JS to find the most frequently-seen characters in a string

I have seen such a pen question before, and I have worked it out in the traditional way. I have nothing to worry about and think about it. I suddenly got inspiration. The idea is as follows:1. sort the strings using the sort method of the array so

Hierarchical drop-down menu created using javascript

The help home (www.bkjia.com) Tutorial uses the drop-down menu in the links of many websites. The drop-down menu can effectively save the webpage layout space and be crawled by search engines, it is a very good html format. The drop-down menu of

JavaScript uses regular expressions to verify Email

The tutorial JavaScript uses regular expressions to verify the Email address. Reference content is as follows:

Example code Tutorial: AJAX-based Automatic completion

  Bkjia.com technical documentsI want you to visit some websites have seen Ajax-based Automatic completion of the function, such as: http://www.google.com input: Fire, has not been entered, the following has: fire online navigation. For example:   I.

Java-based visualization technology to create leading AJAX web Applications

Recently, the Sixth International AJAX world RIA conference and exhibition were held in San Jose, California. Leading supplier ICEsoft technology-AJAX-based standard compatibility solutions-announced a technical partnership with ILOG. The results of

URL encoding conversion in javaScript, escape () encodeURI () encodeURIC

DocumentWhen url is used for parameter transfer, some parameters or URL addresses with Chinese names are often passed, and conversion errors may occur during backend processing. In some transfer pages, GB2312 is used, and UTF8 is used on the

Processing of javascript variable scopes in different browsers

1. About prototype: prototype is a feature of javascript, not the famous prototype framework: 2. Regarding the variable scope, different processing methods for js from IE and firefox, there are several examples here, some of which are notes that

View-source, JavaScript view webpage source code

There are actually several ways to view the webpage source code. The most common method is to directly select "view webpage source code" in the browser, but sometimes this method cannot work, the following describes several simple methods for your

Shock: 10 pictures show Javascript code

The 10 images we recommend to you below have their own highlights and provide us with strong visual stress. Users can download and play games! JS is short for Java Script and code written using JAVA scripts.For example, when you are doing a website,

Use document. domain + iframe to implement cross-domain Ajax

Ajax cross-origin has always been a troublesome issue. For example, in a project, the broken bridge and the damaged snow used open to open a new page with a different domain name from the parent window, the result subwindow cannot be passed to the

Advanced usage of delay in Mootools

This is the simplest usage:(Function (){Alert ('One second later ...');}). Delay (1000 );This function will be automatically executed in 1 second.Let's take a look at the implementation method of the delay function:Delay: function (delay, bind, args

How to add information dynamically in JavaScript

Today, let's talk about how JS dynamically adds data information. Because of my limited ability, I can only do it in the most silly way. However, the function is also implemented! You can click the button to add it continuously. My idea is like this.

Javascript equal operators and equivalent Operators

Both java, c ++, and php have equal operators and equivalent operators. Of course, except ripis. Let's talk about it. = Operator and = operator are used to check whether two values are equal. They use two different definitions with the same

Extjs 4 custom panel border to solve the problem of double border

By default, Panel, Window, and other components of Extjs contain borders. Normally, it is irrelevant to use them independently, however, when Panel is used as a child component of the Window component, a double border occurs. If the Window component

Summary of differences between request methods and synchronous Asynchronization under AJAX

Request methods, including GET and POST:GET The most common HTTP request is GET. The GET request directly follows the URL and starts with a question mark. (Window. location. search is used in JS ). The parameters can be encoded using

Useful AJAX code sharing

Ajax. js------------------------- [Ajax class] --------------------------Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function Ajax (recvType ){Var aj = new Object ();Aj. recvType = recvType? RecvType. toUpperCase (): 'html'; // file type passed to the

Code for sensitive word review before submitting an article through ajax

Therefore, a Boolean value passed by Ajax is returned during submission. In fact, the get2 () function passed by Ajax is a subfunction of chkfull (bt) and cannot be passed to external functions. alert () does not work either. Therefore, the "Submit"

The SuggestFramework usage prompt is displayed in a google-like search.

I. First, let's take a look at what suggest framework is.Suggest Framework is a small Framework like Google Suggest, so that your text box has a prompt function. With the suggest framework, you can easily implement the "input prompt" effect on your

What Is ajax definition?

AJAX is called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. It uses:* Use XHTML + CSS to represent information;* Use JavaScript to operate the

Use ajax to automatically load blogjava and rss of the blog site

Http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd> this is test ajax-based rss reading example Enter an RSS address: Src = http://www.nice.or.jp /~ Mosmos/free/f105.swf width = 200 height = 200Type = application/x-shockwave-flash; quality = "high"

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