Getting started with Ajax

I will introduce the original ajax series tutorials in the Web circle. If you do not know what ajax is, please read: What Is ajax?Before that, we need to make some simple ajax preparations, but you must have basic html, javascript, and dom compiling

No-refreshing Ajax Url submission page

Especially after the popularity of Jquery, porotype, Ext and other frameworks, a large amount of simplified code can be said to bring the gospel to programmers,Free from the heavy work of code, you can easily implement the complex functions of

Implementation Code for Ajax to read data by PAGE

I think it is necessary to present my ajax pages to everyone. let me first talk about the implementation core of ajax paging, and then let's look at the instance effect. the so-called ajax paging is basically the same as the traditional data paging

AJAX request differentiation $ _ SERVER [''http _ X_REQUESTED_WITH ''] Small Solution

Due to the influence of many template codes, we thought php had such a custom variable: $ _ SERVER ['HTTP _ X_REQUESTED_WITH ']. In fact, this is not the case at all.$ _ SERVER is an array containing header information, path, and script

See the figure to understand the differences between common interaction methods and Ajax interaction methods.

Methods In Ajax engine objects:Abort () stops the current requestGetAllResponseHeaders () returns the complete headers as a string.GetResponseHeader ("headerLabel") returns a single header label as a stringOpen ("method", "URL" [, asyncFlag [,

Various solutions for multiple ajax requests (synchronization, queue, and cancel requests)

• Multiple ajax requests are sent at the same time and independent from each other.• Multiple ajax requests are mutually dependent and must be sequenced.• Multiple requests are sent at the same time. Only the last request is required.1st

Use jQuery to simplify Ajax Development

Learn the basic principles of jQuery, explore its features and functions, execute some common Ajax tasks, and learn how to use plug-ins to expand jQuery.What is jQuery?JQuery was created by John Resig in early 2006. It is a very useful JavaScript

AJAX-based paging implementation code

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:/*** pagination. js* General AJAX-based paging class* @ Author jeanwendy* @ Version 1.0*/Var paginationIndex = 0;Var pagination = function (trTemplatId ){$ (). AjaxStart (function (){$. BlockUI ({Message: ' load

AJAX real-time reading of input text (php)

Client code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: untitled document AJAX test; Server code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Header ('content-type: text/html; charset = GB2312 ');$ Ename = $ _ GET ["page"];If ($ ename = ""){$ Ename = "Enter :";}Echo ($

Ajax core framework functions and Examples

Core ajax (options) functions include setting up xmlhttprequest, extracting data, and determining whether the response is successful. These functions basically meet daily requirements.Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// A generic function for

Js + AJAX asynchronously collects all videos and information from Youku albums

Http:// am not satisfied with this because VB. NET in. in the. NET environment, network connections and regular expression matching consume a lot, and my final application is on video collection submission, therefore,

Simple AJAX implementation (hello ajax)

Client:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Hello AJAX Onclick = "ajaxSendRequest ('HTTP: // localhost: 8080/test/hello. jsp ')"> Server (hello. jsp)Copy codeThe Code is as follows: hellp Out. println ("hello ajax ");%>

Javascript ajax code for retrieving information

The Client code is as follows:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Enter the setup then get the info: → How exactly once: → Begin num: → End num: The function can be improved to prevent the interruption caused by failed access to information due to

How to Use AJAX open-source projects to play videos on webpages

1. See> Http://> Http:// Group_id = 203672> Download videobox and decompress it to the directory of the project, and use "Add New Item" to create an Html file to play

Check whether Ajax User Name authentication exists

The client collects form information.Use the XMLHttpRequest object to submit to the server.The server completes the verification logic and returns the result information.The browser prompts the user based on the information returned by the

Find a good AJAX-based message board source code (PHP and ASP) for download

I. DescriptionHello everyone, now we release the 51 Ajax message board source code, which includes PHP and ASP versions.   PHP is based on AJAX + PHP4.3 + MySql 4.1 + Dojo 0.3, and ASP is based on AJAX + ASP + Access + Dojo 0.3.The compressed

Common AJAX functions create XMLHTTP objects. Differences between IE and Mozilla browsers

Common AJAX functions are used to create XMLHTTP objects, which are different from functions in IE and Mozilla browsers. There are many functions on the Internet that create XMLHTTP objects, which are different from functions in IE and Mozilla

A simple example of Using Ajax to read xml files

At this point, you can send a request to read the XML data on the server. The last thing to do is to process the data. For more information About XMLHttpRequest objects, see the document About XMLHttpRequest Object.Example:// AjaxDemo.html

AjaxUI: drag and drop the mouse

New Document drag me move the cursor over the Green Box and drag it, when the position of the square is close to a box and the edge of the box is red, you can open the mouse and the square will automatically enter the box. If you open the

AJAX and DOM running experience

I have been depressed by DOM operations in AJAX for several days. Today I finally understand that self-learning is bitter, and a bitter snot makes a tear,Give me some lessons and wake up later.1. Do not mix XML operations in the DOM with those in

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