Makes ajax more user-friendly (displays the background processing progress in real time .)

There are more and more ajax applications. Most of the ajax processing is to display a "loading..." on the front-end, and then submit the data to the server for processing. After the processing is completed, the "processing completed" is displayed ".

How to read data in Ajax

Take out what we prepared last time. 1: XMLHTTPRequest object function. 2: Asp outputs an xml file. You can click to view the file content: Asp outputs xml format dataAfter opening it, you will find that we use Asp technology to dynamically output a

Real-time display of Ajax data modification implementation code

The server webpage we are requesting this time is: Edit_Data.Asp. I will provide the source code of this asp file in this ajax tutorial.In fact, it is easy for you to modify data when you learn how to use ajax to add data! Let's talk about the front-

What are common Ajax problems?

I. js script cache ProblemsA: This is one of the most common problems you have encountered, because when you modify the js content for debuggingThe result of the newly written code cannot be displayed because the current page uses cache persistence

Perfect compatibility code for creating XMLHttp objects using Ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function creatajax (){Var ajax = null;If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){// Create an XMLHttpRequest object for Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, and other browsersAjax = new XMLHttpRequest ();If (ajax. overrideMimeType ){// If

Ajax asynchronous data acquisition implementation code (js creates ajax objects)

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:

Implementation Code for AJAX user uniqueness Verification

Verify from the username User table in database my:Checkusername.html:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: untitled document Name: Check_it.php:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:$ Username = $ _ POST ["username"];$ Conn = mysql_connect ("localhost: 33

Analysis on AJAX client response speed improvement

In theory, AJAX can greatly reduce the waiting time for user operations and save data traffic on the network. However, this is not always the case. Users often complain that AJAX is used to reduce the response speed.I have been engaged in AJAX

Create an rss feed code using rails

Method:You just put together the rss xml format, output it, set the HTTP Header, and Mark content-type as application/XML. Common Code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:# Post_controller: feed ()Def feedRequire "rss"Articles = Article. find: all,:

Ajax instance entry code

Static PageCopy codeThe Code is as follows: No title page enter name and birthday Dynamic pageCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e){// Response. Write ("background data ");If (Request. HttpMethod =

Ajax Form Verification implementation code

Compatible with: opera 9.6 + chrome 2.0 + FF 3 + IE 6Effect: verification is performed on the input side. Environment: ruby 1.8.6 + rails 2.1.0 + windowsCore code:Html:The prompt message is displayed when the browser disables javascript:Copy codeThe

Completed the analysis of AJAX tree attachment principles

First, you must correct an error in the previous blog titled "Ajax first experience in Rails": In the previous blog, I said, "To use Ajax in Rails, partial templates are required ", it has been tested by practice and is incorrect. It is hereby

Ajax request response garbled Solution

This feature has been in trial for a week, and there is no problem. The strange thing is that today there is a problem ??Copy codeThe Code is as follows:AjaxRequestObj. createEqStatusParameter = function (){If (eqStatusArray. length Return;}Var

Automatically fill in the ajax server text box

This increases the burden on the server. He thought about it later. I want to use ajax to achieve this effect. The Code is as follows:Front-end code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: other user information is automatically filled with the user name

AJAX achieves the effect of imitating Google Suggest

Fixed some code details (supporting continuous key events)* Project name: AJAX implementation class Google Suggest Effect* Author: grass insects (that is, the blue ecma)* Contact:* Time: 2007-7-7* Tools: DreamWeaver (write ASP),

Ajax learning resources are available both in China and abroad

AJAX developers compile mode:• XMLHttpRequest Tutorial: Dynamic Web Interface:• JavaScript performance benchmark: P = 14•

Code for implementing Static Page paging using asp + ajax

Recently, due to work needs, we have to implement paging on static pages. After thinking about it, we decided to use AJAX to implement it. So we have made a fuss about the following:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: AJAX static paging AJAX

Load a DIV layer script under a click event using ajax

I want to provide a function similar to the QQ space comment.I don't know if you find that there is no QQ space. The editor will load it only after you click the text box.This is not the kind of information that is displayed after hidden and clicked.

Six misunderstandings of Ajax

Just like the Flash font and Splash pages that have been popular before, there is often a "Skip Introduction" or "directly enter" button), and the use of rounded corners (TRANSLATOR: see YeeYan homepage, haha), but this time is more dynamic?Let's

AjaxUI: slide bar

New Document slider, which uses the OO method to write this code, class, object, method, feeling good, there is a small bug, when the mouse is released outside the slider, You can not stop listening to the mouse movement, bind the mouseup

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