the dog released Google AdSense API and Google search Ajax API, the latter is obviously more

Extjs Ajax garbled problem Solving solution _extjs

In one page browsing process, the client initiates the browsing request to a URL, the service side resolves to this request, but in the character encoding parsing aspect, first he examines the character encoding setting in the page, namely In ext,

JQuery Ajax JSON data traversal code _AJAX related

Let me first tell you my demand: After the AJAX request, the backstage pass back the following JSON data. The specific implementation code is as follows: JavaScript code {" data": [ {"id]:" 1 "," Name ":" Select a "," value ":" A "}, {"

An analysis of JSONP solution to the problem of Ajax cross-domain access _ajax related

A few days ago, there was a new need for a front-end Web page to invoke the backend WebService method return information asynchronously. Implementation of a variety of methods, this example using Jquery+ajax, completed, debugging in the local all OK,

Ajax implementation without Flicker timed Refresh page instance code _ajax related

In web development we often need to implement a timed refresh of a page: 1. To keep the value of the session or to check whether the session value is empty (for example, to prevent the same user from repeatedly logging in); 2. Realize the

Laypage front-end paging Plug-ins implement AJAX asynchronous paging _ajax related

This example for you to share the Laypage front-end paging plug-ins, Ajax asynchronous paging, get the JSON data implementation without refreshing paging for your reference, the specific content as follows function GetList (pageIndex) {var

Ajax file upload successfully resolves browser compatibility issues _ajax related

Ajaxfileupload control is very useful, but found that the results of uploading files for browser processing, IE will not, Google and Firefox will be processed, and Google and Firefox after the results are not the same, here for the above three

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