Avoid false dead or cpu100 % caused by js Infinite Loop

The content of this article is very simple, just a review of an unclear question encountered during the interview. as it was the first time I posted a document on cnblog, I installed the protection shield, do not throw bricks, kitchen knives, or

JavaScript implementation click prompt to close the webpage window

(Www.bkjia.com) Tutorial JavaScript implementation click the prompt to close the web page window Reference content is as follows:Function CloseWin (){Window. opener = null;Window. open ('', '_ self ');Window. close ();}Instance:XML/HTML

JavaScript Syntax: a collection of all on events

Onactivate is triggered when the object is set to an active element.The document associated with the onafterprint object is immediately triggered on the object after being printed or previewed.The onbeforeactivate object is triggered immediately

How to solve floating point in Javascript fractional Multiplication

A floating point error occurs during the multiplication of decimals in the (www.bkjia.com) Tutorial JS. You can test it as follows: Reference content is as follows: The result is 251.89999999999998 instead of 251.9. This problem

Method for obtaining external function names using JS scripts (Appendix: Code)

The method is saved in the class variable, and can be obtained through the class variable when needed.Generally, If we generate an instanceFor example, var temp = new TopnetTree ();If we pass in a method by setting attributes, we will find that the

JavaScript Framework tool JavaScriptMVC 1.5

Production of website pages of kangfire website construction Institute (bkjia.com)JavaScriptMVC is a powerful JavaScript framework. It is also a great JavaScript testing framework, which can also improve the development speed. JavaScriptMVC uses the

JS reads the value of a remote XML node (compatible with Firefox)

  Fire Station Building Institute (Bkjia.com) Technical DocumentationThis article mainly introduces an example that is compatible with firefoxfirefox's JS to read the value parameters of a remote XML node. Parameters:Str_xmlUrl: Remote XML address,

JavaScript + CSS enable webpage skin replacement

Html code 1. To have a style sheet link with id, we need to call different href through this link. <link href="css/main0.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" id="cssfile" /> 2. Skin selection button (The onclick event is

Example code: use javascript to get the webpage document height

DocumentHow can I use JAVASCRIPT to obtain the height and width of the current window? Some time ago, In the csdn programmer development website's communication forum, I saw a friend asking me, and whether the friend asks about the usefulness of

Why is xmlHttp. status not 200 in Ajax?

In Ajax, the status attribute of the XMLHttpRequest object is generally used to return the HTTP status code of the server. Status 200 indicates "successful", and status 404 indicates "Page not found ". Many books are written in this way, which is

Implement two style sheets on a page using javascript

Today I have studied how JS uses the setAttribute method to implement two style sheets on a page. The specific method is as follows:Step 1: Define an id in the element connecting to the style sheet, for exampleThe id I define is css.Step 2: Write a

Use javascript to restrict some text input in the text box

Function regInput (obj, reg, inputStr){Var docSel = document. selection. createRange ()If (docSel. parentElement (). tagName! = "INPUT") return falseOSel = docSel. duplicate ()OSel. text = ""Var srcRange = obj. createTextRange ()OSel. setEndPoint

How to obtain url parameters in JS

① A student wrote this on the Internet:Function QueryString (key ){Var paras = location. search;If (paras ){Var arr = paras. substr (1). split ("&"), data;For (I in arr ){Data = arr [I]. split ("= ");If (data [0] = key ){Return data [1]}}}}

Nodejs Chat Room Based on express + socket. io

A few nights ago, I watched the node. js chat room written by the hacker. As I mentioned earlier, before the holiday, I had to sort out all my recent experiences with node. js. Today is the bird of the 30th ~ Sahuan ~, Finally, I will release this

Using extend and implement in Mootools to extend functions or methods for your Functions

Of course, the so-called Function Extension function or method refers to the premise that the original function is not modified.Many people know that the object-oriented mechanism of Mootools is good, but most people have misunderstood the

One week learn Mootools 1.4 Chinese tutorial :( 7) Summary ends

In a twinkling of an eye, the seventh lesson will be the last one. If you feel that the level of the seven lessons has not reached the expected level, you can continue to follow the blog post on this site, I will release some similar articles to

A brief section of JSONP Callback code

Defines the global callback function and writes the timestamp parameter as the method name in the window. Here, my format is jsonp + timestamp. The same timestamp parameter can be used for sending requests and executing callback functions./***

A JavaScript fill-in question

Fill in the blanks so that the following alert (0) can be correctly displayed. At least two different ideas are listed. Window. alert = function () {}; ______; alert (0 ); Solution: Method 1: Window. alert = function () {}; delete window. alert;

AddEventListener and handleEvent Methods

You can use addEventListener to bind events and pass in the callback function. Versions later than Mozilla 0.9.1 and Netscape 6.1 not only support passing function references, but also allow the objects with the handleEvent method to be directly

Ajax synchronous sending and string truncation by step

Ajax synchronous transmission: (1) Use of closures Multiple Ajax requests are synchronously sent. (How many Ajax requests can be synchronously sent? Let the browser decide on its own). synchronous transmission, each ajax request handles its own

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