Link flash Switching Using CSS and JavaScript

The pictures in the tutorial "" are very popular, and the text switching is also very practical. CSS and JavaScript are also used to avoid writing the text into JavaScript code when pure JavaScript is implemented, which is inconvenient

Solution to unending Javascript string constants

Summarize the "unended string constants" in javascript in the WEB program ". 1. When JAVASCRIPT is referenced, the character languages used are inconsistent. For example, Alias "src =" xxx. js "charset =" UTF-8 ">. xxx. js file is used inside the

About the style of AjaxControlToolkit

The technical articles of the tutorial ( have always been reproduced and have never been created by others. finally, I met AjaxControlToolkit and read a lot of articles. The project was so tight that I had to spend half a day studying

Two Methods for ajax to open a request (get, post)

Ajax has three methods to open services: get, post, and head.Head is mainly used to obtain information about some header files on the server, such as charset and cont-type.The first two methods are discussed here, which are frequently used in

Easing Effect of Javascript (Part 1)

Gentle movement. The learning name is Tween, short for buffered movement. To switch the page content comfortably, use the fade-in and fade-out effects. To make the page elements move naturally, use the easing effect. These two combinations can be

Var and Javascript variable 'implicit 'Declaration

In JavaScript, var is used to declare a variable, but this syntax is not strictly required. If you modify it many times, you can directly use a variable instead of using var to declare it.Var x = "XX ";Y = "xxx ";And so on. This has a problem. For

JavaScript tab effect (Mark current)

The Helper House ( Tutorial previously wrote an article to mark the current, and tabs, which is the essence of almost all common web page effect applications. In fact, tabs are also a form of marking the current, however, this mark is

JavaScript pop-up window code format and instructions for use

The javascript dialog box for the tutorial "(" has the following forms: 1. alert ()2. confirm ()3. directly call window. event. returnValue to bring up the dialog box.4. prompt ()I. alertIn the alert dialog box, only one confirm button

Javascript variable fields cannot be displayed

Alert (cc). I don't know why it cannot be displayed. Reference content is as follows: It is expected to be 1. Reference content is as follows: Why does cc Add a day?   Correct answer:   The key lies in

Sighs at the core code of my jskit.

  Tutorial on helping customers ( started to write my JSKit for a long time and was never satisfied with it. In the meantime, I downloaded a large number of frameworks to check that their architecture and design did not find a

How to convert JavaScript full-width characters to half-width characters

The Helper House ( Tutorial used to convert the full-width characters into a half-width place in the work and found this conversion function. Reference content is as follows:// Str: string to be convertedFunction DBC2SBC

Summary of dynamic loading of css using javascript

Customer home ( load required files in external CSS files @ Importurl(style.css ); // It can only be used in CSS files or style labels 2. Simply load an external CSS file in the page Document. createStyleSheet (cssFile ); 2. Use the

Example code of the Ajax no-refreshing pop-up message box

TutorialToday, I made a Tab. I used JavaScript + Div to complete it. cannot be used to store layers. I cannot call the paging class to perform datalist paging, so I thought about the AJAx control. I heard it was good to use it. I thought it could

Ajax instance: XMLHttpRequest creates a registration page documentAfter reading ajax for a long time, there are few examples by hand. Today, I decided to write one by myself. The function is very simple and a simple user name registration function is implemented, at the same time, the user input

Example: Use js scripts to add, modify, and delete xml nodes xml documentUse js scripts to add, modify, and delete xml nodes. It is known that there is an XML file (bookstore. xml) as follows: Reference content is as follows: Oberons Legacy Corets, Eva 5.95 1. Insert a node

Experience the surprise of the new. net Ajax refreshing Technology

Today, I got a. net Ajax development kit, which includes ASP2.0 and Ajax currently used in ASP1.1. For more information, see 1. Create a new project and add reference Ajax. dll to the reference. Ajax. dll is

Js checks to determine whether the Link (URL) is valid (the service is available)

How can I use javascript to determine whether the requested url/link is valid (connectable and available )? Introduction There is an address book system deployed on several servers at the same time, but there is a Address Book link on the home page

The shortest javascript code: load the script in the address bar

I believe that all of you have executed scripts in the address bar in the form of javascript. This method is simple and practical and is often used to test short scripts. And can be added to favorites, click to call at any time. However, when the

Javascript-based keyCode value table

Today, I happened to be learning an example about how to use the space key to open the webpage side menu. I checked the previous article of the customer's house and didn't even have the keyboard key value table. Now I want to repost it, for your

It is enough to prevent others from copying the website content with two lines of code.

Most of the articles we write will be reprinted if they are good, but the problem is that many people will not leave the original address for reprinting, or, you do not want others to repost your article at all. It is a good way to prohibit

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